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February 2010

Mary Williamson and Mike Fink in Singapore, 3Feb2010 THEN AND NOW
Mary Flanagan Williamson, Class
of 1974, writes, "When I was on
a business trip to Singapore I look-
ed up classmate Mike Fink (who currently lives there with his wife and teenage children); and we had a wonderful visit over lunch on 13 February 2010 in a Chinese restaurant. I thought maybe it would be fun - even entertaining - to put our "THEN AND NOW" photos up on the web site."

(14 April 2008)

l-r: back row (men) Sushil Bhatia, Aamer Khan; l-r: middle row: Marzia Khan, (unidentified person), Urvashi Bhatia, Mary (Flanagan) Williamson, Donna Bjerregaard; l-r: front row (kneeling/sitting) Ashok Nimgade, Sunaina Suneja,
Ove Bjerregaard

Ashok Nimgade, '76, was the host for the Boston area AIS/AES alumni dinner gathering on 14 April 2008! Guest of Honor was Sunaina Suneja, '75, who was in the United States for two weeks to promote her family business. There were some no-shows so it was a small - but wonderful - group of alumni (and their spouses) together for dinner. Good Indian food, good music, good company...and lots of fun!! Read more

AIS class of 1974
Bren Isenberg
Brenda Isenberg, Class of 1974, on holiday in Mexico.

AIS class of 1969Ariela Michael Hakim
Ariela Michael Hakim with her husband Eli in China. "I now live in Geneva, Switzerland, with my husband Eli and two children, a son 29 and daughter 28." Read more from Ariela.
AIS class of 1969
Cindy Jones Ondrak in Machu Picchu
Almost stuck. Cindy Jones Ondrak, AIS class of 1969, sends this postcard about her recent trip to the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru: "Here we are between rain showers in Machu Picchu. (We're holding our rain ponchos.) This was on Wednesday, January 20, just three days before mudslides started covering the train tracks causing about 2000 tourists to be stranded in the village below Machu Picchu." Cindy is flanked by her husband Greg, left, and their son Jon.


AIS class of 1973

The latest offering from Orchestra naïF features a heart-piercing delivery in lush, stereophonic sound. In English, no subtitles. Composed, performed and videographed on-the-spot by Jhaffur Campbell and Joel Banner Baird (both AIS class of 1973) on January 19, 2010 in Sunnyvale Studios, California. No-fade, full-color guarantee. Click to for legacy projects, more lyrics, meta-data, photos, tour dates and for information on how to commission never-before-heard soundtracks.
Click HERE to see more Music from alumni.

Alumni Reception New Delhi 2009
AES alumni reception December 2009
Friends and alumni gathered at the American Embassy School New Delhi for the 2nd Annual AES Alumni Reception on December 17th, 2009. Kneeling in front are Maura Moynihan and Siddiq Wahid. Standing behind them, from left are Preeti Garg, Aloka Dalal, Suresh Gupta, Dolly Suneja Narang, Ghafoor Wahid, Sunaina Suneja, Alka Bajaj, Sumathy Unny Sodhi, Leigh Punj (Parent) with grandson, Ryan (son of alumnus), Sharon Lowen, and an AES staff member. Behind them are Indrek Roy, Shrivatsa Somany, Mr. Chandna and V.J. Chandhok. In the last row extreme right is Deepak Sen, the two on his left are unidentified. Read more from Preeti Garg and Sunaina Suneja.

AES class of 1979
Katharine Thompson Arens
Read more from Katharine Thompson Arens.

AIS class of 1972
John Close and Ann Rieger
Shark bait. John Close and Ann Rieger, both AIS class of 1972, visited San Francisco's Aquarium of the Bay in October 2009.

AIS classes 1969-1971
Alumni Cheerleaders
Tigers Roar! Cheerleader squad from the class of 19somethingorother do a cheer at gathering of school friends in Washington, DC, December 6. From left to right are Ellen Turner, Marsha Bushnell Campbell, Carol Rizzie York and Kitty Thuermer. See photos of who else was there and bonus pictures of the cheerleaders' yearbook photo session, circa?????.

AES welcomes you!
AES New Delhi American Embassy School and Delhi AES Alumni Committee invites you to "Yatra 2009" ...A journey back to AES... Reconnect with your classmates, renew friendships and make new friends. Thursday, December 17, 2009, American Embassy School, New Delhi. The photo above shows the campus today. Old Middle School building is at right.

