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AES in 1978
posted 31 January 2017

"Photo from 1978; loved it when the bougainvillea was in bloom."
- Ted Beck (Class of 1969)

Thanks for sharing this beautiful photo with us, Ted.
Please click on photo for enlargement.

posted 26 January 2017

posted 24 January 2016

From Sunil Mahajan (Class of 1974):

Just a couple of AESers enjoying Indian
food at Siam Paragon's Royal India in Bangkok.

Seated from left to right are
Steve Furst (Class of 1975), Sunil,
and Mark Friedbauer (Class of 1986).

Please click on photo for enlargement.

posted 18 January 2017

Susan Vogelsang (Class of 1968) reached out to us and said she lives outside Washington, D.C. with her husband and enjoys spending time with her three daughters and three granddaughters, from Baltimore to Boston to Oregon. After graduate school at Berkeley, she traveled to 35 countries working in international development and stability operations. She is still in the work mode, taking breaks to see old friends and new places. She is not currently on Facebook but is thinking about joining.

posted 16 January 2017

Although today is Martin Luther King, Jr Day, we thought it would also be fun to reflect back to 1969 when his wife, Coretta Scott King, visited Delhi to accept the Mahatma Gandhi Peace Award on behalf of her husband. The AIS chorus sang
"We Shall Overcome" at the ceremony. On the right side is a photo of Mrs. King sitting in-between US Ambassador Chester Bowles and his wife.

posted 12 January 2017

Dear Alumni Friends,
After your wonderful Facebook post on
"Shanti Devi, India's
Only Female Truck Mechanic
" (originally posted 4 January 2017),
I shared your story with
"A Mighty Girl" Facebook page last Wednesday. Indeed, the stories were adjacent to each other on Facebook! And as it would turn out, they posted a story on this too. I highly recommend you follow "A Mighty Girl" Facebook page if you don't already. As a father of two girls,
I find it a useful resource; and I could readily see a link to our alumni community, likewise, encouraging our future mighty girls now at AIS/AES. Be well and all the best for 2017.
- Andrew Clugston (AES Class of 1997)

posted 9 January 2017

This is a new year and a friendly reminder about your alumni association annual dues.
To read the new Dues message and easy ways to make your 2017 dues donation, please click HERE
Your dues enables us to keep our association alive. Thank you, in advance!

posted 5 January 2017

My dear AIS Alma Mata-hurrays:
An Orchestra naiF new-year bonus track!

Y'all - yes, someone broke our website (Orchestra naF)
and didn't put it back together...
But Vah! Jeff Campbell (Class of 1973), often with his son, Cameron, and I have had another super-duper productive year. Several albums' worth.
Here's a wee sample titled Lagoon Pariah (mp3) a tune, despite its sobriety, is suitable for dancing in the extreme. From Lagos, Nigeria...down to the Mama the Irrawaddy and in the Summerbundio, we are all Lagoon Pariahs!
Until we take the time to scrape together a new website, social media outlet and tea-stall, check in periodically at our YouTube channel. There are some studio rushes from July in there, as well as a catalog of past triumphs, close shaves, miraculous saves and overlooked gems.
On behalf of Jhaffur, Kamran and Orchestra naF, I remain determined to remain,
Yours, Joel Baird (Class of 1973)

posted 1 January 2017

To our alumni family and friends around the world...


posted 31 December 2016

From Jim Newberry, 29 December 2016:

Bill Stollberg, on the left, and I - AIS classmates from the Class of 1970 - got together tonight to talk story about new and old things. We did the math and have known each other for half a century. We are amazed at how much we still have
in common, including both our mothers are at University Retirement Center at Davis. This photo was taken at Tomi Sushi and Seafood in Union City, California. Highly recommended!
Please click on photo for enlargement.

posted 31 December 2016

By a happy coincidence on my third day in London, I was able to meet up with
my AES classmate and friend, Ramon Cabrera, and to meet Marina!
- from Daniela Avitabile (Class of 1977)

Please click on photos for enlargement.

posted 28 December 2016

A new book was announced yesterday on Amazon that is written by Ira Mukhoty (AES Class of 1987) titled "Heroines." It is a book that discusses the notion of heroism in Indian women and examines the lives of eight women from myth and history.

The book will be available for purchase 18 January 2017. You can read more detailed information about the book and pre-order a copy by clicking here.

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