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We Remember

Sad News - Marie H. Martin, Faculty

The Staff and Council of the American Numismatic Society were saddened to hear of the death of Dr. Marie H. Martin, former ANS Editor, on Monday, December 9, 2002. Dr. Martin was sixty at the time. Marie taught Indian Civilization at AIS 1965-1967. ANS Obituary

Sad News

Jeannette Wilson, mother of Malcolm Wilson, Class of 1974, passed away at age 95 on February 4, 2011 in Tempe, Arizona.

Sad News - Aliazon Frisbie, Faculty

Aliazon Frisbie

Thomas Frisbie, Class of 1965, sends these photos of his mother, Aliazon Frisbie, teaching biology at AIS in 1964, and more recently at age 96. She passed away February 23, 2011; interment was at the historic Christ Church in Irvington, Virginia.

Sad News - Bosley Wilder, Faculty

Jonathan Wilder, Class of 1974, sends us this: "Bosley Wilder, Aug. 18, 1922 - Feb. 09, 2011, passed away peacefully in the early morning of last Wednesday. I joined Kerry, Hye-jin, (her daughters) and other family friends living close by in Western MA and RI at a wake on Saturday."

Those of us who were lucky enough to have Mrs. Wilder as a teacher in the 1960s remember her fondly as a force of nature who maintained close ties with the AIS alumni community over the years.

Obituary by The Block Island Times

Sad News

We received the sad news from Bronwyn (Taylor) Fry (Class of 1971) of the passing of the husband of former faculty member Mary Lee McIntyre on December 11, 2010 after 11 months of marriage. Mary taught at AIS 1969-1971. She lost her first husband to a terrorist attack in Beirut in 1983 and remarried in January 2010. Mrs. Mary Lee McIntyre's new husband, John Parke, of only 11 months, passed away on Saturday, December 11, 2010. Bronwyn attended a beautiful memorial service for him December 12th in Chestertown to represent the AIS community. Read more from Bronwyn.

Sad News

Bert Gray

Colonel Bert Gray, USAF Ret, father of KC Gray Siebert (Class of 1970) and Martin Gray (Class of 1972), passed away on Nov 1, 2010. He was born March 7, 1922. Originally from Fayetteville, Tennessee, he is the only son of Herbert Hicks Gray and Piccola Hamilton Gray. He graduated from Fayetteville High School and won the National 4H Championship, which allowed him to travel with his prize cow around the country before entering University of Tennessee at Knoxville, where he pledged Kappa Alpha Sigma. When the war broke out, he left college to join the Army Air Corps in 1942. He was stationed in China as a pilot when he met his wife, Jane Singleton Lucas, a cryptographer in the Womenís Army Corps. They were married in 1946 in Memphis, Tennessee, upon returning from China. In 1986, they moved for their last time and retired to Air Force Village II in San Antonio, Texas, where they still resided at the time of his death. He is survived by his wife Jane, daughter KC Gray Siebert and son Martin Gray.

Obituary by Porter Loring Mortuaries

Sad News

Bob Worrall

Robert P. Worrall, age 89, died peacefully August 19, 2010 surrounded by his family in Loveland, Colorado.
The Worrall kids - Rob, Dave, Steve, Jim, and Aletha, were fixtures of the AIS community in the 1960s and early 1970s.
Rob Worrall, Class of 1967, sends this tribute to their father.

Obituary by

Sad News - Jacques Montouroy, Class of 1965

Jaques Montouroy
'Papa Jacques' Montouroy in Haiti in 2010, and inset from the 1965 AIS Yearbook.

Sad News from Geraldine Montouroy Brodt, Class of 1965, who reports the passing of her brother Jacques Montouroy, also Class of 1965, in Freetown, Sierra Leone, July 29. Jacques, known by many as Papa Jacques, was a legendary aid worker for the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) for more than four decades. "He was an extraordinary man," reports CRS.

Obituary by Washington Post
Obituary by Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

Sad News

The Baltimore Sun, Mr. Bradley's employer in World War II, published this tribute on YouTube.

It is with great sadness that I impart to you the news of my father's passing. Holbrook Bradley served as both Deputy Director and Director of U.S.I.S. in Calcutta between 1971- 1976. When I recently asked him what his favorite post overseas had been, he answered, without any hesitation that it had been Calcutta. Read more from Phoebe Bradley, Class of 1974

Obituary by The Baltimore Sun
Obituary by The San Diego Union-Tribune

Sad News - Curtis Minehart, Class of 1971

Curtis and Cathy Minehart
Curtis and his wife Tina at the 2005 reunion.

