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AIS class of 1970 and 1975
Paige Grant & Sunaina Suneja
Paige Grant ('70), left, with Sunaina Suneja ('75) in Santa Fe, New Mexico, April 2008. Read more from Sunaina.


AES 1970s
Peter Johnson,
Peter Johnson('78), Nora Noe ('79) and Pieter Ravensburg ('78) rendezvoued in Haarlem, the Netherlands, in April of this year. Read more from Peter.


AIS class of 1974-1976
New Delhi dinner
8 February 2008 - AES Alumni Dinner - New Delhi. l-r (standing) - Aloka Dalal ('74); Alka Bajaj (AES Receptionist); VJ Chandok ('76); Deepak Sen ('74); Bandana Sen (recently retired school Librarian); Uwe Bagnato (current AES High School Principal) l-r (seated) Dolly Suneja Narang ('71); Mrs Chaudhry (former AIS 3rd-grade teacher); Sunaina Suneja ('75). Read more.

AIS class of 1976
Eryn Creedon, Ashok Nimgade, Tawnya Morden-Harvey and Marshall King
Class of 1976 dinner in Washington, DC, April 12. From left: Eryn Creedon, Ashok Nimgade, Tawnya Morden Harvey and Marshall King. Read more.
AIS class of 1969
Tina Thuermer
Tina Thuermer, AIS class of 1969, thinks life is good. Read more from Tina.
AIS classes 1970 and 1974
Tim and Mary
Tim Brown ('70) and Mary Flanagan Williamson ('74) in Washington, DC, in front of the White House, April 9, 2008.
AIS classes 1969 and 1970
Judy Newberry ('69), Phyllis Keene ('69), Donna Newberry (school nurse '68 & '69) & Jim Newberry ('70), in Minden, NV, April 2008.
AES class of 1987
Robert Nachtrieb
"Here's a shot of Emmanual Tabarly (best friend and Fabian's younger bro) and me (on right) in 2006, striking our best Top Gun pose before a short flight around Philadelphia." Read more from Robert Nachtrieb.
AES class of 2002
Akash Shah
Akash Shah in Gibraltar. more
AES class of 1989
Andres Marin and daughters
Andres Marin with daughters at home in Chile. Read more.
AIS class of 1975
Malcolm Garg family
Malcom Garg with his wife Indu and their children Nikki and Nathan. Read more from Malcolm.
AIS class of 1969
Alfred Poor
Read more from Alfred Poor.
AIS class of 1966
Joe Bettinger
Joe Bettinger, AIS class of 1966, writes, "Fran and I are planning to attend the reunion in Reno--so put us on the list. It'll be good to see everyone again. We certainly had fun during the last reunion in Tahoe. This is a picture of Fran, my cousins, and myself, in Positano Italy recently. This is pretty much what we do all the time now."
AIS Classes 1969-74
dinner at KC's Alumni Dinner at KC Gray Siebert's home in Springfield, Virginia; February 5, 2008. Clockwise from lower left are Andy Campbell, Judy Newberry Ashley, Tim Brown, Ellen Turner, Allie Felder, Mary Williamson, Sue Ball Carew, KC Gray Siebert, Kitty Thuermer, Annie Rieger, Tim Moore.

Annie & Ellen
Above, Ellen Turner, Annie Rieger.
Below, Allie Felder
Allie Felder


AIS class of 1969
Dan & Jill
Dan Rizzie and Jill Jonnes at dinner in Washington, January 2008. See who else was there now.
dinner party
AIS class of 1970
KC, Mary, Paul
Dinner in Walnut Creek, CA, January 2008. Couples, from left to right, are KC Gray Siebert and husband Neal, Mary Pomeroy Sheridan and husband Pat, Paul Rieger and wife Linda. The cat is unidentified.


AIS class of 1970
Richard Coorsh and John McCain
Richard Coorsh, AIS class of 1970, with Senator John McCain, October 2007. Read more from Richard.
AIS Class of 1970 - 1976
Brown family
The Brown's celebrate New Year's 2008 in Bethesda, MD. From left are Susan Brown Wadleigh, AIS class of 1976, Dean Brown, Mary Brown, Priscilla Brown Lucas, AIS class of 1973, Nancy Brown Colvin, AIS class of 1974, and Tim Brown, AIS class of 1970. Best wishes for a healthy 2008!
AIS class of 1974
Phoebe Bradley with Mural
Phoebe Bradley, AIS class of 1974, above,recently completed a huge '76 foot long mural for The Copley Classroom @ the Lux Art Institute in Encinitas, California. See a panoramic view.
AES class of 1982
Scott York
Scott York and his sons  Stephen (12) and Michael (10), Dec. 30th, enjoying a little basketball over the Holidays.  Scott lives in Stafford Virginia, works for CACI (State Department) outside the DC Area. 
AIS class of 1973
Leslie Hiebert and family
Leslie Hiebert, center, writes, "Here's a photo of my family outside our home in Anchorage. Best wishes from Alaska for a peaceful new year!"
AIS class of 1970
Sue Harvey
Susan Hiebert Harvey with her horse, Teddy and dog, Dusty, in Plumas County, California, 2007. Sue writes, "I help a local (Walnut Creek) rancher bring his cows in off Mt. Diablo every spring before the grass turns brown. Always an adventure!"


AIS class of 1969
Eve Drobot
Eve Drobot in Ireland in 2005. Read more from Eve.
AES class of 1990
Joe Gallagher
Joe Gallagher, AES class of 1990, with daughter Keyara. Read more from Joe.
AIS class of 1969
Suzanne Spooner in Australia
Suzanne Spooner-Munch, AIS class of 1969, and her husaband, Paul, in Canberra, Australia, October 2007. Read more from Suzanne.
AIS class of 1982

Axson Chalikulima, AES class of 1982, sends this photo and writes, "I am in Japan. I jumped the broom 6 years ago. I eat rew fish and rice every day. Peace out."
AIS class of 1965
Betty Vakil
Betty Vakil has lived on five continents since gradu-
ating from AIS in 1965. Read more from Betty.
Anna Maripuu,Jan Davis, Sue Ball Carew
Left, Anna Maripuu, Class of 1982; on bench, Jan Davis and Sue Ball Carew. Read about the 2007 Picnic.
AES class of 1982
Jesper Frotlund
Jesper FrÝtlund owns an IT company in Denmark. Read more.
AIS class of 1975
Majd with mother and brother
Majd Patou Fathallah, right, AIS class of 1975, with her mother & brother. Majd is a successful sculptress in London. Read more, and see samples of her work.

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