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July 7, 2009

Eleanor Crowder Bjoring School Nurse 1964 - 1965

Eleanor Crowder
from the 1965 yearbook

I was the school nurse and set up the health program there in 1964-65. At the time it was almost a  primary health care system. I gave immunizations at the school to children and employees, had a sick call in my office every morning, made home visits, did audiometric ear examinations, contracted with a local physician,  and more. The most dramatic thing was when a rabid dog came on campus and bit 11 children and one teacher. It is too long a story to relate here but was quite a to do. Another colorful story was when we initiated a smoking area out by the rock pile on campus. We were forced to do something because of the number of fires set in the rest rooms when wicker basket were used for waste containers. The children’s parents had to sign a release for them to do so. The end of that story is that PTA’s were WORTH attending!

After we returned to the States I returned to school and earned a PhD and taught at The University of Texas at Austin for 19 years and then at Penn State for five.

I retired in 1996 and moved to a military retirement community in San Antonio in 2001 with my husband. I am still very active with volunteer work both here and in the city. I also write and travel extensively. There is no pill for “Itchy feet.”

Eleanor Crowder Bjoring


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