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From Colleen Townsley Brinkmann, Class of 1971

1 May 2016

(Please click on image for enlargement).

l-r: Kay, Mrs. Townsley, and Colleen

While I don't need any Hallmark push to remember our amazing mom, Eileen Hakim Townsley, with Mother's Day next week it gives me joy to share her with you. Brilliant, off-the-charts integrity and compassion. She saved many women from life-threatening situations, and inspired men and women to advance their lives through education. Because of that, each subsequent generation in those families has increased their level of education and success in life...starting in the 40's. Operated from the front end of the innovation curve, bold, made things happen for the better, and always deeply in love with her partner and spouse - our dad. Graciously merged her life across two cultures while broadened minds on both sides...starting when denied entry into a SC/USA restaurant in the 40s. Grad school in India and USC. Tapped to be head of Isabella Thoburn College at age 34. Wasn't planning to get married but at 35, she met a golden haired and wildly-adventurous California dude in India. Together, they changed the world. My sister Kay (Class of 1968) and I had the best.through.them. (Yes, I was always horsing that's me in the photo hiding my face! Kay was always having to put up with me...but when she was 17 and went to the Indian President's Tea with dad, people thought she was the Princess from Kashmir! Love that story!)



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