We were shocked by the sudden passing of Curtis Minehart, Class of 1971, on April 25, 2010. He was 56 years old. The Minehart family were stalwarts of our school in New Delhi for many years. Curtis was an enthusiastic member of the alumni community and will be dearly missed by all who knew him.

Obituary by

Sad News

Thuermer family
The Thuermer Family at the AIS/AES 2005 Reunion. Clockwise from upper right are Angus, Kitty, Alice, Tina, and Angus, Jr.

We are saddened by the passing of Angus M. Thuermer, Sr. on April 16, 2010. Husband for 62 years of Alice Thuermer; father of Angus, Jr., Kitty and Tina Thuermer; grandfather of Lexey Hall; great-grandfather of Little Dude; brother of John French Thuermer. The Thuermers lived in New Delhi in the 1960s and 70s. Angus Sr. and Alice were great supporters of AIS then and stayed in close touch with many in the AIS alumni community in the decades since. Angus will be greatly missed.

Obituary by The Washington Post

Sad News - Mark Freundel, Class of 1969

Mark Fruendel
Mark Fruendel at AIS in 1969.

Namaste and hope you are well. I donít think the alumni group is aware that my brother Mark Freundel, Class of 1969, died on March 16, 2009. He died of a multitude of conditions brought on by the morbid obesity that he simply could not shake despite years of trying. Mark, who graduated from MIT in political science and received a JD from the University of Maryland School of Law, had a career in information technology, working for a string of defense contractors. For the last 25 years, he lived in the San Diego area, which he enjoyed every day. Mark never married but found communities through tournament bridge and role-playing games and remained involved with my family here in DC. There were many struggles in his life, but he always remembered our one year at AIS as a magical time. So do I.
Jane Freundel Levey, Class of 1971

Obituary by The Washington Post

Sad News - Carien Witte Rutten, Class of 1967

With great sorrow we have learned of the passing of Carien Witte Rutten, Class of 1967, in August 2009 after a five-year struggle with lung emphysema. Carien is the beloved sister of Marian van Zon Witte, Class of 1968 and John Witte, Class of 1970. Maria has shared with us that Carien did enjoy her last year with the birth of her grandchild Rick, her son's wedding and "actually being a 'medical wonder' and reaching the age of 60". Carien is missed by all of us who remember her.

Sad News

With sadness, we let you know that Tom Keehn died peacefully at his home at 60 Tennis Place, Forest Hills, New York, on June 16, 2009, after a brief illness. He was 93 years old. Read more from his daughter Debbie Keehn Black, Class of 1964.

Sad News

Dear Friends of Gwyneth Bohr,
We have sad news to share with you. Our mother died on July 1, 2009 peacefully after a month-long illness. She spent time with her husband, daughters, sons-in law, grandchildren, niece and grand-nephew in her final days. This was an important time for all of us to share our love with Mom. We have attached the Obituary which was drafted by our mother and finalized by us.
With love, Gretchen Bohr Courage, Katherine Alden Bohr, Sarah Harriet Bohr

Sad News - Sharon Hart Chackel, Class of 1966

Sadly, Sharon Hart Chackel, Class of 1966, passed away on April 22, 2008.
She left behind: Her husband Robert Chackel, two children, Leann Rhodes and Jennifer Heffington, along with her sister Maureen Markman and brother Richard Hart and four grandchildren, Tegan Rhodes, Lexie Rhodes, Chandler Rhodes, and Harper Heffington. She is missed every day...very much.

Sad News

Eugene M. Schaeffer, 86, who spent more than 20 years abroad as a Foreign Service officer with the U.S. Information Agency, died August 9, 2008 at Spring Hills-Mount Vernon, an assisted living facility in southern Fairfax County, Virginia. His four children - Eric, Susan, Claire, and Michele - attended AIS in the 1970s. Read more about Eugene Schaeffer.

