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by Terry Kelly Jones (AES Class of 1979)
posted 19 June 2018

There are times in our lives that create permanent memories for each and every one of us. This is not unique in human nature, but we are the lucky ones who were able to live and experience a life that most people can't even dream of.

Our lives and our memories are forever intertwined with each others because we were lucky to travel thousands of miles away from our homes, our own countries, our extended families. What further made our lives different, is that we each made the people we got to meet in New Delhi, India, our family. Our connections to what were first strangers from different lands are what still tether all of us together 30/40/50+ years later.

Compared to the world over, the way our lives intersected and the tenacity of the strength of our bonds took and held over all these years, is a true testament in how blessed we all have been to be a part of the AIS / AES school alumni.

Normally, schools are just a part of our lives that we just have basic memories of. Rarely do people gather at such institutions and create ties not just with a few chosen friends. But with us, we have all created memories with people of many different class years, teachers, faculty and the unique buildings that we spent so many cherished hours at - not because we were forced but because we wanted to be there.

The architecture of AES was so creative and open that our minds have attached actual memories to those structures. Even though much of the original structure has changed, that has not dimmed our memories at all. For me 40 years later after leaving New Delhi, I can still imagine walking off the bus at the back gate, walking past the elementary school and sports field, past the gymnasium and up the stone curved stairway to the lockers above. There were always students on the boulders near the trees across from the stairway and seeing friends just hours after we were last were together, on the stairs, standing by the lockers or sitting on the stone benches by the classroom buildings. All of us waiting for the bell to ring.

Those captured memories are full of laughter, recalling events over again from time spent together hours or days before. Conversations about what would come next, after our time together at AES was over.

Our lives intersected with each others during a period of time that we each were growing, changing and becoming more aware of ourselves, our lives and the world. Our growth, our bonds, even now are still attached to a time of our lives - a place most people will never visit and meet the amazing people we have ever or will ever meet.

We do not live in the past but have taken all the opportunities we gained as AES students and allowed them to mold us into the people we are now. We are travelers, philosophers, artists, teachers, entrepreneurs. At AES, the education we were given created the people we all turned out to be. There, the sparks of fire inside each of us grew; we still let that light shine through by giving back to others and the institution that started it all.

Now it is time again to give back by donating to the AIS/AES Alumni Association so others like ourselves - or who are just starting their paths and memories - stay connected to AES. Our Alumni Association also helps all of us stay connected on our website, on our Facebook page, by hosting reunions and annual picnics, etc. For just a minimum of $25.00 a year, our stories, our connections will stay strong and continue long into the future. As our time fades, new generations of AES alumni will take our places. Our lives have all been touched and changed because of our school. We owe it to ourselves and
all future students to keep those bonds going.

Please take a moment to donate now to help keep our alumni association alive. Thank you!

from Terry Kelly Jones (AES Class of 1979)
Email dated 27 May 2018

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