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    Update (11-09-2018) on Shreyas Rajesh's presentation


posted 31 July 2018

Dear All,

Shreyas Rajesh (AES Class of 2018) has had an exceptional educational career; and many of his accomplishments come from his being an AES student from KG
to Grade 12. I am so proud to inform you that the four years of dedicated and "gifted" work Shreyas has given to our Making a Difference (MAD) program is going to get the national and international recognition it so deserves.

Shreyas has been invited to be my co-presenter for an audience of TESOL professionals from around the world and in an arena who will understand the "magnitude" of his phenomenal accomplishment. Please read the proposal below to grasp the scope of his vision and focus.

If you know our AES 2018 Valedictorian graduate, please extend a congratulations to him as well as his parents. Even if you do not know Shreyas, and you are among our AES EAL professionals, please extend a note to this future English language specialist.! You also can appreciate the "feat" of designing an ELL curriculum for children of poverty from the Vivekanand camp which now serves all our Level 7& 8 students.

With Warm Regards...What a great way to start off the New Year 2018-19!!
from Mary Catherine Frazier, Ph.D., Head of High School EAL
EAL - English As an Additional Language
ELL - English Language Learners

300-Word Proposal

This presentation describes a multi-faceted English program (Making a Difference) for students from an impoverished neighborhood in India. We emphasize two aspects: 1) curriculum designed and implemented by my co-presenter, a high school student, as part of his commitment to service at the American Embassy School—New Delhi, and 2) his intellectual journey, passion, and “recruitment” into the discipline of ELL. Tangible impact of the project is evidenced by the regular successful admission and awarding of scholarships to local colleges and universities for MAD students. During my co-presenter’s four-year endeavor, he and I met weekly to design the curriculum for the upper level MAD students. No textbooks, established curriculum, nor program for students from the slums were available; we had to create our own. As a sophomore he designed his own activities for the students he was teaching. During the summer before his junior year, he wrote and designed a new next level for our program. Not only had he written the next level, he had also created a scope and sequence along with an entire set of English standards that were specific to his design. This young man continued to serve his MAD students even though he took on a number of officer positions in service projects at AES. He graduated as valedictorian. His senior year he trained his AES peers to become MAD Level 7 & 8 teachers and to use his curriculum after he graduated. What is special about our proposal is how an English Language Learning program grounded in community service could bring together benefit for impoverished children and the concomitant devotion to learners and to ELL pedagogy by an exceptional high school graduate—now recruited into our discipline. Student interviews, videos of teaching, sample lessons, and a Socratic seminar role-play will be presented.

50-Word Abstract

This presentation describes a multi-faceted English program (Making a Difference) for students from an impoverished neighborhood in India. This ELL curriculum design is unique. Its content is authentic to these students’ lives. The English learning emerges from the students’ socio-economic environments; thus, this can be a borderless success story anywhere.

Update (11-09-2018) on Shreyas Rajesh's presentation



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