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We Remember

Sad News - Lynette Bushnell Hone (Class of 1974)
posted 10 September 2019

We received the sad news yesterday
on the passing of Lynette Bushnell Hone,
from the Class of 1974.

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Obituary by Atlantic Cremation Service

Sad News - Kerry Anne Langton (Faculty)
posted 30 June 2019

Former AES teacher and parent, Kerry Anne
passed away peacefully on the evening
of June 14, 2019 at her home on Vashon Island, Washington, with her family at her side. For the previous three and a half years, Kerry had faced metastatic lung cancer with extraordinary strength, courage, and grace. She remained forever grateful for the love of her family and friends and the gift
of each new day. Click here to read more from Kerry's husband.

Sad News - Kinny Chopra Kapur (Class of 1975)
posted 10 May 2019

The daughter of Kinny Chopra Kapur (AES Class of 1975)
announced her sudden death this past Tuesday, 7 May 2019.
Rest in peace, sweet Kinny.

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posted 8 May 2019

From Celia Murphy (AES Class of 1979)

The Murphy Family is grateful for your condolences, kind wishes and prayers.
All are welcome on Saturday, 18 May 2019, at 11:00 AM to celebrate a Catholic
mass in memory of Maud Murphy, at Holy Redeemer Catholic Church in College
Park, Maryland. A reception will follow. Please click on this link for Google

In lieu of flowers, please consider Mom's love of birds, and donate to the National Audubon Society.

posted 2 May 2019

We received the sad news yesterday from Celia Murphy
(AES Class of 1979) that her mother, Maud Beatrix Murphy, passed away. Mrs. Murphy was one of the “OG’s” (Original Gangsta) at AIS! She taught at the Taj Barracks before our beloved campus was constructed.

Celia writes: “Our dear Mom, Maud Murphy, went home calmly, quietly and comfortably. Our family is grateful for
all the years we had with this remarkable woman. And we
are thankful for you who shared your love, prayers and
good wishes throughout the years. Our hearts are full.

Maud Beatrix Murphy
1930-2019 (There has to be dancing in heaven!)”

Sad News - Andrew Ranard (Class of 1967)
posted 19 Februrary 2019

This obituary was in this morning's Washington Post. Andrew
(AIS Class of 1967) was a boarder from 1964-67. Please
click on the image to read more about Andy.

Sad News - Jacquelin Singh (Faculty)
posted 6 February 2019

Former English teacher and alumni favorite, Mrs.
Jacquelin Singh, passed away on Monday, 5 February
2019 in California. We have permission to report that
her doctor believes it was from a burst aneurysm on
a heart valve. May God bless this wonderful woman.

(Photo taken in 2015 of Mrs. Singh holding up an ink
drawing made by former student, John Blee, [AIS Class
of 1966] over 50 years ago.)

Read missives from Mrs. Singh over the years.
Message from the AES Director
Celebration of Life (Memorial Announcement) posted 18 February 2019
Condolences & Memories (from the AIS/AES Community)
Eulogy by John Adamson (AIS Class of 1969)
Tribute by Cherie Studwell Lazaroff (AIS Class of 1965)

Sad News - Margaret Vaughan Siebel (Class of 1976)
posted 2 January 2019

Sadly, we start this new year with the unexpected and sudden death of
Margaret Siebel (AES Class of 1976) on New Year's Day. Below is a message
from her husband, Stuart Brown.

My most beautiful and magical Margaret Vaughan Siebel, wife of thirty years,
loving and fun mother of Emily and Henry, died suddenly on New Year’s Day
from aorta dissection. Her spirit soared with the Sandhill Cranes high above
Black Mesa and the Rio Grande. She was truly a blessing.

In lieu of flowers please send donations to one of the following or a charity of
your choice:

Pueblo de San Ildefonso
02 O Tunyo Po
Santa Fe, NM 87506 USA

Southern Poverty Law Center
Planned Parenthood
Trustees of Reservations
Doctors Without Borders

Please RSVP to the family using the link:

Location Change #2 <-- PLEASE NOTE FINAL CHANGE
posted 29 January 2019
Due to the outpouring of love and support, the family has changed venues again. They will now be celebrating at the Georgetown Day High School Library.
Time and date remain the same (February 2nd at 2 PM)

Georgetown Day High School Library
4200 Davenport Street, NW
Washington, DC 20016

All are invited to say goodbye and to celebrate Margaret's life.

Sad News - Melinda Miller Collins (Class of 1967)
posted 1 October 2018

From Melissa Miller (AIS Class of 1967)

Please click on image to view enlarged.

Sad News - Bandana Sen (Librarian)
posted 6 June 2018 (In Memoriam)
posted 2 June 2018 (Sad News)

We received the sad news that Bandana Sen passed away last night. Cremation
will take place at 5:00 pm (local time) today at the Lodhi Crematorium.

Ms. Sen served AES for 36 years (1970 to 2006) as the ES Librarian. She also
has the distinction of serving as the Librarian for both the ES and HS libraries
for a couple of years. May her soul rest in peace.

Messages of condolences from you:
Please click on images above for enlargements.

Full-length video of the memorial service, provided by Ms. Sen's son, Akash
Premsen. Speeches (in English) begin roughly 40 minutes into the service.

Children's Community Library Named
posted 15 September 2018

"Truly touched by this wonderful initiative taken
by Dalbir Kaur Madan and OneUp Library. Our
mother touched many lives and she would have
supported this cause wholeheartedly. She truly
believed the library to be the heart of any educational institution and a vibrant reading culture essential
to any society. During her lifetime, she helped create world-class libraries and reading programs across the country, nurtured a love for reading in thousands of children and mentored an entire generation of librarians
to carry on her work." - Himani Dalmia (Bandana Sen's daughter-in-law)

Please click on image to view enlarged.

Sad News - Robert John Walkinshaw (Class of 1967)
posted 12 February 2018

Obituary by Pierce Funeral Homes

Rob's mother, Pauline Walkinshaw was an AIS teacher.
She passed away in March 2010.

SAD NEWS - Alfie Campbell (Faculty)
posted 30 January 2018

We received the sad news that Alfie Campbell, matriarch of
the AIS/AES Campbell Families, peacefully passed away Mon-
day (29 January 2018) surrounded by family. Mrs. Campbell
was a substitute teacher and a school board member. She
was very much loved by students, faculty and everyone. Our thoughts, love, and prayers go out to all the Campbell Families. Rest in peace, Mrs. Campbell.

Tribute by the Campbell Family (posted 6 April 2018)
Obituary by The Daily Record

Memorial Service
posted 12 July 2018

A Memorial Service for Alfie Campbell (Gabriel, Jeff and Jini's mom) is planned
for Saturday, July 28 at 1:30 p.m. at the First Presbyterian Church of Wooster,
Ohio, followed by a reception and celebration of her life in the adjoining Bruch
Hall at 2:30 p.m. All are invited.
- from Jini Campbell Wilson (AES Class of 1977)

Sad News - Donna T. Newberry (School Nurse)

Obituary by Enterprise

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