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posted 14 August 2019

My name is Jurgen Vantroyen (AES Class of 1994), and I attended the American Embassy School from 1986 to 1990
in the middle school. I have fond memories of my time in India and at the school. My sister Tamara Vantroyen was
in high school at the time. Such a beautiful and good school that AES is and I am proud to have attended such a won-
derful institution, a jewel in Delhi.
I moved from India to Mozambique where my dad became Belgian Ambassador and there I attended the American International School of Mozambique before going on to college in the States. Now
I live on the Mediterranean island of Malta. I thought of getting in touch with the school to bring back some of those fond memories and to reconnect with my classmates and friends who were there the same time as me. Read more from Jurgen

posted 6 August 2019

The Society of Environmental Journalists announced this week the winners of its 18th annual Awards for Reporting on the Environment; and WyoFile’s, Angus M. Thuermer Jr. (AIS Class of 1970) is among the honorees, earning honorable
mention in the outstanding beat reporting, small market category.

Click here to read more.

posted 29 July 2019

New Board Directors, Lisa Jordan and Wendy Jacobs (both AES Class of 1987),
are still traveling in India and went up to Kashmir where they met up with our
third new Board Director, Rabi Rajkarnikar (Class of 1985) and alumni Binod
Bikram Singh
(Class of 1986).
From Lisa (26 July 2019): "AES friends forever! We got to see Rabi and have
a tour and an ice cream at his shop (I had lychee), then spend the evening with Binod and his lovely wife. These joyful reconnections!" (Photos above from Lisa Jordan)

posted 22 July 2019

Namaste and Good Monday morning from
new Board Directors, Wendy Jacobs (left)
and Lisa Jordan (both AES Class of 1987),
who are traveling in India now and visited
our school earlier today.

See More Photos from Wendy Jacobs

posted 27 July 2019

I drew this in Mrs. Dorothy Rahman's class
just before my 16th birthday when I was attending high school in India. India will
always and forever be my greatest love in
this many treasured gifts of friendship, wisdom and delight did India bestow, I cannot count...Bharat Mata Ki Jai!
- from Maura Moynihan (AES Class of 1975)

posted 24 July 2019

Feeling at home with the tiger at Commonwealth Indian Restaurant
in Rockville, Maryland. We didn't let morning rain stop us from meeting
for lunch at this brand-new restaurant.
In photo, l-r: Barb Brennan ('66), Anne Weathersby ('65), Sue
('66), and Mary Williamson ('74)

posted 18 July 2019

Any History professors out there? In Fredericksburg, Virginia?
UMW is looking for someone to teach the History of India.
Share the love! I can put you in touch with the right person if
you are interested! For further information or questions,
please message me! - from Katherine Arens (AES Class of 1979)

posted 16 July 2019

We should have the digital copies of these three 2019 yearbooks
on our website soon. We have almost six decades worth of year-
books on our website that you can enjoy looking through or down-
load (for free). Check out our Yearbooks page.

posted 11 July 2019

"Look what I found, from 1973, in my old personal AIS file! Great
blast from the past. RS 60 vs RS 1000-1200 today for a yearbook.
Please share with alumni."
From Deepak Sen (Class of 1974), email dated 10 July 2019

Please click on image to view enlarged.

posted 4 July 2019

posted 5 July 2019
One of the floats at the
parade yesterday
in Washington, DC

Please click on the images
for enlargement

posted 2 July 2019

This article is fun, interesting and features AIS
Class of 1974 alumna, Brenda Isenberg's, experi-
ence on her recent "Tour Israel" trip, written by journalist Anne-Lene Frølandshagen.

In the photo, you see Brenda smearing herself
with mud. Please click on the link to enjoy
the article and several more photos.

posted 30 June 2019

Former AES teacher and parent, Kerry Anne
passed away peacefully on the evening
of June 14, 2019 at her home on Vashon Island, Washington, with her family at her side. For the previous three and a half years, Kerry had faced metastatic lung cancer with extraordinary strength, courage, and grace. She remained forever grateful for the love of her family and friends and the gift
of each new day. Click on the link to read more from Kerry's husband.

posted 28 June 2019

I wanted to let our alumni know that I have
just launched a podcast called "The Bad Environmentalist," about how to care about the environment when you are really bad at it. I am
an environmental worker and started this podcast
to create a non-sciencey, non-judgmental space to
talk about questions on the environment in a fun way. The podcast is available
on all major podcast platforms and via our website: Thanks and have a lovely day!
- from Phoebe Lewis (Class of 2010)

posted 26 June 2019

Thirty (30) years since Delhi!
- from Richard L. Wilson
(AES Class of 1985)

In photo, Richard (left) with
Edgar Sanchez
(AES Class of 1984)
in Chiang Mai, Thailand

posted 18 June 2019

Do you love being able to read alumni
news and finding out when the next
upcoming event is?

Please click on the link to see how you
can help us keep connected.

posted 17 June 2019

Scott Rising (AES Class of 2007), who is currently backpacking in Europe,
attended The Sweetest Lil Drag Show in London with classmates George Bull
and Cathy Chuang at The Chocolate Cocktail Club.

l-r: Cathy, George, and Scott

posted 15 June 2019

Thank you American Embassy New Delhi staff for celebrating Pride
this June with us! - David Welch (AIS Class of 1966)

posted 13 June 2019

This is a cool discovery! Check out
what one of our alumni, Chris Coady (AES Class of 2002) has created - a much-lower cost option to send packages to friends and family all
over the world. Dropship Labels is an online shipping service that shops all carriers, then selects the best one for your international or domestic shipment at
less than half the price of UPS. Visit to learn more.
Congratulations, Chris! It's always wonderful to discover how well graduates from AES are doing. Wishing you continued success.

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