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April 22, 2009

Mary Rissler Class of 1970

Mary Rissler
Mary Rissler and her husband Avraham Lachs.

Hello everyone!

I had so much fun reading about you all on the website! Especially nice to hear what Sid Wahid is up to! (Did he really run as fast as I remember??) I know Kashmir is lucky to have him! I really had fun looking at my old yearbook, I lost mine in the river of time.

This is a photo of my husband, Avraham Lachs. Happily married for nearly 4 years. (I tried him out for a decade or so first.) I make things, jewelry, crocheted blankets, clothing. Mrs. Rahman would be pleased, I think.

I see my brother Mike often, he is just over in Arkansas. I go to the gym , mostly yoga now, I had to give up weights as parts kept breaking down! I have 5 cats, not on purpose, either! Found Buddy in a parking lot, Sabra adopted me, Merlin played on my sympathies, Calev spent 8 years in a shelter, (he earned his spot!) and Star, well, she thinks she is a dog.

I love the midwest! My husband lived in Israel for 5 years, and speaks fluent Hebrew. He tried teaching me, but all I can do is ask to borrow the phone!! I enjoyed seeing everyone at the reunion in 2005. The food was wonderful! Shalom! Namaste! Ravi Shankar Rules! (and Amitabh Bhatchan is still gorgeous!)



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