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posted 23 August 2014

Class of 1974 Dinner

Rain kept some signed-up classmates from coming to our first dinner, but we still had a good turnout from the Class of 1974 who live in the National Capital Region!! Thanks for a great time!! -Mary Williamson

Photo above taken 23 August 2014 at Raaga Indian Restaurant in Falls Church, Virginia. Classmates from left to right...
Back row: Charlotte Gallagher, Eric Marquis, Tom Martindale
Front row: Mary Williamson, Meredith Reynolds, Valerie Hjort

posted 20 August 2014

Anne Kerr (Class of 1967) and her husband have hosted the annual AIS/AES Picnics since 2004! This year's picnic is on Saturday, 20 September 2014. All AIS/AES students, faculty, parents, and staff are invited!!
To give the Kerrs an approximate headcount for meat, please send an email that you're coming! Also, email us if you need directions!
See you in a month!!!

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by Tracy Havens Katoski (Class of 1976)
posted 15 August 2014

TracyHavensKatoski IndependenceDayTribute

Forty-five years ago today my family and I arrived in New Delhi, India. While I was only there for 10 months the experience left indelible memories that I still remember vividly to this day. The humidity that wrapped itself around me and never let go; the smell of sandalwood and other enticing, exotic scents; the noise and clamor of the street vendors and the store shop owners each selling there own special "slice" of India; the opulence of a Hindu wedding with thousands of marigolds and an elephant; the sweet, exquisite taste of a fresh, ripe mango; the bolts of colorful and vibrant materials used to make sari's - the silk so soft and slippery that it ran through my fingers like water and the Taj Mahal whose majestic beauty is seared into my memory - forever. Happy Independence Day India - in my forever.

posted 11 August 2014

2014-2015 Welcome Back to School Poster

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by Sunaina Suneja (Class of 1975)
posted on 7 August 2014

Sunaina Suneja, Class of 1975 As Independence Day 2014 draws near, my thoughts once again go towards the momentous events which led up to August 15 1947, both the joy and the pain, the exuberance as well as the anguish. Itís a moment in our history which I am familiar with through the poignant narratives of my parents and the extended family, displaced from their homesteads in Lyallpur and Lahore, and through newspaper archives and short stories such as Mantoís. Over the years, I used to wonder what canvas I would one day use and how, to express my own feelings, my deep emotions of elation, gratitude and despair as well, that spring from these historic events.

And itís come to me in a flash, that I have been doing just that through my work as a designer working with the wondrous handmade textiles of my beloved country, and above all, my most cherished, khadi, which in my eyes, embodies the freedom movement, satyagraha, sacrifice, patience, peace and evokes the toil of the humble artisans who continue to handspin the yarn on charkhas or taklis before they weave it into the fabric that some of us love, others disdain and the third front, of those who are indifferent to it.

Independence Day is a day for reflection, so why not share some of my thoughts on khadi. Read more on Sunaina's personal viewpoint.

posted 31 July 2014
Jenny Jensen, Class of 1993
We are excited to welcome Jenny Jensen, Class of 1993, to our Board of Directors.

Jenny attended AES from 10th-12th grades during 1990-1993. Her brother, Jason (Class of 1999), attended AES during those years as well; but he graduated high school in the United States. Jenny was active in Field Hockey, Racket Sports (Badminton) and pitcher for the girls softball team. When not playing sports, she helped produce the 1990-1991 yearbook, was a peer counselor and stage crew for many plays. Jenny went to the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire where she double majored in History and Spanish and then went onto North Carolina State University to earn her Master's Degree in Public History. She currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina, with her famly and works for UNC-TV (local PBS) as their HR Specialist. In her spare time she practices yoga, runs half marathons, belly dances and watches Dr. Who. Jenny is also the alumni secretary for the Class of 1993.

Welcome, Jenny!!

posted 19 July 2014


Members of the AIS/AES Alumni Association Board of Directors gathered July 19th to solidify plans for the 2015 Reunion, including taste testing at an Indian restaurant to possibly cater the big Saturday night reunion dinner.
Back row (l-r): Jason Becker, Julie Marquis, Suzy Fricke, Diane Reppun
Front row (l-r) Anne Kerr, Judy Ashley, Mary Williamson, Anne Weathersby

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Calenda The 2015 Reunion is hosted by the AIS/AES Alumni Association Board of Directors. All classes, all school years invited!! Plan on spending this special weekend in 2015 with your AIS/AES classmates, friends, faculty and parents.

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Uyama Ukawa, Yurie Class of 1970
Walter Gray Class of 1975
Barbara Wood Baker Class of 1969
Misra Caton, Rashmi Class of 1983

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