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February 11, 2009

Toshi Ikeshima Class of 1979

Toshi Ikeshima and family
Here is probably one of the most recent family pictures. This was taken summer 2008 in Singapore. From left, my wife, Hiroko, myself, my younger son Kota (15 years old) and my elder son Taiki (17 years old). The t-shirt Kota is wearing is an AES t-shirt I bought when I visited AES in 2005.

My name is Toshi Ikeshima, and I am a graduate of AES from the Class of 1979. Recently, my friend informed me about the alumni website. This is great.

BTW, I was in Mumbai from January 2005 to August 2005 and had a chance to visit AES. Miss (Bandana) Sen, the librarian, was one of the two people who were still around from my time; and she was kind enough to take me around the campus. Memories rushed back and I could even hear the voices of my friends coming around the corner. Incredible experience.

Thanks for updating the contact-information database. Yes, I was able to access the address list. In fact, when I attended AES, the sports team mascot was Phantom (not the one that shows up in the Opera, but Phantom, the superhero), but I remembered Falcons from the t-shirt I bought when I visited the school in 2005. Since you have updated the contact-information database, a couple of my classmates already got in touch with me.

I am also attatching my home page URL, which I haven't updated for three years, but you can at least see my report on India after 25 years.

I currently live in Tokyo, with my wife and two sons.



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