AIS/AES Alumni Newsletter


Pete Silman Class of 1970

Pete Silman here. I just wanted to thank you for the AIS website and posting pictures of the reunion. I had given some consideration to attending, but as it turned out it was not in the cards. Nancy's class reunion was the same weekend, and given that she grew up in one town and spent her entire K-12 school years with the same people, as opposed to my one memorial year at AIS, we decided this would be her reunion to attend.

Also, my Mom scheduled her annual visit a bit early this year, the weekend of the reunion, so I'm having a wonderful time visiting with Mom.

I followed the event via the website as much as possible, and in spirit was there. I have succeeded in placing a few names to faces but I find I need some captions to make sure who is who. It sure looks like everyone had a great time.

Again, thanks, and perhaps I'll be able to attend a future reunion.



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