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AES 2015 - PHOTOS BY JIM NEWBERRY (Class of 1970)
posted 28 October 2015

Jim Newberry, Class of 1970, is currently traveling in India. He shared these photos of AES on his visit there a few days ago. How much has AES changed since you were last there?

(Please click on photos for enlargement.)

Me at the new amphitheater

The banyan tree by the back gate where we used to catch the busses

Me at the rocks by the dorm, now staff housing

Me at the rocks

Back to being the Tigers

The newish pool

The playing field

Playing field through trees by the new middle school

The only Stein building left, our old high school building is now the library

Classmate, Sid Wahid, and I on the country road to Nilnag (near Yusmarg), Kashmir. We took a long walk along and around the lake there - and a short trek up into the hills.


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