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Ritu Mehta Class of 1984

Ritu Mehta
Ritu in Brussels, 2009

August 5, 2009

I spent a few years at AES - 1981 to1982 and graduated in 1984, with my junior year at the Desert American School in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. I've lived in Dallas since 1985 with a few breaks in between. As of late, it has been great reconnecting with AES friends via reunions and more. Those AES days were fabulous!!






Ritu Mehta
Ritu in 2006

February 12, 2007

I spent a few years at AES - 1981 to1982 and then graduated in 1984, with my junior year at the Desert American School in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. After leaving Saudi in '85, I got both my degrees (BBA and MBA) from UT Arlington. In these last several years, I got married, divorced and have a 12 year old daughter, Reya. We live in Dallas, Texas.

I currently work in Asset Management / Commercial Mortgage Banking for a company called Archon Group and life keeps me extremely busy. I did get a chance to take a brief tour of AES last summer (June 2006) and what a changed campus it is! Of course…it's only been 21 years since I was there last!

The 2005 reunion was a great opportunity to reconnect with so many faces from the past. I have fond memories of the time I spent at AES/Delhi, and enjoy reading all the accounts on this website. Those AES days were incredibly fabulous!!


Ritu Mehta
Ritu Mehta, below, and her daughter, Reya, at the Taj Mahal, May 2006

July 18, 2006

In May, I decided to visit my grandmother in New Delhi and took my 11 year old daughter, Reya, along. Despite the intense heat, I was determined to see the Taj once again because Reya had never been there. I spoke to friends at work who had just visited the Taj in the spring and they all described it as a breathtaking experience.

I had a vague childhood memory of the Taj (from 25+ years ago) and decided that it would be a memorable experience for Reya as well. We were told by our hotel concierge to tour at 6 a.m. as it gets unbearably hot and crowded after 8 a.m.. The emotion, splendor and history of the monument is incredible and I hope to visit again and spend some more time there.

I hope you will enjoy these pictures and if possible, I urge you to visit the Taj!


See Ritu's photo gallery of her visit to the Taj.


July 27, 2005

Ritu MehtaRitu Mehta
I have to say that attending this summer's reunion was most definitely a fabulous experience. The connection was instantaneous and it was an opportunity not only to reconnect with old friends but also to make new friends. The entire weekend was a memorable one and I could not have had a better time! Those of you who did not make it this year must try to experience at least one AES reunion in the future.

I currently live in Dallas, Texas with my 11 year old daughter, Reya. We have lived here since 1985 - a year after graduating from AES when my family moved back from Saudi Arabia. I am hoping to see more of my classmates contribute to the newsletter because our 1984 page is nearly empty so far. If anyone wants to stay in touch, write me at Enjoy! Ritu


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