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Here is the January '66 issue of News Circle, edited by my mom, Penny Parr. I need to make a special note that soon after taking over the editorship, she was joined by Marion Tiger, mother of Rebecca Gregson '67. Marion handled art & make-up, plus much more. She made an inestimable contribution to the magazine. Her cover design, featuring Mrs Chester Bowles, graces this month's magazine.

News Circle, January 1966
posted 13 August 2017


Here is the "Valentine Issue" of News Circle, but with an Indian flavor provided by Marion Tiger's wonderful cover. There is a great article by Pat Jefferys on Indian political cartoonists of the day. Mary Margaret Lawrence returns
with "The Traveller in India," giving an amusing glimpse of historical hospitality in India. And, as always, much, much more!

News Circle, February 1966
posted 17 November 2017

MARCH 1966
In this issue Mrs. Bowles describes with affectionate understanding her experiences as the only foreign guest on Shastriji’s funeral train. It is a stirring story and News Circle is very proud to have been' given the honor of publishing this poignant account of a sadly memorable journey.

The editor went to work this month when News Circle was permitted to participate in the press coverage of Mrs Hubert Humphrey’s State Visit to India. It was an exciting and rewarding day.

Mizzy Greene has contributed poems before and we’ve had so many compliments on last months "This India” that we called on her for some more. Just so happened she was sending some home to her mother—she opened the letter, copied them out and sent them on. And as usual we're delighted to publish them. Hope it didn’t delay their arrival in Georgia too long.

When someone told the editor ’‘Audrey’s off on another trip—you ought to get her to write it up”, we replied haughtily "Don’t be silly— she’s on a News Circle assignment”. This may not be strictly accurate but we have been talking about and planning this Rajasthan story ever since last September. War, blackouts and Inspectors interrupted. But at last it’s here, and just in time for our readers to take advantage of all her good advice before hot weather postpones desert trips indefinitely.

Joanna Townsend fills in for Bookmarker Lem Fotos this month with a comprehensive review of a book rated a “must” by all those who have an interest in Indian history during the British Raj.

The beautiful spring cover was done by our News Circle regular, John Blee.

Penny Parr - Editor

Delhi Datebook - p. 6
Train To Allahabad – p. 8
One Day In Delhi – p. 12
Rajput Ruins and Rajasthan – p. 21
Bookmarker – p. 21
Market Fare – p. 24

News Circle, March 1966
posted 18 November 2018

APRIL 1966
THIS issue is about women. With the press all over the world eagerly writing about India's new Prime Minister, we decided to reprint an interview with Indira Gandhi which is perhaps more significant today than when it was published in News Circle in November, 1961. "History has seldom left her alone'' Barbara Lazarsky wrote five years ago and goes on to give perceptive insight into the personality of the lonely, remarkable woman who so recently assumed one of the highest positions held by a woman in modern times.

And of course, with the election of a woman to this high office, new impetus was given to that always stimulating controversy-just what is a woman's role in modern society; News Circle presents its own American-Indian panel to discuss the question.

Then Pepita Kauffman has a knowledgeable article (based on lots of research-often personal) on the American Woman's role on the domestic front here in Delhi.

Mary Louise Weiss writes sensitively and poetically of the beauty of Kashmir.

John Blee graduates next month from AIS and what, moans the editor, will News Circle do without its star cover artist?

Next month we'll publish the results of our creative writing contest. We are quite excited about this-because two of the five judges who have (as we go to press) read the entries confided to the editor "They are so good the problem will be to choose a winner". Heartening news for us who are always anxious to get good copy!

Penny Parr - Editor

Delhi Datebook - p. 6
History Has Seldom Left Her Alone - p. 8
She Wants to Handle the Big Things - p. 10
The American Employer-Fall Guy or Messiah? - p. 14
Who Has Not Heard of the Vale of Kashmir? - p. 17
Market Fare - p. 24

News Circle, April 1966
posted 22 November 2018

MAY 1966

TT'S a Hail and Farewell kind of time in Delhi and News Circle dedicates the issue to our graduating AIS seniors. We think, when you read the results of our creative writing contest, you'll hail them too-and reluctantly bid them farewell. This magazine sometimes sounds unique. We LOVE teenagers.

Along with the rest of Delhi, News Circle is off to the Hills (this can be taken literally or merely be a way of saying crouched by the air conditioner). At any rate, May is the time when bush shirts, gin and tonics and general lethargy receive official sanction. For those leaving town Helen Kanrich has a run-down on the hill stations, Mary Margaret Lawrence has a round-up of what a few of our predecessors (for the last 900 years) had to say about summer weather here and Marion Tiger's simmering cover should be an added reminder-summer's here.

Marion has also designed a balance sheet of what the American Women's Club accomplished this year, and Pat Jefferys interviewed the new AWC officers who will take over next year the fantastic number of projects and programs with which the AWC has over the years become involved.

News Circle has tried to keep you informed, amused and enthusiastic about life in Delhi. We have our own heartbreakers-Joanna Macy and Pepita Kauffman and our very own Go-Go Bailey are leaving (we KNOW -awful). But we look forward to the new stars who of a certainty will be born! Every cent we make goes to support our ever expanding scholarship program for Indian students in Indian institutions. The editor thinks it's great to be having so much fun doing something so WORTHY!

Have a wonderful summer-we look forward to greeting you in September with a better and more widely circulated magazine.

Penny Parr - Editor


Delhi Datebook: p. 6
News Circle Creative Writing Contest: p.8
Traveler in India: P. 12
Given a Chance to Learn: p.13
The New Women: p.14
The Balance is Good: p.16
Land of Nawabs: p.22
Market Fare: 24

News Circle, May 1966
posted 12 December 2018



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