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Sara Dalcher Class of 1973

October 7, 2008

Sara Dalcher

Sara Dalcher, recently appeared (10/07/2008) on a morning talk show near Jonesboro, TN, to bake her famous Johnny Appleseed Cookies.

May 1, 2008

My long-time position at the San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau was eliminated, so after much map study I finally pulled myself away from the DC area and relocated to the northeast corner of Tennessee in Sep 2007. (An AIS/AES change-of-address card was forwarded from my old house, which prompted me to investigate the website and update my information.) This area is beautiful: surrounded by trail-filled state parks and gentle mountains that protect it from Mother Nature's tempests, but still providing all four seasons. The people are welcoming and not yet overwhelmed by retirees who can't find what they want in North Carolina.

The original idea was that my daughter and I would open a coffee shop together, but (as often happens to the best-laid of plans), changes at her Pittsburgh coffee shop required that she stay put and that I continue the process by myself. After searching the entire Tri-Cities area, I found an art gallery owner in Johnson City, TN who was willing to carve out space for me to create a coffee/tea shop right inside his gallery. I began serving fresh-brewed, organic coffees & teas in early Feb and am looking forward to completing some plumbing & electrical work so that I can add espresso drinks & light food to the menu. I also bought a house in nearby Elizabethton which is requiring a great deal of work, so I expect I will be here for quite a while.


(Editor's Note: Sara attended AIS from 1963 to 1971.)


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