AES class of 2000
Zoe Manickam
WheeeeeHaaaaaaaaa!!!! Zoe Manickam, AES class of 2000, steering the raft at far left, stayed on dry ground long enough to send this message, "I went to AES (8th - 10th grade) from 1995 to 1998 and graduated high school in 2000. As far as the photo goes, that's me guiding on the Lower New River in West Virginia - next oldest river to the Nile! I was inspired to guide from my experiences rafting in Rishikesh, India. West Virginia has several screaming class V stretches of river to explore!"

AES class of 1986

Nandaka Jayaweera, AES class of 1986, with son Dylan and daughter Kayla. Nandaka writes, "It is so much fun to look at all the past pictures in the yearbook from AES! We are all looking forward to the upcoming reunion in Washington and hope to see a lot of people there."

AIS 1959
Eisenhower visits TAS Ike visits Taj President Dwight Eisenhower visited two Tajs during his historic trip to India in Decmeber, 1959: the Taj Mahal in Agra and the American School in the old Taj Barracks. Many thanks to Laurie Burgess, AIS class of 1963, for sending the pictures, found n a photo album belonging to her mother.
27 June 2019-Throw Back Thursday posting on Facebook

AES class of 1986
Mark Friedbauer On the move again Mark Friedbaur, AES class of 1986, at Victoria Falls near Livingston, Zambia. Mark writes, "I moved to Lusaka, Zambia, in August 2009 after having lived in Paris, France, for 20 years. I needed a change. I think a lot of us "International Nomads" feel a need to move on every now and then. Even Paris can get old after 20 years." Read more from Mark.

AIS class of 1969 and 1970
Dan Rizzie Jill Jonnes Artists at Play Dan Rizzie's paintings hang in museums around the world; Jill Jonnes most recent book, Eiffel's Tower, is a New York Times Top Editor's Choice. Of this photo Dan writes, "Jill Jonnes visitin Dan Rizzie's studio in Sag Harbor New York on fourth of July weekend. Forty years ago Jill and Dan attended the Prom together and are still speaking to each other!!!"

AIS 1964 - 1965Eleanor Crowder
More from Eleanor Crowder Bjoring
AIS class of 1971
Pat Bain Paddy Bowyer
Pat Bain Bowyer, AIS class of 1971, lives in Perth, Australia. Read more.

AIS class of 1984
Ritu Mehta
Ritu Mehta on the go in Brussels, 2009. Read more.
AES Faculty 1984 - 1988
Mary Gallagher Opalenik with her Smith and Wesson revolver in Oregon. Read more from Mary Gallagher Opalenik.

AIS classes of 1969 and 1971
Glen Minehart
Glen Minehart, AIS class of 1969, in his kit-built Brunton Stalker sports car. Inset, Driver Krista Shurtleff Minehart, AIS class of 1971, prepares for a race. The Mineharts willl build a car for you, too..

AIS/AES 2005 REUNION in Washington, DC
2005 reunion
Are you in this photo? Or any of these photos from the 2005 Reunion? We look forward to seeing you at the 2010 Reunion!

AES class of 1991
Emira Takaia
Emira Tekaïa, AES class of 1991, writes, "The photo was takenin Monastir, Tunisia. We don't have pandas and white tigers but great horses, we do :) ... It's always so pleasant to meet people who went to AES. Funny how we feel instantly close as if we were all relatives. I never quite figured out why and what made AES so special..."

Rome reunion 2009
Strolling along Rome's Tiber River July 25th are from left, Yona Lee, class of 1993, Emira Tekaïa, Nedzad Ajanovic, Ritu Mehta, class of 1984,  Bruno Luca, Marco Mammoliti, and Kai Keinänen, all class of 1990.

2009 Board of Directors
board of directors
Several members of the AIS/AES Alumni Association Board of Directors gathered
for a working lunch June 20, 2009
. From left to right are Sue Ball Carew, Shelley Johnson, Mary Flanagan Williamson, Anne Weathersby, and Suzanne Bakey Fricke. Catch up with all the current Board members. See who they are!

AES Faculty 1988 - 2000
Jim Pojman and family
"My wife (Patricia Bradley) and I taught at AES from 1988 to 2000. We are now teaching at the Western Academy of Beijing. Just finished our second year there. Our daughter, Jessy, went to AES at the ECEC (1999-2000). ECEC was Early Childhood Education Center--pre-kindergarten. I taught various computer courses in the HS including AP/IB Computer Science and was IB/AP coordinator. Patricia taught French and Spanish at various levels from ES through HS. Toward the end she was teaching IB/AP Spanish. Regards, Jim Pojman."

