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1 January 2019

Happy New Year! Hoping 2019 brings good health and happiness to you and yours throughout the year.

We - the Board of Directors - recently filled two vacant executive positions and added a new Director to staff ourselves adequately for the next "all-classes-invited" reunion, originally scheduled for summer 2020. The concern having the next reunion in 2020 was that it is also the U.S. national election year. For the Washington DC area and other metropolitan areas close to international airports, this means increased prices, traffic and crowds all year long, difficulty in getting hotel rooms and being able to best accommodate the needs of our reunion guests. Ultimately, we voted to postpone the next big reunion from 2020 to 2021. So
we look forward to seeing you in 2021!!

We are considering the Washington DC area again for the 2021 Reunion although we are exploring alternative locations close to international airports where board members and reunion planners are close enough to work with the hotel, caterers and others. We had approximately 450 guests at the 2015 Reunion. With the growing size of our alumni population, it is an increasing challenge finding a location that can handle our group. We will actively begin planning in 2020. Any reunion ideas or suggestions from you are welcome!

We received reports and wonderful photos of several individual or very small
group visits to India this past year. In fact, three or four alumni made trips to
India over the holidays (and may still be there visiting). There were also new connections in 2018, particularly on Facebook and by email. We always enjoy sharing your stories and photos on our alumni association Facebook page and website. These gatherings remind us how connected we are as a family. India continues to live in all of us in our personal lives and when we unite with classmates and friends.

AES Director, Jim Laney, Jr., visits Washington, DC, from time to time. His second visit with us will be the end of January, and all alumni in/near/visiting the area
are invited to meet him at an alumni dinner scheduled for Wednesday night,
30 January 2019. Please click on the links for the upcoming dinner information. Save the date and come join us for some fun!

Please take time to periodically check our Facebook page for news and infor-
mation. ( If you have not already joined our page, please do so by clicking the "Like" button underneath
the photo cover. We encourage and welcome you to post comments, photos, or updates on our Facebook page. It is a good place to reconnect or to stay connected in real time with alumni classmates and friends. If you are not a Facebook user, please remember to check our website frequently for news and information. ( For website posting of your news and photos, please send articles to our web editor. Both our alumni website and Facebook
page have the same name: AISAES ALUMNI NETWORK.

We look forward to another great year with you.


The AIS/AES Alumni Association exists for you. All board members are volunteers, who are not paid for their time, who cover their own expenses for meetings and pay annual membership. There is no outside funding for this organization. That said, we do ask from you for a small donation in the form of "association dues." We recommend $25.00/per calendar year, although we are appreciative of whatever amount you can contribute.

Every year, your donation helps cover administrative costs incurred to keep the association up and running. Some of our bills include the website, web hosting, lawyer fees, fees to maintain our tax status as a non-profit organization and Paypal. Any remaining donations is applied towards down payments for our all-school reunions.

We also accept donations made In Memory Of for alumni, teachers and faculty who are no longer with us.

For your convenience, there are two ways you can contribute:

PAYPAL is an online payment service that allows individuals and businesses to transfer funds electronically. You can pay your annual $25 dues by credit or
debit cards by simply clicking on the "Donate" button below. We have adjusted
the donate button to allow you to type in the amount you wish to donate.
Please help us keep connected and click on the donate button now to make
your donation.

Please make your check payable to AIS/AES Alumni Association, Inc. with
the memo line notation: 2019 Dues.

For security reasons, please email for a postal address to mail your check.

For a great number of us who attended the American International School, now the American Embassy School, the alumni association has been a means to reconnect with "lost" friends and to build friendships with people with similar backgrounds. This continues to be a major part of our mission. We very much enjoy hearing your news, your sharing precious memories, seeing your photos
and getting together with you when possible. Your support, not only financially
but in sharing your time with us, is very much appreciated.

Welcome 2019!!


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