Obituary by The Washington Post (scroll down to second entry)

Sad News - Kathleen Carter Aaron, Class of 1966

"My sister Kathleen Carter Aaron passed from this imperfect life to the next perfected one Wednesday, July 16, 2008 with her parents, Mary and Jay, at her side, along with her daughters, Felicia and Lysandra. Read more from Jay Carter (Class of 1965)

Sad News - John Kent Ranard, Class of 1971

John Ranard, Class of 1971, died May 14, 2008 of liver cancer. He was a documentary photographer who's subjects included Russia, boxing, and ethnic communities in New York City, his home for 24 years.
Obituary by Washington Post

Sad News - Katharine Pearson, Class of 1973

Joel Baird, Class of 1973, sends sad news about his partner, Katharine Pearson, also Class of 1973. "Katharine eased her body into death about 1:30 a.m. Saturday morning, May 24, 2008. She didn't struggle; she simply breathed her last after a long day of deeper and deeper sleep - and a long, year and a half of a particularly aggressive breast cancer." Read more from Joel.
Tribute from Joel  | Tribute from Oxfam Canada.

Sad News - Rajiv Badhwar, Class of 1967

Rajiv Badhwar, Class of 1967, passed away in May, 2008, in Calcutta. He had been in a coma for over ten years after being in a car accident in Wyoming. A few years ago, the family moved him from a nursing home here in the states back to India. He is survived by two grown children.

Sad News - Toby Lucker, Class of 1974

Toby Lucker, Class of 1974, died April 5th,2008, after a 7-year battle with cancer. Read more from his sister Helma, Class of 1975.

Sad News - Frank Shepard, Faculty

Former AIS teacher Frank Shepard died at his home in Springfield, MO, March 20, 2008. He was 66. Shepard taught at AIS in the late 1960s, served for 17 years with the U.S. Department of State Office of Overseas Schools, and joined the faculty of the Ozarks Technical Community College in Springfield, MO, in 1991. Obituary by Walnut Lawn Funeral Home

Sad News - Katie Hentschel Lamont Kippel, Class of 1987

Katie Lamont Kippel (nee Hentschel) Class of 1987 passed away March 4, 2008,
a victim of breast cancer.
Read more in a Tribute to Katie by Cortes Island Tideline

Sad News - Rolla Griffith, Class of 1969

"I'm sorry to say that my classmate (Class of 1969) and friend, Rolla Griffith, died in Ethiopia in 2002 of kidney and liver failure. The sad news came from Rolla's mom who asked not to be contacted, she did however give me permission to tell the alumni of his passing." Read more from Dan Rizzie, Class of 1969.

Sad News - Tom Pascale, Class of 1971

"I'm sorry to say that Tom Pascale passed away in October, 2005, after a lengthy illness. He was in the Class of 1971, and attended AIS just one year." Read more from Shirley Pascale Shelby Class of 1972.

Sad News - Stephanie Anne Smith (Class of 1987)

Stephanie Smith
[Editor's Note: Stephanie Anne Smith, Class of 1987, died of colon cancer on October 4, 2006. Her classmate, Jason Broome, sent us this heartfelt memoir.]

Remembering Stephanie

Obituary by The Daily Press

Sad News - Jana Donaho Fritz, Class of 1967

We have learned of the suicide death of Jana Donaho Fritz (Class of 1967) in 2006. Jana left an adult daughter and three grandchildren. Condolences can be sent to her sister Susi Donaho Williams (65) and her husband Dave Williams at (February 2008)

Sad News - Glen Lawrence, Class of 1968

"It is with great sadness that I tell you Glen Lawrence, Class of 1968, passed away on Thursday, February 7, 2008. Glen had a liver transplant in 2004 and was doing pretty well, unfortunately he was diagnosed w/ lung cancer last April. We thought he would have had longer, but that wasn't in the great plan." Read more about Glen Lawrence from his wife.

Sad News

Mary L. Brown, mother of Susan Brown Wadleigh, Class of 1976, Priscilla Brown Lucas, Class of 1973, Nancy Brown Colvin, Class of 1974, and Tim Brown, Class of 1970, passed away unexpectedly on January 28, 2008. She was 82. Heartfelt thanks to our friends from AIS for your loving support.

Sad News

Bruce Ripley and Diane Cowper
Bruce Ripley and Diane Cowper in 2005.

We have received word from Sara Ferguson and Lalla Jones, that Bruce Ripley, husband of Diane Cowper, AIS class of 1976, passed away quietly in his sleep on Sunday, January 13, 2008.

Bruce is described as a truly nice man who always had a sunny outlook and an easy laugh, who was good to people, enjoyed adventure, supported education and learning, who cared deeply about providing service to our veterans and also loved Diane deeply.

Diane has chosen to have a private party to celebrate his life rather than a memorial service.

Anyone who would like to remember Bruce can make donations to the Veterans Association, the Humane Society in Gainesville, Florida, or Cancer Research Institute.