AES class of 2009
AES class of 2009 detail
Here are just some of the AES Class of 2009. Click here to see the entire class now. 2009 Class Roster | Alumni Association Flyer. Many thanks to Ricky Orr, Secretary for the AES Class of 2009.

AES class of 2009
Ricky Orr
Ricky Orr, AES class of 2009, May 26, 2009. See the 2009 Class Roster.

AIS class of 1971
Frieda Malcolm
Rev. Frieda Malcolm in Salisbury, MD. Read more.
AIS classes of 1966, 1967
Anne Kerr in China
Anne Beattie Kerr, Carter Bomberger Malik, and Sue Ball Carew in China, Spring 2009.

AIS class of 1962
class of 1962 alumni
AIS 1962 basketball squad reunited. From left, Bob ("BJ") Johnson, a 6'1" forward; Ken Torbett, a 5'9" Bill Holcombe, a 6'1" forward; Alan ("AJ")Johnson, a 5'10" forward; and Jeff Myers, a 6'1" guard. Read more from Jeff Myers.

AIS class of 1973
Orchestra Naif
New from Orchestra naïF  audio icon Mali Wanna Foxtrot. Members of the Orchestra naïF (from right: Cameron Campbell, Jhaffur Campbell, JoelBannerBaird)
AIS class of 1969
Barb Bitteto, Cheryl and Beryl Hawkins
Sheryl and Beryl Hawkins, Barbara Wilcox Bitetto in Tokyo, April 8, 2009. Read more from Barbara.

AIS class of 1969-1972
White Tiger Restaurant
Tigers roar some more A group of recent grads met for dinner at the White Tiger Restaurant in Washington DC April 30. Clockwise from left: Tim Brown, Andy Campbell, Kitty Thuermer, Tina Thuermer, Ellen Turner, Robin Murphy, Paul Reiger, Annie Reiger, White Tigers, Marsha Bushnell. See more photos from Tim. Enjoy again snaps and videos from a previous party at the White Tiger.

AIS class of 1970
Mary Rissler
Mary Rissler and her husband Avraham Lachs. Read more from Mary Rissler.
AES class of 1976
Elizabeth Jones
Elizabeth (Lalla) Jones and Ali BinAli on their wedding day. Read more from Lalla.
AIS class of 1968
Mark Higgins
Mark Higgins at the Sikh Temple in Delhi, 2007. Read more from Mark.
AES class of 1983
Mia Drake Inderbitzin
Mia (Lefkowitz) Drake Inderbitzin, AES class of 1983, at the Lake Palace Udaipur Hotel in Rajistan. Mia and her family live in New Delhi, her children attend AES. Read earlier letters about her new adventures in India.

AIS classes of 1971 and 1972
Bob Butani
Clockwise from left are Leigh Sioris, AIS class of 1972, Bob Butani, AIS class of 1971, Thom Shurtleff, AIS class of 1972, and drummer Dana Bonardi, after recording Bob's new song, Walk Tall My Son. Listen to the song, and read more from Bob. audio icon Walk Tall My Son.


AIS class of 1974
Mary Williamson
Mary Flanagan Williamson, Class of 1974, with her husband, Dave, at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida, March 2009. Dave, a U.S. Air Force Command Chief Master Sergeant, was on furlough from his current deployment in Iraq.


AIS class of 1970
Jim Newberry and family
Jim Newberry, AIS class of 1970, and family, December 2007. Jim captions the photo, "Off US Hwy 50 in Central Calif. in the Sierra’s building mr. snowman. Left to right – Ethan Newberry age 14 going to Kaimuki Middle School (newest edition to the family), Shin Newberry age 20 a sophomore at the University of Hawaii, Ian Newberry sophomore at Iolani School, wife Anne and Jimbo." Read a previous letter from Jim.

AES class of 1995
Sam Jacobs
Sam Jacobs in performance in New York, 2008. Listen to his song audio icon If You See Something Say Something, visit his website The Flying Change.
AES class of 1979 Tim Geithner
Kneeling at right is fifth grader Timothy F. Geithner, from the 1971-1972 yearbook. Tim, the Secretary of the Treasury from 2009 to 2013, spent one year at our school.


