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    1) Dhanyavaad (Retirement Announcement to Former Board Members, 25 OCT 2019)
3) Moving Forward & New President Voting Process (25 OCT 2019)
4) Thank You to All (posted 6 November 2019)




25 October 2019

Dear Team (Members of the Board of Directors),

After serving 14 incredible years on the AIS/AES Alumni Association Board
of Directors, including the last nine (9) years as President, it is time for me
to move on to other adventures!

Please accept this letter as my formal retirement notification from the Board
of Directors, effective 1 November 2019. On that date, my retirement will be announced to the association at large. I will be happy to work with you dur-
ing these upcoming weeks to ensure a smooth transition.

I have enjoyed working alongside and being amongst AIS and AES alumni
for almost 45 years…since the early days of pounding out newsletters on a typewriter and finding alumni…through my tenure as President of this organization. I am PROUD of the many goals that were reached together as
a team, our successful all-school reunions, our smaller alumni gatherings, our website, our Facebook page, strengthening our alumni community and main-
taining a close relationship with our school. International recognition as the leading overseas alumni association was a feather in our cap and reflects all
the good work and comradery of our organization!

Several of you are new to the Board; and it is now your energy, talents and ideas that will help further evolve our association. When I first took over
as the manager of the 2010 Reunion, we had $(undisclosed) in our alumni bank account. The hard work we have done since has improved our position, as I
am sure your efforts will take us even further. I am happy to leave you now
on much more solid financial footing and look forward to watching your future successes. I am also looking forward to attending the 2021 Reunion as your guest.

I sincerely hope that each of you have as much fun as I did on the Board.
Your work is important, not just for the parties, but for being there for alumni through the happy and sad times of their lives. The AIS/AES connection is strong and meaningful for so many of our community. We are a family, and
your efforts will be appreciated by many.

So, continue on, Team, with all good wishes for the future! I will still be around
if you need to reach out with questions or advice.


With love,


Mary Williamson
AIS Class of 1974

The mission of the AIS/AES Alumni Association is to promote and facilitate
the lifelong communication and comradery of alumni, parents of alumni,
faculty and staff.



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