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Written by Cherie Studwell Lazaroff (AIS Class of 1965)
posted 16 March 2019

Last weekend, in Livermore, California, I was able to bring the hugs and tributes of so many of you AIS/AES alumni to the family and friends gathered to celebrate the amazing life of Jacquelin Luise Perottini Singh.

As students so many decades ago, we may never have thought of our teacher as having a life beyond the Taj Barracks or the classrooms in Chanakyapuri. We can thank Mrs. Singh's children for sharing their most remarkable mother with us, when she helped us feel at home in India.

What a gift Mrs. Singh gave us after we left the school, by staying connected with so many correspondents despite the 10,000 miles and slow postal services. She wrote our school's history and contributed to the alumni website. She welcomed visitors, year after year, before retiring to Chandighar. After the loss of her dear husband of 64 years, she returned to live near family in California and continued keeping us together through posts on Facebook, sharing the story of her 1950 journey from Pasadena to the Punjab. Still our teacher, she has guided us in navigating our later decades, with humor and cheer. She has kept us thinking, learning and communicating with each other.

In Livermore we shared memories, tears, and much laughter. Jacquie Singh accomplished what she wanted over 93 years. As Willa Gupta wrote me recently, "What a wonderful life we all had."

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