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April 17, 2009

Elizabeth ("Lalla") Jones Class of 1976

Elizabeth Jones
Elizabeth Jones and Ali BinAli on their wedding day, April 9, 2009.

Dear Friends,

This may come as a total surprise to you and I apologize for that. Ali BinAli and I got married the morning of April 9th, 2009, in a civil ceremony here in Kuwait. We are very excited and happy. We were afraid to jinx the wedding, so very few people were in the know. Our mutual good friend Ali Sweilam was Ali's witness and my good friend Chris' husband Musa was mine. One of Ali's nephews and a good friend who works in the court building were also there. Marquette, Chris, and Virginia also came. I would love to have had more friends here, but we were already quite remarked upon with Virginia trying to avoid the security guard and take her camera in and Marquette bringing me a beautiful bouquet that had to go through the x-ray machine. We also got shushed by a judge for making too much noise while waiting. Ali and I ended up on most of the 9 floors in the building with people smiling at us - him in dishdasha and me carrying flowers. Finally, it was all done. The judge's parents were in the room when that happened, and his father said congratulations in English! I'm attaching a photos taken on my wedding day with my cell phone.

Ali and I are still very happy and excited! We've known each other since 1991, but it's still an adjustment!

I just wanted to share my good news.

Love, Lalla 

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