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posted 21 February 2020

A few words from AES Director,
Jim Laney, Jr., who shares this morning's exciting event at school...

Today we celebrated the strength
of our diversity at the American Embassy School, in our first school-wide International Day Parade.
More than 1500 colorful students, teachers and staff marched with 66 flags on display, representing all the passports our community includes. Although we come from many places, India Lives in All of Us (our Alumni Association’s motto).
Our staff and teachers who danced so beautifully reminded us that
we are all here, from many home countries, in Incredible India. Our Middle and High students’ songs and speeches gave us much to be proud of and to think about. “Would you prefer to eat at a table with 100 bowls, all the same dish, or at a table with 100 different, tasty dishes?” Thank you especially to our three Assistant Principals—
Serena McMahon, Scott White and Derwin Kitch—for their planning
and preparation for our assembly. Did you know our three APs are from three different nations?!? AES is truly New Delhi’s international community school.

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From Sachiko Ito (wife of Jonathan Wilder AIS Class of 1974)
posted 19 February 2020

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posted 14 February 2020

About a month ago, Maria T. Sanchez (AES Class of 1983) visited
with her brother, Tony Sanchez (AES Class of 1985). Maria,
who lives in Geneva, was delighted to see her nearby mall, Balexert Mall, transformed into the Taj Mahal with the inside theme, Little

"Someone must have heard I was so homesick for India, so they brought me back to the Taj Mahal ... at the Balexert shopping mall! Yes there is an Indian theme there til the end of the month!"
- Maria T. Sanchez, 11 February 2020

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posted 5 February 2020

We had the pleasure of hearing from former AES teacher,
Robert Thompson.

"Lots of fond memories from AES during the five years I was
teaching there (1995 to 2000). Since those days I went on to
head several schools including the American School of Las Pal-
mas in the Canary Islands 4 years, the ICARDA Inter-national
School of Aleppo 5 years, The American Cooperative School of
Tunis 4 years and finally the British School of Lome in Togo 4
years. Now I am retired at our home in Segovia, Spain. Of all
the experiences I think Delhi was my favorite. Fond regards to
all AESers!"
- Message dated 4 FEB 2020

posted 31 January 2020

Update: My sister, Lee Woodman, (AIS Class of 1965) recently won the 2020 William Meredith Poetry Prize for her poetry collection, Mindscapes. The book is available from: and also from
the usual online sellers. (Check that
Lee Woodman is the author; there are other books with that title.)
Also ask at your favorite bookstore.
Lee’s collection, Homescapes, will be published by Finishing Line Press on May 22. Here, Lee explores the meaning of “home” in poems about her childhood in India and deep family roots in New Hampshire. You can pre-order by clicking here.
Best to all. - Betsy Woodman (AIS Class of 1963)

posted 22 January 2020

A few months ago, the American Embassy School dedicated a reading bench to the late Bandana Sen (AES Librarian) in a beautiful ceremony where the kindergarteners paraded around the entire school holding placards saying "We are Readers," while the older children and staff came out of their buildings to cheer them on for their newly-acquired (acquiring!) abilities. The ceremony included retired teacher, Peggy Sood, reading one of Ms. Sen's favorite book, "Tiki Tiki Tembo" out loud to everyone.

Read more of this beautiful event (and see photos) from Ms Sen's son, Akash Premsen

posted 21 January 2020

Once upon a time in AIS (now AES), New Delhi. Now in D.C.!!
Was so much fun catching up after decades!
- Alka Bipin Bhatnaggar (AIS Class of 1970)

(l-r): Sue Lindahl ('66), Hank Freeman ('66), Alka,
and Barbara Huey Brennan ('66
) were amongst
the eight attendees at the lunch on 12 January 2020.

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posted 19 January 2020

Maria Sanchez (AES Class of 1983) and her younger brother, Tony Sanchez (AES Class of 1985) are currently touring in India, which included a visit to our school three days ago. (16 January 2020)
The last time Maria was in India was on a business trip in 1994 and wasn’t able to visit AES at the time; and this is Tony’s first time back
in India since leaving in 1980. Thank you, Maria, for sharing your
AES visit with us.

"Taking a tour of our old school in New Delhi. Wow it has changed so much! I was in 7th
and 8th grade, and Li'l Bro' was in 6th and
7th grade then. We were only there for 1.5 years but we loved it!” - Maria Sanchez

Please click here to see Maria's photos and captions.

posted 12 January 2020

Sad news from Jane Robinson Gray (AIS Class of 1966) on the
passing of her brother, James Robinson (also AIS Class of 1966),
on 3 January 2020. Our condolences to the Robinson Family and
may Jim rest in peace.

posted 3 January 2020

Sad news from John Blee (AIS Class of 1969) on his brother,
David C. Blee's (AIS Class of 1971), passing a few days ago.
Obituary by Milward Funeral Directors

posted 2 January 2020
Written by Sunaina Suneja AES Class of 1975

The year has been marked by interesting, fun travel experiences. Firstly, Abu Dhabi for a Khadi fashion show which went off very
well. Visiting the new Louvre Museum there was another plus after
the successful show.
Solo trips to Ahmedabad, to see the Indigo exhibition. On display
were works of art and not craft but exceptionally beautiful although
it wasn't clear whether all the artists had used natural-or synthetic-indigo or the color blue. Anyway, it was well worth the visit. And to finally experience the Calico Museum and its collection of textile and garments was a big treat - time there is deliberately kept limited but
it didn't matter as the evening before I was regaled by new friend Vaidehi's museum-worthy personal collection of vintage garments, each one hand crafted and delectable, between my hands and close
to my view!
Read more of Sunaina's fun travel experiences this past year.

posted 1 January 2020

Welcome 2020! Wishing you all peace,
joy, and good health in the coming year.

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