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If you passed through New Delhi or AIS in the 1960's or 1970's you know that Alfie and Ernie Campbell were the heart and soul of the community. Their success in creating community is a major reason why so many of us cherish strong and positive memories of India and AIS. Students gathered at their
home most Sunday evenings. The high school October camp at Hathni Kund is legendary. Families joined one another for Kashmir togetherness at the family summer camp. These wonderful shared experiences built community and memories for a lifetime and beyond and were the direct result of Alfie and Ernie's loving outreach to those around them, at every level.

Please take a moment to read below the Campbell Family Life Remembrance
of Alfie, who brought so much to our community and in gratitude for a life
well lived.

- From Jennifer MacPherson Abidari (Class of 1973)
Email dated 5 April 2018
posted 6 April 2018

Dear Friends,

Please find below the link to mother's full obituary published in the Daily
Record in Wooster on March 27, 2018.

The obituary is also attached as a PDF file on the AIS/AES Alumni Network website.

This was a joint production of Jini ('77), Jeff ('73) and Gabriel, infused with notes and love from mother and with help on confirming dates and details
from family and friends.

We look forward to seeing those of you who can make it on Saturday July 27th at the First Presbyterian Church in Wooster. We are also booking a pavilion alongside a children's playground in the Christmas Run Park in Wooster for folks to meet and greet and bring their own picnic during the daytime Friday July 26th if you are there ahead of time.

We realize most of you are continents away and will not be able to attend but want to honor your friendship and importance in our family remembrances. We hope we can meet up with you in Nepal, India, or here in the U.S.

In loving memory,

The Campbell Family
Email dated 29 March 2018
posted 6 April 2018



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