The alumni community extends its condolences to Diane and her family.

Obituary by The Gainesville Sun

Sad News - Meng Bock Ji, Class of 1986

"Meng Bock Ji, Class of 1986, passed away on August 5th, 2007. He died of a heart attack in the Philippines. He was 39 years old. He was cremated in Manila and his ashes are buried next to his father in New Delhi, India. He is sorely missed by his family and his friends.

The family was not ready to inform everyone but I saw them over Christmas and New Year and they are healing, albeit slowly. He was a very good friend to many. One of my closest friends." Sent January 9, 2007 by Paula Sachar-Phiri, Class of 1988.

Sad News - Rhonie Scott, Class of 1971

It is with great sadness that Rhonda Scott (Class of 1969) and Brenda Scott-Williams (Class of 1974) share news of the passing of their brother, Rhonie Scott (Class of 1971) from congestive heart failure on November 20, 2007. After Rhonie left India, he graduated from Highland Falls High School in Highland Falls, New York, and attended the State University of New York at New Paltz. For the past thirty years, he resided in Tampa, Florida. Rhonie was one of the good guys, known for his modesty and gentle humor. He is sorely missed by his family and friends.

Sad News

"My father, James Miller, passed away peacefully in his sleep on December 31, 2007. He was an information officer for USIS in 1960 and a VOA reporter and announcer on his second tour of duty in Delhi, 1974. My mother, Nell Miller, passed away on December 17th. We were at AIS: Melinda Miller '65, Melissa Miller '67, Larry '69 and Kurt, '74." Melissa Miller, Class of 1967.

Sad News

William and Helen Ide
William and Hellen Ide in 2005.
William Carter Ide, 88, who served with USAID in India in the 1960s, died July 27, 2007 of a heart ailment after a fall at his home in Vienna. Survivors include his wife of 58 years, Helen Louise French Ide of Vienna; seven children, Gretchen Ide Kossack of Shrewsbury, Mass., David Chandler Ide of Arlington County, Jennifer Taylor-Ide of Franklin, W.Va., Rebecca Ide Lowe of Ojai, Calif., Peter McDonald Ide of Falls Church and Tunis, Susan Ide Patton of Vienna and Nicholas Carter Ide of McLean; and 11 grandchildren. Read more

Obituary by Washington Post

Sad News - Mark Vollmer, Class of 1974

"I am so sorry to be sending this news. At 10:33 AM, July 8, 2007 Mark's lungs gave up the fight and he drifted peacefully into sleep. He was surrounded by loved ones and though it all seems surreal right now, we too are surrounded by loving Christian friends and family." Read more from Mark's wife, Linda.

Obituary by Pensacola News Journal
Jacksonville Obituary

Sad News

"I received an email from my good friend, Hank Freeman, this morning that his mother died on November 29, 2006. She had been ill for some time and Hank had been caring for her." Read more from Anne Beattie Kerr, and an obituary for Mrs. Freeman.

Sad News - Reino Takala, Faculty
Submitted by Phoebe Bradley and Chuck Wells, (both AIS Class of 1974)

Mr. Takala





"Mr. Takala was the reason I finally understood math. Sweet man, funny too!" writes Phoebe Bradley. Phoebe and Chuck Wells, both AIS class of 1974, sent in this obituary of their fondly remembered math teacher, Mr. Reino (Ray) Takala.

Reino Takala, 90, of Calumet, Michigan, passed away on May 19, 1999. He was born on April 12, 1909, a son of John and Katri Takala. In 1932, he married Viena Niemi. He taught school in Illinois where he was the head of Hinsdale High School Math department for many years. From 1970 to 1974 he taught at the American International School of India. From 1976 to 1978 he taught methods of Mathematics with the Peace Corps in Winneba, Ghana in West Africa at the ATTC Teachers Training College. In 1959, Reino was named "National Teacher of the Year" winning a trip to the Scandanavian countries. Surviving are his wife; a sister, Mrs. Ellie Clough of Ypsilanti; a son, Edward Warren and Debbie Latvatalo of Houston; and four grandchildren.

Obituary by Miscellaneous Houghton County, Michigan, Obituaries

Sad News - Dennis Seniff, Class of 1968

Dennis Seniff, Class of 1968, died in November of 1990 due to complications with cancer. Fellow classmates sent $207 donation to the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee, in his name - at the request of his family. He will be greatly missed.


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