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posted 17 November 2017

Here is the "Valentine Issue" of News Circle, but with an Indian flavor provided by Marion Tiger's wonderful cover. There is a great article by Pat Jefferys on Indian political cartoonists of the day. Mary Margaret Lawrence returns
with "The Traveller in India," giving an amusing glimpse of historical hospitality in India. And, as always, much, much more!

Please click here to read the February 1966 issue.
Read more magazines on our NEWS CIRCLE page.

posted 9 November 2017

Astronaut and physicist, Christer Fuglesang, visited the school a few days ago. Christer was the first Swedish citizen to visit space; and Elementary, Middle and High School students all had the chance to hear stories about his visits to the universe. They count themselves lucky to have heard firsthand what it's like to pursue one's career and research in space!
Please click on image above to see photo enlarged.

posted 15 October 2017

Jonathan Wilder's wife, the beautiful Sachiko Ito, is shown here performing
with friends at a Diwali festival in Japan.

Please click on images below to see photos enlarged.
Photos contributed by Jonathan Wilder, Class of 1974

posted 12 October 2017

Just got a FB friend request from a young man in Madurai, he saw this photo I took in 1978 as a result of a search. He wrote that the mahout was his uncle and the man walking to the side was his grandfather. People and elephant are no longer living but the family was very happy to see the photo. The young man who friended me says he represents the 4th generation of his family to work with elephants. Good way to start the day!
- Ted Beck (Class of 1969)

posted 10 October 2017
posted 1 October 2017 (on Facebook)

Our high schoolers gathered for the annual Peace Day
photo on Tiger Turf; Thursday, 21 Sept 2017.
Photo provided by AES Director, Jim Laney, Jr.

posted 29 September 2017

Heading to New Delhi in the near future? AES welcomes visiting AIS and AES alumni to the campus!
We recommend you contact the school in advance so they can help you get your security pass before you arrive. Updated guidelines to visit the school are on our VISITING AES page.

posted 17 September 2017

Please click on photo for enlargement.

Three alumni had to leave before we took group photos. Otherwise, this was all of us at the 2017 Picnic! Had a great time, Tim and Anne Kerr! Thank you always for hosting wonderful picnics. Already looking forward to next year's!

Picnic Announcement
Who Was There

Barbara Huey Brennan (Class of 1966)
Alka Bipin Bhatnagar (Class of 1970) (PDF)
Mary Flanagan Williamson (Class of 1974) (PDF)

FOCUS 1974
posted 13 September 2017

Check out the FOCUS 1974 publication - pages photographed
and contributed by Sunaina Suneja (Class of 1975)

Focus 1974

Read more issues on our FOCUS page.

posted 12 September 2017

Earlier this month, I traveled to Mesa, Arizona, from India to attend the grand opening of good friend and classmate, Chris Coady's, new shipping store called Shipping by ELI at Val Vista.

The store was quite busy on inauguration day with many friends and family members congratulating him on his success. We were impressed by the interior decoration as Chris and his team spent a lot of effort renovating the space from scratch to make it look attractive. This store opened less than a year after his first store in nearby Higley. It's quite amazing to see how fast ELI is growing. His corporate motto is "Shipping for Less;" and literally, their shipping charges are very reasonable compared to the competitors.

Was also a great opportunity to visit hot and sunny Arizona at this time of the year! -Hirofumi Suda (Class of 2002)

Please click on images to view them enlarged.

posted 4 September 2017

Final Reminder 11 September 2017
Friendly Reminder 26 August 2017
Facebook Event Page posted 1 August 2017
posted 11 July 2017

Anne Beattie Kerr (AIS Class of 1967) and her husband have hosted picnics in their home in Castleton, Virginia, since 2004 for our alumni and are ready now to announce this year's plans. Please save the date! Saturday, 16 September 2017. As always, it is an "all-school-years-invited" event; and spouses/families are welcome. For more picnic information, directions to her house, and to RSVP, please message Anne via our Board of Directors email address. We look forward
to seeing you at the picnic.

Picnic Announcement

posted 26 August 2017

We never tire seeing photos of the 2017 Great American Eclipse
across the United States. Please enjoy photos contributed by alumni

Many thanks to alumni who shared
their photos.

We are happy to post eclipse photos
if you would like to send yours.
Please send your photos to:

posted 21 August 2017

Please click on images for enlargement.
From David Welch (Class of 1966)

Here are a few of my eclipse photos taken this morning in Madras, Oregon. It was a truly amazing experience to see the eclipse in the path of totality. The sky darkened, the temperature dropped, animals began to act disturbed and then fell silent as the sky darkened almost completely. Stars and planets began to appear in the sky. The horizon displayed fading orange and crimson colors of sunset for the full 360 degrees. It was magical for just over 2 minutes. None of us who witnessed the full eclipse will ever forget the experience!

posted 13 August 2017

Here is the January '66 issue of News Circle, edited by my mom, Penny Parr. I need to make a special note that soon after taking over the editorship, she was joined by Marion Tiger, mother of Rebecca Gregson '67. Marion handled art
& make-up, plus much more. She made an inestimable contribution to the magazine. Her cover design, featuring Mrs Chester Bowles, graces this month's magazine.

You can also find the magazine posted on the AIS/AES website at

posted 12 August 2017

From Jim Laney, Jr.
(AES Director)

On the first day of school, we welcomed 1180 new and returning students, and I know that the
AES staff will care for them as if they were our own extended family.

There are 300 new students joining us this year: 175 in the ES, 65 in the MS and 60 in the HS. The AES community includes families from 57 nationalities!

posted 8 August 2017

Today is the first day of school at AES; and we wish all the students, faculty and administration a great and successful new year. Some welcoming words from our new school director, Mr. Jim Laney....

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