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posted 22 June 2017

The 2017 AES High School Yearbook is online now. Thank you, Kshitij Ahuja (AES Faculty) for your assistance. We currently
have all three 2017 yearbooks on our alumni website Yearbooks page.

Please view them (and other AIS and AES annuals)
on our website Yearbooks page.

posted 30 May 2017

We are excited that the 2017 Elementary School and Middle School yearbooks are scanned and online now. Please view them on our alumni website Yearbooks page.

The High School yearbook, not yet released
from the publishers, will be posted as soon as
we receive it.

Contributed by David Chance (Class of 1974)
posted 15 June 2017

"When my family and I moved
to Delhi in 1968, IBM put us up
at the Oberoi Intercontinental Hotel for 3 months while we waited for our household goods to arrive via ship and then ox cart to our Delhi home...... In this 1968 photo, I
am on the left; and the two boys visiting
me at the Oberoi pool are classmates Robby Pantel and Chris Born. Where did the time go?!" -David Chance (Class of 1974)

posted 13 June 2017

AISAES alumni cruised together from Seattle, Washington, to Alaska, 3-10 June 2017. Seven wonderful days on Holland America Cruise Line on the Majesty Ship, "Eurodam," exploring Juneau, Glacier Bay, Sitka, Ketchikan and Victoria (Canada). Thank you, Erik and Terri Kelly Jones ('79) and Cruises, Inc. for setting this cruise up for us.
More photos to come but here's a photo from Gala Night on the ship.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Left side from top:
Dave and Mary ('74) Flanagan Williamson
Ken and Florence Miller (friends)
Jose and Vicki ('78)
Potts Cabrera

Right side from top:
Herb and Kym ('80) Dietchman Chereck
Miquel and Carla ('76) Atkinson
Brian ('69) and Jeanette Grimm

(Please click on photo for enlargement).

posted 23 May 2017

This wonderful group is the Class of 2017 and will be graduating in four
more days (Saturday, 27 May 2017). Please join our Board of Directors in congratulating and welcoming them to our AIS/AES Alumni Association.
Click here to read a short message from the Board of Directors.


posted 21 May 2017

Eva Dillon (Class of 1975) has enjoyed much success on her newly-released book, Spies in the Family.
She says, Check out my opinion piece
that was just posted on The Daily Beast!

Read more on Eva's Spies in the Family page.

posted 21 May 2017

Amazing to catch up with former AES Coach, Bob Conner, after
30 years! Photo also with Mark Friedbauer (Class of 1986)
- from Richard Wilson (Class of 1985)

Please click on images for enlargement.

posted 19 May 2017

Dear Fellow AISers/AESers,
My name is John Carey (Class of 1995), and I attended AES from
1987-1992 (5th grade to 9th grade). Despite not graduating from
AES, the memories and friends from those years remain an integral part of me. The school was enriching and challenging, and the teach-
ers and staff nurtured all of us and made us better world citizens.
When I speak of SAISA sports conventions to Pakistan or wonderful trips to the Woodstock School and mini-course trips to Rishikesh and Ranthambore National Park, friends are surprised at my casual tone, which reinforces the idea of how fortunate we all are.
This brings me to my reason for reaching out today. I am running for the Virginia House of Delegates in the Democratic primary on June 13th, and I would appreciate your help spreading the word about the campaign.
To find out more, please visit:

posted 17 May 2017

Gi Jun Sung and Arjun Landes (both AES Class of 2007), shared time together at the Seoul Olympic Stadium in Seoul, South Korea, where they participated in the World DJ Festival.

Please click on image for enlargement.

posted 13 May 2017

Please enjoy viewing photos of AES that were taken by
Hirofumi Suda (AES Class of 2002) on April 19, 2017, with
classmate Chris Coady.

posted 11 May 2017

After 15 years away from India I had the pleasure of going back but this time visiting Arunachal. Thanks to Hiros H2 Travels I had the best trip of my life. Adventure, great food, views and company! Kashmir next! Thank you #H2Travels, #aborcountry
- Chris Coady (Class of 2002)

Please click on each image to view it enlarged.

For AES and New Delhi photos shared by Chris, click here.

posted 9 May 2017

We love hearing about mini-AES reunions around the world. Hirofumi Suda (Class of 2002 and seated in the center) shared that he met up with classmate, Mbuso Moeketsi (left) and Christoff Potgieter (Class of 2001) in Johannesburg, South Africa, last month.

Please click on image for enlargement.

posted 8 MAY 2017

Please help our Board of Directors give a hearty welcome to two new Directors. Katherine Thompson Arens (Class of 1979), on the left, and Barbara McCabe (Class of 1976). Please click on their photo to read
more about them.
WELCOME ABOARD, Katherine and Barbara!

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Joe King Class of 1978
Barry Rogers Class of 1973
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Keith Eller Class of 1972
Grindelwald Valley, Switzerland, 2006 by Taka Yamanouchi, Class of 1970
India in Colour 1968 - 1970 by Taka Yamanouchi, Class of 1970
Taka's Powerpoint Adventures by Taka Yamanouchi, Class of 1970
Yearbook 1968-1969 by Tim Brown, Class of 1970
"Kiss Me Kate" 1968 by Tim Brown, Class of 1970
AIS/AES 50 Year Anniversary Jubilee by Becky Everett, Class of 1970


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