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posted 28 April 2017

Chris Coady (Class of 2002) has been in India the past few days and stopped in Mumbai. Of his meeting up with AES alumni, Ganesh Ramakrishnan, Chris says, "Another AES reunion! Great catching up, can't wait to come back to Mumbai."

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posted 27 April 2017

The AES music instructor is updating award plagues for the HS music awards. There are two years, 2008 and 2011, where the names of the award recipients aren't listed. They had a document with all the data but the files where Maggie are corrupted. Nothing is listed in the respective yearbooks.

The AES music instructor is trying to find the names of students who won the Instrumental award, Choral award, and Kevin Schaffer award for 2008 and 2011.

If you are a winner of one of these awards for 2008 and 2011, please send an email or if you know someone who was, please pass this message onto him/her
to contact us. Thank you!

posted 23 April 2017

It was good to see classmate Tad Acker and fun reminiscing
over dinner at the Indian restaurant in Arlington that catered
the 2015 Reunion. - Mary Williamson (Class of 1974)

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In first photo: Dave and Mary Williamson and Tad Acker

posted 21 April 2017

We're using this beautiful photo of AES, from Chris Coady
(AES Class of 2002), as our new Facebook cover photo.
Thank you, Chris!

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posted 20 April 2017

19 April 2017
It was great to visit AES and amazing to
see some of the same people who are still working
there after 15 years. Remember Naval?

Click here to see more AES photos from
Chris Coady (AES Class of 2002), who will
be in India the next two weeks.

posted 15 April 2017

One of my favorite covers by John Blee (Class of 1966) and lots of really interesting articles mostly focused on Christmas in India. Table of Contents on page 2, credits on page 4. In these issues, there are unsigned humorous cartoons - they were done by Penny Parr (my mom) who, all her life, delighted in the genre.
- Stevens Parr (Class of 1967)

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posted 15 April 2017


posted 7 April 2017

Poems for Children of All Ages,
written by
Richard Wilson (Class of 1985),
is now available on Amazon

posted 3 April 2017

Poems for Children of All Ages,
written by
Richard Wilson (Class of 1985),
will be available this coming
Friday, 7 April 2017.

posted 1 April 2017 (AIS Handbook)
posted 30 March 2017 (Taj Times)

Many thanks to Melissa Ashabranner (Class of 1968), who recently contributed several old AIS publications for all to enjoy. Click on an image below to read
its publication. These publications (and more) are archived in our ever-growing Student Publications page.

posted 29 March 2017

Mini reunion at Aroma Restaurant in West Palm Beach, Florida, on 28 March 2017. It was fun to catch up with fellow classmates from 50 years ago. Kim Waters, Class of 1967, orchestrated the dinner joining Jo Rockwell ('67); K C Gray Siebert ('70); Ted Beck, Anne Briggs Beck (both '69); and Dave Michaelson ('69). Lots of Delhi days stories I never heard before! - Ted Beck

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From Kaneez Razavi (Class of 1971)

posted 27 March 2017

The clock is from the 2009 Alumni Reception at AES and the mugs are from the AIS/AES 2015 Reunion in Arlington, Virginia. There is India in all of us, and AIS made my life!

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posted 15 March 2017

Finally got this (tee shirt) on Feb 17 because everyone is busy with work and play ...Me thrilled! Thanks, Bronwyn Fry.

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posted 23 March 2017

Daniela Avitabile (Class of 1977) shared with
us that she met up with Sanjeev Handa (Class
of 1979) for lunch at The York Pub in Islington (London, United Kingdom), on 23 March 2017. She said, it was
"so much fun to catch up!"

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Spies in the Family page

posted 21 May 2017

Check out my opinion piece that was just posted
on The Daily Beast! - Eva Dillon (Class of 1975)


posted 15 May 2017

SPIES IN THE FAMILY by Eva Dillon (AES Class of 1975) was released last week, and many of our alumni have received their copies.

SPIES IN THE FAMILY is a riveting true-life thriller and revealing memoir from the daughter of an American intelligence officer - the astonishing true story of two spies and their families on opposite sides of the Cold War. If you haven't ordered your book yet, it is sold in bookstores everywhere at,, and Apple iBooks.

posted 3 May 2017

So proud of you, Eva Dillon (AES Class of 1975), for being awarded a Kirkus Star! We mentioned this upcoming book back in March and want to remind alumni that SPIES IN THE FAMILY will be released in five more days - 9 May 2017. Be sure to order your copy!! This book may be pre-ordered at Amazon

posted 8 March 2017

In the summer of 1975, seventeen-year-old Eva Dillon
(Class of 1975) and her family were living in New Delhi
when her father was exposed as a CIA spy.
Eva had long believed that her father was a U.S. State Department employee. She had no idea that he was handling the CIA’s highest-ranking double agent—Dmitri Fedorovich Polyakov—a Soviet general whose code name was TOPHAT.

Read more about this riveting true-life thriller by Eva Dillon

SPIES IN THE FAMILY will be released in May but can be pre-ordered on Amazon now.

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