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Delhi Walla Chronicles #4

19 May 2009

Jeff Myers Class of 1962

class of 1962 alumni
Class of 1962 basketball squad reunited. From left, Bob ("BJ") Johnson, a 6'1" forward; Ken Torbett, a 5'9" guard; Bill Holcombe, a 6'1" forward; Alan ("AJ")Johnson, a 5'10" forward; and Jeff Myers, a 6'1" guard.

I am writing to you with a report on some really neat mini-reunions of some real old-timers from AIS.

First, I want to thank you, Tim Brown, Webmaster, and Mary Williamson, Secretary, for your tireless work in contacting old classmates who shared the AIS experience over the last half century! I mean 50 years of graduates out of an incredibly small but gifted group of teachers and administrators, who matured in the Age of Aquarius, is about to be realized! I don't yet know what we might do for that upcoming silver anniversary, but I hope some of us can connect!

As a preview to my report (with picture attached) I need to acknowledge the work of Raj Narang and Howard Auble. Raj, over the years, has sought to connect with me and his old (truly old!) classmates. We have corresponded and spoken by phone and exchanged photos, but have not gotten together. The same is true of Howard Auble, whom I describe as the "head of the West Coast contingent"
of original graduates.

These guys have inspired all of us to reach out to our old friends and reconnect after decades of separation.

Howard had a saying in high school that I remember to this day: "Knowing someone like you is worth the price of admission to this world." Boy was he right about all of the wonderful kids, now adults, that matriculated through AIS!

Upon reviewing the list of prior and forthcoming reunions, I notice that few of us originals have attended or plan to attend the reunions. We were a small (17) graduating class and came from varied backgrounds. While we scattered like windblown sand around the world after that summer of 1962 and embarked on a myriad of careers, life styles and commitments to our dreams and duties; we still share some really common bonds. So I found out in many of my emails and talks with my old high school friends over the past few years.

But this report is the first in a series about "Five Guys". No, we are not the five guys from the famous burger joint. We are just a handful of student/jocks that fell in together after 45 years of virtually no contact whatsoever and found that the beats we missed were of no consequence in getting back together and feeling like we had lived those 45 years as neighbors! Such are the bonds of "high school" - paradoxically the first but lowest rung on the ladder of higher education - but the one that seems the most important as time marches on.

The dates were July 24 through July 26, 2007. The place was Cuscowilla, Georgia, a fabulous golf resort next to Reynolds Plantation just east of Atlanta. The lineup was, in basketball terms:

If you look at the photo, from left to right: Bob ("BJ") Johnson, a 6'1" forward; Ken Torbett, a 5'9" guard (that's stretchin it!); Bill Holcombe, a 6'1" forward; Alan ("AJ") Johnson, a 5'10" forward; and Jeff Myers, a 6'1" guard.

These are the positions we played in high school. Okay, okay, we have gained a little weight but we are still stubborn enough to think we can still play. We have simply taken up the more gentlemanly game of golf!

To be honest, we could not pass the "birth certificate" exam if this team were attributed to the class of 1962. BJ is a year older than all of us and ditched us for some missionary school up in Kashmir! Bill and AJ are actually a year younger that Kenny and me. They were the class of 1963 but they were just as good as us seniors!

Ken Torbett (now a retired executiveof UNUM Insurance Co.) set us up in some nice digs right on the lake and we all brought pictures, stories and memories from the old days. I even had a couple of copies of FLASHBACK, the first yearbook which you have posted on the Web! BJ, who is fondly known as BJ THE BARHOP, brought his bar - although none of us turned out to be drinkers. Thank God! (BJ consults for some very famous bars like the Playboy Club!). Bill was our official photographer. He retired from Government service and splits his time between D.C. and his place on South Beach (tough gig!). AJ brought some old basketball photos he found in his mother's attic. AJ is a retired medical researcher who doubles as a highly respected and well known mountain climber. Myers brought some Cuban cigars from Tampa. Myers isn't retired from anything - yet! I'm still jousting with windmills, defending the poor and downtrodden from the giants of Government and Industry as a tired old trial lawyer - the guys everyone loves to hate!

We ate, drank, golfed and reminisced about 4 and a half decades of life on the planet! What a gift!

So this was the FIRST DELHI WALLA REUNION - 24-26 JULY 2007 - exclusively for AIS alums!

The SECOND DELHI WALLA REUNION is planned for 24-26 AUGUST 2009 at Ken Torbett's place on Gwynne's Island, in Virginia on the Bay. If any of you really old timers on the east coast get wind of this, you better show up! At the very least, we will plan to call Mary McKeehan and Judy Budd Stevenson who we believe are on the east coast hiding out somewhere. But don't get any ideas, girls, we are bringing our wives to this one!

Love and prayers to each and every one of the original graduates of AIS and all who crossed our paths in those wonderful years of yore!

Jeff Myers

Official Scribe of the Delhi Walla Reunion and Admiration Society, founded, July, 2007.

PS I don't have everyone's email, so if you think any of your old classmates might enjoy a short trip to the ancient past, please pass this along. Perhaps we can stir up some planning for a 50th Reunion!

Read an update from Jeff. (dated 20 September 2014)

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