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2) Mission Accomplished (Retirement Notification to the BoD, 25 OCT 2019)
3) Moving Forward & New President Voting Process (25 OCT 2019)
4) Thank You to All (posted 6 November 2019)



25 October 2019

Dear Former Board Members,

Later this morning, I will email my retirement notification to the AIS/AES Alumni Association Board of Directors to announce my decision to retire from the Board of Directors, effective 1 November 2019. On that date,
my retirement will be announced to the association at large. I wanted to notify you (former Board members I served with) first.

After serving 14 incredible years on the Board of Directors, including the last nine (9) years as President, it is time for me to move on to other adventures! This is the perfect time of year to retire as the leaves on the trees are about
to show us how lovely it can be to let things go. I want to retire by saying DHANYAVAAD (thank you) to all. Thank you for inviting me to join the board during the summer of 2005. It has been an amazing journey!

My success on the AIS/AES Alumni Association Board of Directors was largely due to you. I am grateful for everyone's support and guidance throughout my tenure. Thank you for believing in me, for your patience while I learned, for being my friends…and for providing me many wonderful memories. It has been
my honor to work with you. I'm PROUD of the 2010 and 2015 Reunions and the many smaller goals we accomplished together.

The current Board of Directors is strong and will continue forward. They are a team that has talent, experience organizing smaller reunions and are dedicated to hosting a great all-school 2021 Reunion. I am happy to say they will begin their legacy in sound financial order, thanks to our collective money-raising efforts and responsible money management. I will remain supportive of them
in the background to help make the leadership transition flow smoothly and
will be available for any operational advice or help if they ask for it.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you as President on our
Board of Directors. I look forward to seeing you again from time to time at various alumni socials, the picnics and of course, at the all-school reunions.

India Lives in All of Us!

With love,


Mary Flanagan Williamson
AIS Class of 1974

The mission of the AIS/AES Alumni Association is to promote and facilitate
the lifelong communication and comradery of alumni, parents of alumni,
faculty and staff.



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