AIS/AES Alumni Newsletter


Peggy Weaver Class of 1972

Has anyone read the book After the Ecstasy, the Laundry by Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield? The title describes how it feels to be back home after the AIS reunion in DC last weekend. I happen to love the laundry (my daily life in Asheville, N.C.), but seeing friends from those transcendent days of 30 years ago was indeed ecstatic. This time I got to bring my mom with me (seen in photos with the Thuermer Seniors and with Kitty). We Weavers have extra fondness for India because - as friends from the classes of '72-ish may remember, my dad died in January of my senior year and was cremated on the banks of the Jumuna river. Leaving the reunion on Father's Day this year was bittersweet, as every Father's Day since 1972 has been. Of course, as other letter-writers have said so well, we'll never really leave India.

Thank you, K.C. for the miracle you pulled off - again! And thanks to Tim for the boat ride and this fabulous website. It was lovely seeing so many friends from Delhi days - the Maulls, Diane Keogh, Manolito Adan, Eric, Kitty and Annie and Johnny, Taka, Sandra Green, Tina Perrelli, Rick Matson, the Gargs, Bhim, Alan S., Virendra Nath, Mary Lee McIntyre - and Bandana Sen from the AIS Library! As a high school librarian myself, I felt a special emotional whiplash to see her spunky self, beautiful as ever, completely unchanged. I carry those Delhi days inside me always, and try - in my modern American urban high school, to introduce a bit of Paul Haines and Helen Brown into the lives of 1,230 Asheville High School students, whenever and however I can. But mostly those days and those memories live inside my heart. Until the next reunion, Namaste, everybody!



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