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Facebook Message From Jurgen Vantroyen (AES Class of 1994)
posted 14 August 2019

To beautiful AES: What a wonderful school you are, what a lasting impact you have on people's lives. Anytime you feel that things aren't going as they should I want you to remember this: It is your memory that will remain in the minds and hearts of your students for many years to come. As you are there to support and nurture them in their years of transformation and growth, their experiences are influenced by you in countless ways. My four years in India were so much about AES. And now looking back I can smile with warmth and pride that I was honored to attend such a fine school. You are a crown jewel in the chaos that is Delhi. Keep glowing, you make me proud!

posted 14 August 2019

(Email dated 13 August 2019)

My name is Jurgen Vantroyen (AES Class of 1994), and I attended the American Embassy School from 1986 to 1990 in the middle school.
I have fond memories of my time in India and
at the school. My sister Tamara Vantroyen was
in high school at the time. Such a beautiful and good school that AES is and I am proud to have attended such a wonderful institution, a jewel in Delhi.

I moved from India to Mozambique where my dad became Belgian Ambassador and there I attended the American International School of Mozambique before going on to college in the States. Now I live on the Mediterranean island of Malta. I thought of getting in touch with the school to bring back some of those fond memories and to reconnect with my classmates and friends who were there the same time as me. Please contact (alumni association president) for my email address. Or, if you're on Facebook…Arraaf Mochny, Stacey Johnson, Stephanie Speets, Valerie Schonherr, Benoit Voisin, and Sarah Ferguson, hit me up on my page!

My sister is married and lives in Hong Kong. When school break was out in
May at AES that was always our first destination to escape the heat and chaos of Delhi, staying in a first-class hotel in Hong Kong. We were always out with BA19 in May back in the days when British Airways used to have a service from London to Hong Kong via Delhi with traffic rights on the Delhi to Hong Kong sector. My sister loved it so much that she decided to live and work in Hong Kong after college; and she has remained there to this day since 1994 speaking perfect Mandarin and Cantonese, a very difficult thing to do indeed.

I definitely want to make it back to India and visit AES to see how much has changed or not... It is really easy to get to India from here via Dubai with Emirates or via Doha with Qatar.

I wish all of you at AES a remarkable summer and many wonderful and cherished moments in Delhi.



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