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posted 15 September 2018

"Truly touched by this wonderful initiative taken by
Dalbir Kaur Madan and OneUp Library. Our mother touched many lives and she would have supported
this cause wholeheartedly. She truly believed the
library to be the heart of any educational institution
and a vibrant reading culture essential to any society. During her lifetime, she helped create world-class
libraries and reading programs across the country, nurtured a love for reading in thousands of children
and mentored an entire generation of librarians to
carry on her work." - Himani Dalmia (Bandana Sen's daughter-in-law)

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posted 15 September 2018

This past Thursday morning (13 SEPT 2018), with students cheering, we
switched on four "Aufero" outdoor air purification systems in the high school
atrium. We will begin collecting AQI data next week to begin monitoring their
impact on air quality in the high school. BIG thanks to last year's Board of
Governors for their initiative and support for this project. We also thank the staff members who worked hard last weekend to install them quickly. We will keep the community informed about the results as we move through the coming months.
- from Jim Laney, Jr (AES Director)

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posted 9 September 2018

YeRyeon, a Senior at AES, wrote and recorded two songs over the summer.
Here are the links to her songs: Airplane and Edge.
In YeRyeon's words, "This summer in Korea, I decided to start an ambitious
project: I would complete two songs and publish them to the world while stay-
ing within the budget of around $270. In June, I composed the song with my
guitar, made the chorus melody, wrote the lyrics, and went to a studio to record
my vocals and guitar. After that, I re-arranged the song in Logic Pro and added
MIDI tracks to further improve how the songs would sound. In July, I worked
with a mix/master engineer to polish my songs and sent them to a music publisher that would help my songs to be uploaded on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, the Korean music market like Melon, Gini, or Bugs, and more. You can find Airplane and Edge
on any of the countries previously mentioned music platforms by searching for
‘iink Airplane” or “iink Edge."

posted 9 September 2018

As you may recall, a few days ago we reported we received a
message from Photago (the site we used to collect photos from
that they are shutting down permanently, 1 November 2018.
We were able to capture all 237 of your "random" photos and convert them
into a large PDF file to keep permanently in our website. Enjoy viewing again!

posted 22 December 2018 (PDF reformatted, see link below)

A few months ago when we posted about Photago shutting down, we quickly collected your photos for the 2015 Reunion slideshow presentation from them.
At the time, the photos were all sorts of sizes, shapes and different resolutions...
and was difficult to view on our website.
The PDF file has been reformatted, and you should be able to view all 237 photos easier now. This file will be permanently kept in our alumni website.
Alumni, when you get a chance, please look at these donated photos -- you're probably in one or two of them! Enjoy and thanks for your patience while this
PDF was being reformatted.

posted 27 August 2018

Class of 1972 classmates, James Springer (left)
and Ernan Gallagher, meet again after 50 years.

posted 25 August 2018

From Maura Moynihan (Class of 1975)

MOYNIHAN, the documentary film about my
late father, opens Oct 3rd in New York City at
the Film Forum.

posted 20 August 2018

Thank you, Cyndy Marshall Bigbee (AES Class of 1980) for contributing some 1976 and 1977 Taj Times. Check out our STUDENT PUBLICATIONS page to read all the wonderful Taj
Times issues we now have electronically.

In addition, Cyndy also contributed the Underground Rabbit,
Sept 1976 issue, the Chanticleer, Nov 1977 issue, and the
1978 AES Commencement Program, all posted on the Student Publications page.

If you have any Taj Times issues (or other publications) that
we don't, please contact us so we can make arrangements to have yours added.

posted 18 August 2018

Elementary School students watched Indian dancers
perform at the Independence Day assembly.

posted 12 August 2018

Summer sure flew by fast. Did you know the first day of school at
AES began last week -- 6 August?? Here are some students, teach-
ers and staff "ringing" in the new year! Good luck to all and have a
great new school year!

Please click on image for enlargement.

posted 6 August 2018

Three alumni at the American International School
of Calcutta's 2018 Reunion this past weekend have
the distinction of attending both American Internat-
ional Schools in Calcutta and New Delhi.
Here are (l-r): Mary Williamson ('74), Alan Egler ('74)
and Barbara McCabe ('76) at the AISC 2018 Reunion
dinner Saturday night, 4 August 2018 at the Taj
of India in Arlington, Virginia.

Please click on photo for enlargement. Photo contri-
buted by Barbara McCabe

posted 31 July 2018

Dear All,
Shreyas Rajesh (AES Class of 2018) has had an
exceptional educational career; and many of his accomplishments come from his being an AES
student from KG to Grade 12. I am so proud to
inform you that the four years of dedicated and
"gifted" work Shreyas has given to our Making a
Difference (MAD) program is going to get the nat-
ional and international recognition it so deserves.
Shreyas has been invited to be my co-presenter for an audience of TESOL professionals from around the world and in an arena who will understand the "magnitude" of his phenomenal accomplishment. Please read the proposal
attached to this link to grasp the scope of his vision and focus. Or click here
to read more on Shreyas.

posted 22 July 2018

AES Class of 1978 mini-reunion, 21 July 2018
- from Sara Shafer McLaurin
Classmates Sara, Steve Lee, and Vicki Potts Cabrera

Please click on images to view enlarged.

posted 17 July 2018

Catching up after many years. Had a blast.
One of the best things about AES is the friendship that lasts for a lifetime.

- Elif Erkal (Class '88) and Nedzad Ajanovic (Class '91), in Turkey (7 July 2018)

posted 3 July 2018

The Ganges River Cruise is back! It was stopped for a few years because the
water levels in the river dropped too low for ships to sail safely. Now reinstated,
ships sail back and forth every 12 days.
AIS alumni, Terry Kelly Jones (Class of 1979) is a Full Service Travel Agent and
asks, "Anyone interested in a Ganges River Cruise?" Read more about this cruise from Terry, provided by Uniworld. Cruises are available now and into 2019.

posted 2 July 2018

Please click HERE or on image to view enlarged.

posted 30 June 2018

My name is Arjun Pillai Hausner and I am an AES Class of 2016 alum. I took
my first visual art class while at AES!
I recently entered a National Science Foundation art competition and made it
past the first two rounds of judging. The third round involves public voting.
Please click on this link, to see my artwork, entitled “Gravity Visualized.”
Each person gets three votes! You can vote for my work multiple times if you’d
If you could share this, I would greatly appreciate it. Voting ends on July 6th.
Thank you so much and thanks for your vote!
Best, Arjun

Update (8 November 2018):
THE RESULTS See where Arjun placed in the "Gravity Visualized" article.

posted 28 June 2018

It's much more fun trying out a new Indian restaurant with alumni classmates
and friends! Gathering took place on 28 April 2018 at Urban Tandoor in Arlington, Virginia.

Left photo (l-r): Sue Lindahl ('66); Shelley Johnson ('72); Barbara Huey Brennan ('66); Jane Freundal Levy ('71); Anne Beattie Kerr ('67) and her husband, Tim

Please click on images to view enlarged.

posted 28 June 2018
posted 23 June 2018 (on Facebook)

We got together with Krista and Glen Minehart last night in Melbourne, Florida,
at a waterfront place called Squid Lips.
We talked for so long our table was unavailable for other peak-hour diners, annoying the wait staff. Who cares? We don't see each other often enough.
Photo l-r: Anne Briggs Beck and Ted Beck (both '69) Krista Shurtleff Minehart ('71) and Glen Minehart ('69)

from Ted Beck (Class of 1969)
Please click on image to view enlarged.

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