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posted 18 June 2019

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posted 15 June 2019

Thank you American Embassy New Delhi staff for celebrating Pride
this June with us! - David Welch (AIS Class of 1966)

posted 13 June 2019

This is a cool discovery! Check out what one of our alumni, Chris Coady (AES Class of 2002) has created - a much-lower cost option to send packages to friends and family all over the world. Dropship Labels is an online shipping service that shops all carriers, then selects the best one for your international or domestic shipment at less than half the price of UPS. Visit to learn more.
Congratulations, Chris! It's always wonderful to discover how well graduates from AES are doing Wishing you continued success.

posted 30 May 2019

How many remember this original article from 10 years ago? "Lifestyle Boutique" listed our very own AES on the top of their 10 Top Schools
in the World.
The 2009 article no longer exists online, but this is a remake of my
paper article, which can barely be read anymore. There were also
some other very prestigious schools listed along with AES.

- TBT contributed by Mary Williamson (Class of 1974)
Please click on the image to read the Top 10 list.

posted 25 May 2019
From AES Director, Jim Laney, Jr.

On Weds. May 22, we officially opened
the Tagore Room in our MS/HS Library.
The room contains our Indian Studies
non-fiction collection and has been renamed in honor of the Indian Nobel Laureate for Literature (1913), Rabindranath Tagore. Peggy Sood, long term AES teacher and administrator, shared her own passion for Tagores poetry with us, and students and staff performed the
Indian national anthem, composed by Tagore in 1911. The quote
on the wall of the Tagore Room is perfect for the AES community...

I slept and dreamt that life was joy,
I awoke and saw that life was service,
I acted and behold, service was joy.

Attributed to Rabindranath Tagore

posted 24 May 2019

Yes, take a bow, AES Class of 2019! Tomorrow is your big day,
and we are proud of you. Congratulations from your AIS/AES
Family. Good luck wherever life's path takes you and welcome
to our alumni association!!

Senior Class Walk (first video) 24 May 2019
Senior Class Walk (second video) 24 May 2019
Class 2019 Flyer from the AIS/AES Alumni Assoc., May 2019

posted 23 May 2019

Scans of these Narendra Calendar posters were contributed by
Shelley Johnson (AIS Class of 1972)

Please click on each image to view it enlarged.

posted 22 May 2019

Two weeks ago, Latha Srinivasan (AES Executive Assistant to the Director) was serenaded by high school fans and then recognized
by AES Director, Jim Laney, Jr. for her 31 years of service at her retirement ceremony. Latha officially retires 4 June 2019. We will
miss you, Latha.

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CONGRATULATIONS messages from alumni (PDF)
Announcement dated 15 April 2019

posted 21 May 2019

From Daniela Avitabile (AES Class of 1977)

I took a trip to Prague a few days ago to see my former home
and spent a fun day at the Lego Museum on 10 May 2019.

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posted 17 May 2019
2019 Picnic Event Page on Facebook
Also listed under Upcoming Events (until event is over)

Anne Beattie Kerr (AIS Class of 1967) and her husband have hosted picnics
at their home in Castleton, Virginia, since 2004 and have announced this year's to be on 21 September 2019. As always, it is an "all-school-years-invited" event; and AIS/AES students, their spouses and families are welcome.

For more picnic information, directions to Anne's house, and to RSVP, contact Anne. Please save the date: Saturday, 21 September 2019. See you then!

Please click on image for enlargement

posted 16 May 2019

Namaste Alumni!
Almost all of my free time is spent playing music, and much of it long-distance with Jeffrey Campbell, also Class of '73. We've composed hun-
dreds of numbers in dozens of hybrid genres.
Jeff is in Rome now (our most recent live session took place there last sum-
mer); and I'm in Burlington, Vermont. We ship sound files back and forth un-
til they sound right and then we move on, staying fresh.
Every several weeks or so we update our SoundCloud channel - Orchestra naF - where folks can stream the tunes for free.
Our day jobs leave us little spare time for further promotion (witness the stale Facebook page). This will likely change in the next few years; we're on the lookout for folks with the right skills and a love of ever-emerging music. For the record: We've been playing together, and recording, since fifth grade: 1965!
Cheers and open ears,
Joel Baird (AIS Class of 1973)
email dated 16 May 2019

posted 14 May 2019

Please welcome Rabi Rajkarnikar (AES Class of 1985) as our newest board Director! Rabi lives
in Nepal and is our second member who lives outside the United States. He is excited to help
us plan our all-school 2021 Reunion and afterwards, is anxious to be our rep to host overseas reunions for AIS/AES alumni--parti-
cularly for those who live in the areas of Nepal, India, Bhutan, Bangaldesh, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Rabi has previous experience
on several boards and will be an asset to ours. He has a son who
will be attending school in New York this fall, and Rabi considers it
very doable in 2021 to physically attend our reunion then.
Welcome aboard, Rabi!

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2019 Picnic
(Sept 2019)
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(Oct-Nov 2019)

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The theme for the AIS/AES Alumni Associations 2015 Reunion, India Lives in All
of Us
, captured the spirit of alumni who lived at one time
in New Delhi and attended the American Embassy School (formerly the American International School). Shortly after the success of this reunion and the admiration of
its theme lingered on, the Board voted unanimously to adopt the theme as the association motto.

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