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16 OCTOBER 2019

posted 22 January 2020

A few months ago, the American Embassy School dedicated a reading bench
to the late Bandana Sen (AES Librarian) in a beautiful ceremony where the kindergarteners paraded around the entire school holding placards saying "We are Readers," while the older children and staff came out of their buildings to cheer them on for their newly-acquired (acquiring!) abilities. The ceremony included retired teacher, Peggy Sood, reading one of Ms. Sen's favorite book, "Tiki Tiki Tembo" out loud to everyone.

Ms. Sen's son, Akash Premsen, shared some of his photos with us. In the last three photos are Akash and his wife, Himani Dalmia, sitting on the new bench; and in the very last photo, they are with the current library staff.

Find out about the new Bandana Sen Library Awards Program:

"Any Place Can Be A Library" - Bandana Sen

Please click on each image to view it enlarged or click here to view photos
in PDF.



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