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Scott Anderson Class of 1977

December 30, 2008

Scott Anderson and family
Scott Anderson with his wife Linda and daughter Fiona. Scott had his grade school years at AIS.

I just discovered the alumni web site. This is great! I was at AIS from 1962-1972, grades 1 through 7 (I think). I notice one of my classmates and close friends, Kenny Young, is on the site, along with several teachers from way way back. Anyway, I'm thrilled to see this; and if there is anyway to help, I'll be glad to.

I was a terrible student, more interested in smoking biddies and causing trouble than learning anything. In case the school is still looking for the perp who broke a window high up in one of the lotus domes around 1971, twas I, but don't tell anyone. Actually it was my brother, who started sliding down toward one, and only stopped halfway through.

Jim Anderson (my brother) was also there. He was two years younger than me and died in 2007.

Alison Anderson (my sister) was there, too - three years younger than me. She's living in Osoyoos BC.

None of us graduated from AIS. I graduated from Fort Richmond Collegiate, Winnipeg, Canada in 1977.

I'm a freelance writer and an officer in the Canadian Reserves, living in Vernon BC. I have three kids: Luke (born 1987), Emily (1989 - 2006), and Fiona (born 1996).

Best wishes,


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