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    Introductory posting (07-31-2018) about Shreyas Rajesh's presentation



"Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve"

After six months of his graduation, our AES/MAD (Make A Difference) volunteer, Shreyas Rajesh, made our school motto become a resonating reality for New York TESOL professionals. Our student was a shining star of inspiration. The favorite quote, during our post-presentation reflection, came from Shreyas, "Wow Dr Frazier, I have never had anyone say I inspired them!" After the presentation, I had a woman tell me she now has a plan for what to do in her own country of destitution and poverty, Eritrea, in the Horn of Africa, bordered by Sudan. She went on to say, "Before I had no vision of how to make a difference, but after hearing Shreyas, I know what I can do and I have the courage now to implement change. If a 14-year-old boy can make this project come true by 18 years of age, I, most certainly can do the same!" Shreyas was the only undergraduate student to present.

The NY TESOL Outreach representative spoke about Shreyas speaking to some areas of upstate New York, where there are very affluent schools. She thought his presentation could inspire this population to go beyond their elite boundaries and do service for some of the impoverished schools and students, who are literally "down the road."

Since Shreyas' senior year, I have wanted to publish his project; and after our four years of working together, both of "our" dreams have come to fruition. Initially, I had wanted his presentation to be for the International TESOL in Atlanta. Instead, we selected New York, because of its close proximity to his school, Williams College, and decided New York would be a better venue for our first collaborative presentation. Given the success of this year's presentation, Shreyas and I now have even more far reaching goals. Next year, we plan to "spread our wings," and go with the TESOL, "gusto," and write another proposal to present together at the International TESOL in Denver, Colorado for 2020.

Please see links below of Shreyas' accepted paper for his presentation, "ELL with a Heart for Service Changes Lives," as well as his power point.

Power Point

It has been the greatest of honors to work with my previous student, who is now ... my colleague.

With highest regards and appreciation to all our AES Alumni who have graduated from our institution, and who have "LEFT TO SERVE" globally and personally.

Dr. Mary Catherine Frazier, Head of High School EAL

posted: 9 November 2018
Introductory posting (07-31-2018) about Shreyas Rajesh's presentation



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