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    1) Dhanyavaad (Retirement Announcement to Former Board Members, 25 OCT 2019)
2) Mission Accomplished (Retirement Notification to the Current BoD, 25 OCT 2019)
4) Thank You to All (posted 6 November 2019)



25 October 2019

Dear Board Members,

Earlier today, you should have received my retirement notification from the AIS/AES Alumni Association Board of Directors, effective
1 November 2019. On that date, my retirement will be announced to the association at large. After 14 years on the Board, including nine (9) years
as President, it is time for me to move on. In the event that you did
not receive my notification, please click on the retirement notification link above.


I have been in touch with our Board attorney, John R. ("JR") Smith (AIS Class
of 1966), about conducting a smooth transition to your new President. With his approval, I am going to conduct the election for a new President before I leave. Since my retirement date is 1 November 2019, the election period for voting for President will be conducted between now and 31 October 2019.


The floor is now open for Board members who wish to run for President.

Friday, 25 October - Monday, 28 October 2019:
Submitting Your Candidacy. If you are interested in running for the position of President, send an email to everyone on the Board with your reasons for wanting to be President and your skill set or experiences which you feel will make you a good President. Your email may be informal and/or brief.
Deadline to submit your candidacy is Monday, 28 October 2019
at 6 PM (EST).

Tuesday, 29 October 2019:
Nomination for President will be set forth to the Board by email.

Wednesday, 30 October - Thursday, 31 October 2019:
Voting. The voting process will take place via email between these two days. Please see below for more comments about how our voting will occur.
Deadline to submit your vote for the new President is Thursday,
31 October 2019 at midnight (EST).

Friday, 1 November 2019:
New President Announcement The new President will be announced to
Board members only.
(Mary's Retirement will be announced to the association at large.)

FOR THE ACTUAL VOTING BY EMAIL, IT WILL BE CONDUCTED AS SILENT VOTING. Silent voting is so you can cast your preference honestly, without peer pressure, and in privacy.

Because our Board attorney will not be available next week to validate the votes, all votes will be sent privately to me -- and courtesy copied (cc) to
Anne Weathersby* and Suzanne Bakey Fricke**
. Other Board members should not be copied on your vote. Both Anne and Suzanne will serve to formally validate the votes and place your vote on record. I will send voting instructions again and their email addresses when we get to this step. Copies
of your votes will be sent to our Board attorney for his AIS/AES records and to serve as final validation. Again, all votes will be kept forever silent.

*Anne Weathersby, AIS Class of 1965, is a former board member and served a number of years as our Vice President until her retirement on 27 March 2017. She currently is a State of Maryland Election Judge and agreed to validate our votes. During Anne's tenure on the Board, she participated in many Board elections and she is happy to help with our election.

**Suzanne Bakey Fricke, AIS Class of 1972, is a former long-time board member and served as our Board's Corresponding Secretary until her retirement on 14 August 2019. She has helped facilitate our Board Elections in the past and is knowledgeable of the process and importance of maintaining election integrity.

Once the new President is elected, I will work with our board attorney to advise the State of Virginia of the officer change and work with you to ensure a smooth transition. I will, of course, be available to each of you if you have questions or need advice after I leave. And I'm always available for a friendly chat, even on
a personal level!

I am excited for you all and am looking forward to watching you build on the wonderful legacy created by those who came before you. We have received commendations for having one of the best international school alumni associations in the world, and I know you will carry that into the future.

Because we are running an election all next week, please check your email everyday (perhaps a couple times a day) so you do not miss deadlines. I encourage everyone to vote for your new association President.

Thank you for your dedication to our alumni family.


Mary Williamson


Mary Williamson, President
AIS/AES Alumni Association Board of Directors

The mission of the AIS/AES Alumni Association is to promote and facilitate the lifelong communication and comradery of alumni, parents of alumni, faculty
and staff.



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