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October 17, 2006

Jim Newberry Class of 1970

Jim Newberry
Jim Newberry at home in Honolulu, March 2006. Jim compiled these photos of life after the earthquake.


We are fine here on Oahu. The Big Island was hit pretty hard [by a magnitude-6.7 earthquake October 15], but thankfully no earthquake related deaths and very few injuries.

Many homes and historical places have damage, as well as roads, bridges and an important pier on the Big Island are all that I have heard being damaged – oh and there we also a couple of land-slides on the Big Island.

Our Island wide power outage was a major inconvenience, but I’d rather have them take the turbines off line than allow costly damage to occur. We made the best of it here at our house, playing games (ma-jong) and have good family time together as we waited for the power to return, which wasn’t until after we’d gone to bed last evening – about 16 hours.

I would pass this along – all our tourism capabilities are back and we (Hawaii) are open for business. The news coverage has been a bit unfair in that regard, which I hope will not change visitor’s plans to come to our beautiful Islands. The Big Island and visiting the Volcano might not be in the cards in the short run, so please tell folks we are fine and do come and visit.


PS: here are some cool photos .> .> .>

Editor's note: Jim compiled this collection of news photos showing life in the aftermath of Hawaii's earthquake.


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