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posted 5 July 2015

I have attached a piece my father, Jack H. Adamson, wrote after our year in India. This was at the request of the Fulbright Foundation who had funded his year as a visiting professor at the University of Delhi.
For his service, he was awarded a prize as "Fulbright Scholar of the Year". I posted it on the AIS/AES website when I first joined up several years ago, but I thought I would do so again because I am certain it would trigger memories for many who will be coming together this week (for the AIS/AES 2015 Reunion) and as well for those who cannot join us. - John Adamson (Class of 1969)

Read "Fulbright to India" by Jack H. Adamson

posted 27 June 2015

Click on photo collage to view it enlarged (PDF).
Photos contributed by Seiichi Sugiyama (Class of 1975)

AIS alumni in Tokyo, Japan, bid farewell to Sheryl Hawkins Bridgewater (Class of 1969), who will be transferring to Thailand. Sheryl said she realizes she will soon live closer to India! The farewell dinner was held at Sahifa Kebab Biryani, an Indian restaurant, on 26 June 2015.

posted 23 June 2015

I am currently living in Silver Spring, Maryland with my husband, 10-year old daughter and mother, Daulat Husain, (who was also a science teacher and Board member at AES in the 1970's). Since 2011, I have been working in Washington DC for US SIF: The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment, the US association of professionals engaged in sustainable, responsible and impact investing (SRI). Prior to that, I worked at an investment firm doing socially responsible investing and also went to law school.
AES was one of the most wonderful times of my life and where I met some wonderful people! I left AES for the US in 1980-81. Feel free to get in touch.
- Alya Husain Kayal (Class of 1982); email dated 23 June 2015

posted 23 June 2015

For all my AES friends (and family:
Here is something I wrote for Mr. Pepperling
and got an A+ from him for it!

Hope this brings fond memories to each and
every one of you!

-from Terry Kelly Jones (Class of 1979)

Click here (or on the photo) to read
The Color of India.

posted 15 June 2015

I'm thinking of the AIS/AES 2015 Reunion next month. Thought this photo might interest some folks. it's me holding up an ink drawing made by former student, John Blee, (Class of 1966) almost 50 years ago! I schlepped it all the way from Chandigarh to Dublin, California, last October, because I always liked it so much. If I remember correctly it was a design for our erstwhile literary magazine at AIS called "Focus."

Read more from Jacquie Singh (Faculty)

posted 5 June 2015

Ken Torbett (Class of 1962) submitted this photo with alumni friend, Shirley Post Cox
(Class of 1964) during real time at "Bones," his favorite restaurant in the Atlanta, Georgia, area. It was the first time they met again since 1963.

(Email dated 5 June 2015)

posted 28 May 2015

Congratulations to the Class of 2015! You may be leaving the building, but you'll always be part of our community.

Our newest alumni!! Welcome to our Alumni Association.

posted 23 May 2015

Many thanks to Steve Blake (Class of 1979) for contributing a copy of
his Taj Times, dated 2 November 1972.

Click here to read the newsletter in PDF
(in black and white print)

Click here to read the newsletter in PDF
(in newsletter color)

Also, enjoy viewing more Taj Times and other publications on our Student Publications page.

posted 13 May 2015

l-r: Bob "BJ" Johnson ('62); Ken Torbett ('62); Jeff Myers ('62) and Bill Holcombe ('63)
Every year since 2007, members of the AIS 1962 Basketball Team, affectionately known as the Delhi Wallas, meet to play golf. Presently at the World Golf Hall of Fame in Florida, this photo was taken today at the 18th hole.
- Photo submitted by Ken Torbett( Class of 1962); email dated 13 May 2015

Read more from the Delhi Wallas

posted 10 May 2015

Not to be outdone by the DC crowd with their periodic get-togethers, we, in Tokyo, are making an effort to promote school spirit here, too. Not too many members yet but we'll get there.
- Taka Yamanouchi
(Class of 1970)
message dated 10 May 2015

posted 8 May 2015

An amazing day at AES.
A very thoughtful ceremony to celebrate my mom, Peggy Sood's, retirement from the school after 30 years.
In honor of her commitment to the school, the elementary school library will now be called The Sood Library.
The plaque inside the library reads: Educator, Colleague, and Friend. 30 years of dedication, caring, and service to the Elementary School.
At the bottom of the plaque is a silhouette of the famous Banyan Tree, one of the most iconic symbols of our school.

- Abi Sood (Class of 1993)

Click on photo to see it enlarged. (PDF)

posted 4 May 2015

AES 2015 Senior Class Photo

Our newest alumni!! Congratulations AES Class of 2015 from all of us, and Welcome to our Alumni Association.

posted 29 April 2015


My nephew Ashton Wilson (son of Jini Campbell Wilson, Class of 1977, and Malcolm Wilson, Class of 1974)) is leading a relief team to Nepal next week; and they are crowd-sourcing funding through the following link. He will go directly to affected villages in Central Nepal. I am sure they will appreciate support.
- Jeff Campbell (Class of 1973)

posted 18 April 2015

(Please give the video an extra second to pop up.)

Several members from AES Class of 2002 went to Thailand to celebrate our class friend, Aki's, wedding on 17 April 2015. This is our AES Dance Crew for Sangeet from last night!! - Chris Coady (Class of 2002)

(Editor's Note: A Sangeet is more or less a big party thrown the night before the wedding day.)

All for Akinori Niimi and Yuiko! #Punjabisushi

Posted by Mikey Healiano on Friday, April 17, 2015

posted 18 April 2015

2015_Mona Al-Essa Tiedemann Receiving Award

I recently returned from Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) where the President presented me a medal for my service to his country at the inauguration ceremony of a bridge.

Attached is a photo of me shaking hands with the President of Cote D'Ivoire at the ceremony. I love my medal because it was not only for the country's recognition for the work I did for the bridge, but it was also for all the projects I have done in their country that touched me the most. The President himself thanked me, and I was the only woman standing in a line of men. It made me proud to be a woman and to show that women are just as capable as men.
- Mona Alessa Tiedemann (Class of 1981)

posted 6 April 2015

Ken Torbett in India, Oct 2014

This is a photo of me with friends at the Taj Mahal on my trip to India this past October.
The placard I am holding is from the Foundation my wife, Debbie, and a friend formed before Debbie passed to help women with ovarian cancer. To date we
have helped over 200 women with ovarian cancer, and the number continues to grow! It's one of my favorite pics from my trip!
-Ken Torbett (Class of 1962), email dated 5 April 2015

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