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posted 8 February 2019

Joe Ridolfo (AIS Class of 1969) was recently in Chattanooga, Tennessee, for a TV promotion for Culture Fest. His fusion band, Organized KAOS, opened the festival this year and led the Parade of Nations. Last May, Hazen Reich played flute with
them at the Little Owl Festival.

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posted 4 February 2019

Please welcome Wendy Jacobs (AES Class of 1987) as our
newest Board Director. We are proud and thrilled to have
her join our team.
Wendy attended AES for 11th and 12th grades, graduating in 1987. While at AES, she was active in drama, both in school productions and community theater. After AES, she received
her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Virginia and her
Juris Doctor degree from the Wake Forest University School
of Law. For the past 20 years, her law career has focused on education law, particularly special education for students with disabilities.
Read more on Wendy on our website board page.

posted 2 February 2019

Deniz Toksoz Exley (AIS Class of 1974) and her son, Andrew Derya, visited
AES the first week in January. Here are three photos of Deniz and Simonia
(Assistant to the Communications Director) around the campus. The
fourth photo is with Sunaina Suneja (AES Class of 1975) taken in Hauz Khas.
(Please note the ancient temples in the upper left - this was a temple complex
now turned into a serene and beautiful park in Hauz Khas, Delhi.)

After a few days in New Delhi, Deniz and her son went onto Jaipur, Amber Fort,
and Udaipur City Palace on Lake Pichola. “Had a fabulous time!”

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posted 1 February 2019

Joe Ridolfo (AIS Class of 1969) and his wife Ardyce were featured guests
at a wine festival in Nashik (in Maharashtra, India) last year February.

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posted 1 February 2019
From Michael White (AES Class of 1980)

Hello Everyone – It is kind of surreal writing a note
about my experience at The American Embassy School. However, when I attended in the late 1970s, it was the American International School. I have such fond mem-
ories of my experience which have shaped my life in
such positive ways. My entire world view was impact-
ed by the positive impact of going to school with stu-
dents from so many nations. My imagination was constantly sparked with hearing stories from kids that
lived in every corner of the globe. More importantly, it
gave me so many unique perspectives on how we all fit together and can make
our world a better place. Read more from Michael White.

posted 30 January 2019

We didn't let Winter Storm Jayden keep us from honoring AES Director, Jim
! It was a wonderful evening of friendship, camaraderie, sharing stories
and delicious Indian food. Jim shared photos of AES on the TV screen while we
were eating and gifted everyone with an AES magnet and an India/AES Friend-
ship Flag pin. Thank you, Jim! And thanks to all who braved the 25-deg (F)
temperatures and wind gusts up to 45 mph to make this an alumni gathering
to remember.

Please click on the image to see who came and to view photos.

30 JAN 2019: We still plan to gather tonight despite the weather reports. Locally, it is cold and windy, 35 deg. F (no snow or rain); but the winds
are supposed to calm down around 7 PM. We believe everyone will be
able to travel to/from dinner safely. See you tonight!

posted 24 January 2019 (Final Reminder)
posted 15 January 2019 (Friendly Reminder)
posted 8 January 2019 Facebook Events Page
posted 8 January 2019

We have a wonderful opportunity to meet and greet AES Director, Jim Laney, Jr.
the end of this month. Come out for some fun and Indian food! He wants to learn more about our school from you. Share your stories and memories of AIS/AES
and India with Jim.
PS-Let's hear your favorite memories, too (the real and embellished). Tall tales believed after third drink!! RSVP to

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posted 17 December 2018

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Meet AES Director, Jim Laney, Jr., in person at an alumni dinner gathering on 30 January 2019 in the DC/Virginia area. Possible
AES slideshow presentation included. All local (or visiting) AIS
and AES alumni invited.

Please save this date! Time, location and dinner cost (per person) to be announced after the holidays.

posted 29 January 2019 (Location Change #2)<-- FINAL CHANGE
23 January 2019 (Location Change #1)
15 January 2019 (Memorial Service Information)
posted 2 January 2019

Sadly, we start this new year with the unexpected
and sudden death of Margaret Siebel (AES Class of
1976) on New Year's Day.

Click here to read more from her husband, Stuart Brown.

Please RSVP to the family using the link:

Location Change #2 <-- PLEASE NOTE FINAL CHANGE
posted 29 January 2019
Due to the outpouring of love and support, the family has changed venues
again. They will now be celebrating at the Georgetown Day High School Library.
Time and date remain the same (February 2nd at 2 PM)

Georgetown Day High School Library
4200 Davenport Street, NW
Washington, DC 20016

All are invited to say goodbye and to celebrate her life.

posted 9 January 2019

This came to us a little late, but we thought you'd still enjoy it.
Happy Holidays from the American Embassy in India!

posted 3 January 2019

Happy New Year! We hope 2019 is another good year for you and to take this opportunity to send a friendly reminder about donating towards your alumni association to keep it up and running. We are a group of alumni that
exists for you. Our board members are all volunteers, and there is no outside funding for this organization. That said, we do ask for a small donation ($25.00
per calendar year), although we are appreciative of whatever amount you can contribute. Your donation helps cover administrative expenses: such as our
website and website-related fees, lawyer fees and Paypal. Any remaining money is applied towards down payment to the designated hotel for our all-school reunions.
To read the board’s “New Year” message and easy ways to donate, please click
on this link: Your donation enables us to
keep our association alive. Thank you, in advance!

posted 1 January 2019

A toast to you and yours...
New year, new plans, and new memories to be made.
Ready for you, 2019! Let's go!!

naya saal mubaarak ho

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posted 22 December 2018

A few months ago when we posted about Photago shutting down,
we quickly collected your photos for the 2015 Reunion slideshow presentation from them. At the time, the photos were all sorts of
sizes, shapes and different resolutions...and was difficult to view
on our website.
The PDF file has been reformatted, and you should be able to view all 237 photos easier now. This file will be permanently kept in our alumni website.
Alumni, when you get a chance, please look at these donated photos - you're probably in one or two of them! Enjoy and thanks for your patience while this
PDF was being reformatted.

posted 20 December 2018

September 1966
When is a Newcomer not a Newcomer? When is that magic moment when one is officially an Oldtimer? After surviving
a Delhi summer? When Dream Whip starts tasting like whipped cream? Or when you receive your first News circle?

For those who need an introduction, News Circle is your magazine. Its aim is to keep you informed and enthusiastic about your life in Delhi. This issue is dedicated to New-
comers. We hope it provides a few nostalgic moments for Oldtimers, too.

Please click on this link to learn more about the magazine from Stevens Parr (Class of 1967) and to read the issue.

posted 18 December 2018

The Wall Street Journal ran this blog post of mine two years in a row. It is
just shy of a decade old. And as yet another holiday season approaches with
marketers determined to pull heartstrings with melancholy and nostalgia, I
feel compelled to repost it now myself. I still stand by it. And I wrote it after a particularly rough decade of my life. - Terin Tashi Miller (AES Class of 1977)

Please click on the WSJ image below or here to read Terin's article.

posted 12 December 2018

MAY 1966
It's a Hail and Farewell kind of time in Delhi and News
Circle dedicates the issue to our graduating AIS seniors.
We think, when you read the results of our creative writing contest, you'll hail them too-and reluctantly bid them fare-
well. This magazine sometimes sounds unique. We LOVE teenagers.

Please click on this link to learn more about the magazine from Stevens Parr (Class of 1967) and to read the issue.

posted 10 December 2018

Photo taken and contributed by Kshitij Ahuja (AES Faculty)

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