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April 8, 2009

Robert Butani Class of 1971

Bob Butani
New song from a grand band. Clockwise from left are Leigh Sioris, AIS class of 1972, Bob Butani, AIS class of 1971, Thom Shurtleff, AIS class of 1972, and drummer Dana Bonardi, after recording Bob's new song, audio icon Walk Tall My Son.

Re: the song, I wrote it in January 2008.  It was recorded over the course of a weekend last April in a studio in Brooklyn. Thom flew up from North Carolina and stayed at Leigh's apt. in Manhattan.  The drummer, Dana Bonardi, is my granson's uncle.  Dana is a 27 year old drum prodigy who has already played on professional tours.  He came down from his home in Mass.   On Friday, we went into a rehearsal studio and paracticed for around 4 hours.  On Saturday we went to the studio and nailed the basic tracks plus vocals after about 20 takes.  Thom's voice just became better and better after each take.  For several months afterwards Leigh (who produced the song as well as playing bass and singing backup) and I visited the studio where I put on additional guitars and leads.  Finally in September the engineer and I mixed the tune and it was mastered.   

When I gave my son Joshua and grandson Isaiah a copy Isaiah giggled and bounced up and down, Joshua was deeply touched.  His eyes welled up with tears as he listened to the song over and over.  He loves the title "Walk Tall my Son" and the name of our band "A Thousand Sons."  As Isaiah gets older, he will come to appreciate the sentiment conveyed in the song.  Joshua was blown away by the singing and the beat. I can't thank Thom and Leigh and Dana enough for making this happen.  Their talents are magical.  

I have completed the cover and am in the process of having professional copies made so I'll send you a copy. The hold-up relates to my work schedule and the fact that we want cardboard, not plastic covers.  In the meantime Thom was able to get the song onto Itunes under the band's name.  We also decided that the song should be dedicated to our troops!

Because of all the financial scandals, I've been working 6 day weeks for a long time now.  Sometimes I have a 7 day week.   On our free weekends, we are on  the road visiting our grandchildren.  My wife Susan has taken a year's leave of absence to hang out with the grandkids and to supervise me. 

best, Bob 

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