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posted 15 January 2019 (Friendly Reminder)
posted 8 January 2019
Facebook Events Page posted 8 January 2019

We have a wonderful opportunity to meet and greet AES Director,
Jim Laney, Jr. the end of this month. Come out for some fun and Indian food! He wants to learn more about our school from you.
Share your stories and memories of AIS/AES and India with Jim.
PS-Let's hear your favorite memories, too (the real and embellish-
ed). Tall tales believed after third drink!!

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posted 23 January 2019 (Location Change)
posted 15 January 2019 (Memorial Service Information)
posted 2 January 2019

Sadly, we start this new year with
the unexpected and sudden death
of Margaret Siebel (AES Class of
1976) on New Year's Day.

Click here to read more from her husband, Stuart Brown.

Memorial Service Information
posted 15 January 2019:
Details for Margaret Siebel's memo-
rial service provided by her family are...

Saturday, 2 February 2019 at 2 PM
5025 Weaver Terrace, NW
Washington, DC 20016

All are invited to say goodbye and to celebrate her life.

Location Change
posted 23 January 2019
We received a message that the location for Margaret Siebel’s memorial service has been changed. The date and time remain
the same (February 2nd at 2 PM).

4000 Hillandale Drive NW
Washington, DC 20007
(This location is the Community Room in Hillandale, a gated community)

posted 9 January 2019

This came to us a little late, but we thought you'd still enjoy it.
Happy Holidays from the American Embassy in India!

posted 3 January 2019

Happy New Year! We hope 2019 is another good year for you and to take this opportunity to send a friendly reminder about your alumni association annual dues.
We are a non-profit organization that exists for you. Our board members are all volunteers, and there is no outside funding for this organization. That said, we do ask for a small donation ($25.00/per calendar year), although we are appreciative of whatever amount
you can contribute. Your association dues help cover annual expens-
es: such as WEB HOSTING, FEES to maintain our tax status as a
NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION, DOWN PAYMENTS for our all-school reunions and more.
To read the board’s “New Year” message and easy ways to pay your 2019 Dues, please click on this link: Your dues enables us to keep our association alive. Thank you, in advance!

posted 1 January 2019

A toast to you and yours...
New year, new plans, and new memories to be made.
Ready for you, 2019! Let's go!!

naya saal mubaarak ho

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posted 22 December 2018

A few months ago when we posted about Photago shutting down, we quickly collected your photos for
the 2015 Reunion slideshow presentation from them.
At the time, the photos were all sorts of sizes, shapes and different resolutions...and was difficult to view on our website.
The PDF file has been reformatted, and you should be able to view
all 237 photos easier now. This file will be permanently kept in our alumni website.
Alumni, when you get a chance, please look at these donated photos - you're probably in one or two of them! Enjoy and thanks for your patience while this PDF was being reformatted.

posted 20 December 2018

September 1966
When is a Newcomer not a Newcomer? When
is that magic moment when one is officially an Oldtimer? After surviving a Delhi summer? When Dream Whip starts tasting like whipped cream? Or when you receive your first News circle?

For those who need an introduction, News
Circle is your magazine. Its aim is to keep you informed and enthusiastic about your life in Delhi. This issue is dedicated to Newcomers.
We hope it provides a few nostalgic moments for Oldtimers, too.

Please click on this link to learn more about the magazine from
Stevens Parr (Class of 1967) and to read the issue.

posted 18 December 2018

The Wall Street Journal ran this blog post of mine two years in
a row. It is just shy of a decade old. And as yet another holiday
season approaches with marketers determined to pull heartstrings
with melancholy and nostalgia, I feel compelled to repost it now
myself. I still stand by it. And I wrote it after a particularly rough decade of my life. - Terin Tashi Miller (AES Class of 1977)

Please click on the WSJ image above or here to read Terin's article.

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