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    Jim Laney's DC Visit (31 January 2018)



posted 9 January 2018

AES Director, Mr. Jim Laney, Jr. is planning a visit to the United States. Beginning the end of January, he will be traveling to Boston, Washington DC and New York City.

The AIS/AES Alumni Association has a strong relationship with the school, and we appreciate their continuing interest and contributions to our alumni community. Mr. Laney would like to meet with alumni during his upcoming business trip so he can hear about your time and experience at AIS/AES and learn more about us as alumni of the school.

This time when Mr. Laney comes to Washington DC, members of the Board of Directors will be meeting privately with him. In addition to meeting with the Board, he would like - when he travels to Boston and New York City - to meet with alumni who live in or near (or who can travel to) either location.

BOSTON, MA – Sunday, 28 January 2018. We are looking for a volunteer who can pick a venue (a restaurant or alumni’s home) in the Boston area and help coordinate an alumni get-together with Mr. Laney. If you are interested, please contact Mr. Laney at to volunteer your help. As soon as specifics to place and time (etc.) are determined, information will be posted on our alumni Facebook page and website.

NEW YORK CITY, (NY) – Sometime between 5-11 February 2018 (TBD). An AES parent and recent school board member is in New York this school year and has kindly offered to help organize an alumni get-together for an evening sometime between these dates. Once the day/time are figured out, we will post the details on alumni Facebook page and website.

We are looking forward to Mr. Laney’s trip at the end of this month and hope you will be free to get together with other alumni and Mr. Laney in Boston and New York City to enjoy stories and relive memories, as well as to hear about AES today.

Continue checking both our alumni Facebook page and website for future alumni gatherings during one of Mr. Laney's trips. There may be one near you!

Happy New Year to you all.



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