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posted 14 October 2019

The book that we are going to
be presenting to the School
when we visit them in a few weeks is done. It's got a range
of fascinating stories and lots
of photos of the good old days. We could not have done this without the help of Celia Murphy ('79) and, of course, without the photos from Taka Yamanouchi
('70) and Tim Brown ('70), who thoroughly documented our lives at the time.
For those of you who submitted photos with your stories, we were not able to use all of them due to pixilation problems, so we apologize for that. The book is published by Mixbook. (You will have to create an account with MixBook) While it is expensive on its own without a 50% sale, it's more reachable if you go on the site daily and wait for a 50% discount at the top band of the site. If you order as a group of 10, the price goes down even further. You can view/order the book with this link. Otherwise, please click here if you'd like just the stories. We
hope you will enjoy this labor of love!
Tina Thuermer '69, Ellen Turner '69

posted 10 October 2019

2018 Yearbook Cover Many thanks to Suzanne Fricke (AIS Class of 1972) for contributing the AIS 1971-1972 High School Profile.
Enjoy some fun and interesting statistics from that year!
Please click on the image to view enlarged.

posted 29 September 2019

BIG Exciting NEWS!

Please help us welcome Claire Saint-Rossy (Class
of 1975) as our new Board Treasurer. Claire attend-
ed AIS from January 1965 through June 1968, along
with two older sisters and a younger brother, dur-
ing the period when their father worked with the United Nations - UNESCO took their family to New Delhi. "I am amazed when recalling the rich exposure to Indian religious and cultural sites that I got through the myriad field trips planned for us by AIS's elementary school teachers - what great teachers they were."
Claire moved to metro DC before the 2015 reunion, which made it possible for her to reconnect with a handful of old friends who attended. Now she is able to visit with close friends with some reg-
ularity. We are lucky to have her on our board and feel confident
that our fiduciary responsibility to the association will be fulfilled. Welcome aboard, Claire!

posted 24 September 2019

Many thanks to Karen MacPherson Keen (Class of 1974) for contributing the 1971 Independent Study Project booklet, that
is filled with wonderful thoughts and expressions by students,
and the 1973 Awards Assembly Program. Please click on the
images above to read the publications. You can also find these
two publications (and more) on our website Student Publications

posted 21 September 2019

The weather was spectacular for the annual alumni
picnic today. It was the perfect opportunity to thank Anne Kerr on behalf of our entire alumni association
for her 16 years of service and dedication on our
Board of Directors.

Picnic Photos

posted 17 September 2019

These dashing young men recently attended Anil Singh's
daughter's wedding in Connecticut.
From left to right: Ranjit Singh ('77); Malcolm Garg ('75);
Anil Singh ('76); Dave Garg ('76) and Andy McCord ('75)

Also there, Sue Jackson ('83). Photo contributed by Dave Garg.

Please click on image to view photo enlarged.

posted 17 September 2019

2018 Yearbook Cover Many thanks to Simonia Dawes (AES PR Assistant and Alumni Relations) for reducing the 2019 HS Yearbook
files for us. The yearbook is online now. Enjoy it and
the other two 2019 Yearbooks!

posted 27 August 2019

We're happy to report the 2019 Elementary and Middle School yearbooks are online now. Please view or download them from
our website Yearbooks page and enjoy! Thank you, AES.

Editor's Note: We have the 2019 HS yearbook (currently an enor-
mous file) and will post it once it has been resized. Coming soon!!

posted 10 September 2019

21 September 2019
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Dear Alumni Community,
The PSA insists it is time to celebrate! Therefore, we invite our entire AES community to come out and
party along with us at our upcoming Cultural Extravaganza.

posted 10 September 2019

We received the sad news yesterday
on the passing of Lynette Bushnell Hone,
from the Class of 1974.

Read More
Obituary by Atlantic Cremation Service

posted 7 September 2019

I wanted to share that my eldest son and eldest daughter were recently invited to India for a week to attend a wedding and see
the Taj Mahal. My son's roommate during his freshman year at
Emory University is from New Delhi; and they have always main-
tained a good, close friendship. My two eldest had never been to
India before, and they were excited to go to New Delhi with the
hopes of also touring AES to see where their mother went to school. (Unfortunately, they were only able to drive by the school and by
my childhood home and neighborhood in Chanakyapuri.) They
were, however, successful visiting the Taj Mahal.
- from Mona Alessa Tiedemann (AES Class of 1981)

Click on the link to read more and see photos shared by Mona.

posted 27 August 2019

"It was an absolute honour and pleasure to meet our alum Martin Gray, acclaimed National Geographic photographer and anthro-
pologist who has spent the last 35 years on an amazing pilgrimage: visiting 800 sacred sites around the world. His love for photography began here at AES (then AIS) when he was in 7th Grade, 1966. As part of the photography club, he took photos of the campus and contributed to the school yearbook! Out of the 165 countries that he has travelled to he says "India is the best, its magical." Our HS Art students loved his stories and his energy!" - from The American Embassy School

Please click on images to view them enlarged.

posted 26 August 2019

Dear Alumni,
It's time to update our alumni files...specifically, the class rosters
and your contact information!
Please check on the link below to see if you're listed in your class roster as FOUND or LOOKING FOR.
If you are listed under "Looking For," it means we don't have your contact information in our offline database or you were moved back under that list because the address we have on you is no longer
good. If you are listed under "Found," have you changed email
and/or postal addresses in the past year or two?
Please send your current contact information to
or feel free to private message me on Facebook.
Mary Williamson
AIS/AES Alumni Association

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Class '69 India Trip
(Oct-Nov 2019)

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The theme for the AIS/AES Alumni Associations 2015 Reunion, India Lives in All
of Us
, captured the spirit of alumni who lived at one time
in New Delhi and attended the American Embassy School (formerly the American International School). Shortly after the success of the 2015 Reunion and the admiration of
its theme lingered on, the Board voted unanimously to adopt the theme as the association motto.

2018 Yearbook Cover
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