AES class of 1979
Toshi Ikeshima and family
Toshi Ikeshima, with his family in Singapore, summer 2009. Toshi writes, "I was in Mumbai from January 2005 to August 2005 and had a chance to visit AES. Memories rushed back and I could even hear the voices of my friends coming around the corner. Incredible experience." Read more from Toshi

AIS class of 1971
Kaneez Razavi nee Anupam Pratibha Khanna shows her yearbook picture to her husband and daughter at the alumni reception held at AES New Delhi January 16, 2009. Read more from Kaneez and visit the new AES web page.

AES class of 1983
Terrie Bundy Jenkins
"Working as an accountant, love to fish, camp, and I am loving my life." Read more from Terrie Bundy Jenkins.
AES class of 1981
Doug Taylor with Al Di Meola
Doug Taylor (Hammond), with son Nick and legendary jazz guitarist Al Di Meola, January 2009. Doug writes, "we traded guitar picks… one of mine for one of his. My son and I have seen Di Meola every year for at least the last six. Each year we bring last year’s picture and he signs it." Read a previous letter from Doug.


AES Class of 1980
Vutichai and family
Vutichai Kampanartsanyakorn and family in Kolkata. Read more.
AES Classes of 1979 and 1984
Tepin and Bordin Unakul
Tepin Unakul and her brother Bordin Unakul in Pattaya, Thailand, December 2008. Read more.
Still frame from Slumdog Millionaire
Mia (Lefkowitz) Inderbitzin, AES class of 1983, with Tanay Chheda in the Gloden Globe winning movie Slumdog Millionaire. Don’t miss it! Read previous letters from Mia, and see her other film, telvision and stage credits under the name Mia Drake.
AIS Class of 1973
Lisa Carle and family
From left are husband Scott, Lisa Carle with her husband Scott, left, and their kids Maddy & Michael. Read more from Lisa.
AIS Class of 1973
Orchestra Naif
Orchestra naïF is an "evolving collective that performs instan-taneously and spontaneously composed music..." Jeff Campbell, '73, is standing at left, Joel Baird, '73 is seated center. See their new web site. Hear their composition TokenHokem.

AIS class of 1970
Milica Uvalic
Milica Uvalic, Professor of Econ-
omics, University of Perugia, Perugia, Italy. More from Milica.
AIS classes of 1974 and 1975
Mary Williamson and Sunaina Sunej
Mary Flanagan Williamson, left, and Sunaina Suneja with the statue of author Phillis Wheatley in Boston MA, summer 2008. Read More from Sunaina.

AES class of 1977
Scott Anderson and family
Scott Anderson with his wife Linda and daughter Fiona. Scott had his grade school years at AIS. Read more from Scott.
AIS class of 1970
Paige Grant
Paige Grant on Utah's San Juan River, September 2008. Read her Year in Review. (PDF)

AIS Classes of 1969 - 1972
Andy Campbell, Kitty Thuermer, Tim Brown, Robin Murphy After the Show Having a bite after the movie, Slumdog Millionaire, in downtown Washington, DC, December 4, 2008. From left, Andy Campbell, Kitty Thuermer, Tim Brown, and Robin Murphy. Behind the camera is Ellen Turner.
AIS classes 1969 - 1973
Dan Rizzie art opening Gathered in November 2008 for artist Dan Rizzie's latest solo show opening are from left, Sue Hiebert, Dan Rizzie, Ellen Turner, Robin Murphy, Lesley Hiebert, and Grant Fox. Dan, Ellen and Grant are AIS class of 1969, Sue and Robin are class of 1970. Leslie is class of 1973. See more about Dan's opening.
AES class of 1983
Maria Theresa Sanchez with Tepin Unakul and families
Maria Theresa Sanchez, second from right, with AES classmate Tepin Unakul, right, at dinner in St. Paul, MN, August 2008. Antonio Sanchez and family are at left. Read more from Maria.
AES class of 1981
Doug Taylor
Doug Taylor, AES class of 1981, created the PDF files of several yearbooks now online. See the Yearbooks page for all the books to date.

AES class of 1983

Maria Sanchez at the Mall of America. Read more from Maria.
AIS class of 1973
Sara Dalcher
Sara Dalcher, AIS class of 1973, appeared on a morning talk show near Jonesboro, TN, to bake her famous Johnny Appleseed Cookies. Read more from Sara Dalcher

AES class of 1981
Penny Catteral family
Penny Bryant Catterall with her family at home, Christmas 2007. Read more from Penny.
AES class of 1986
Mark in Paris
Mark Friedbauer at the U.S. Ambassador's residence in Paris, July 4th, 2008. Read more from Mark.
AES classes of 1971, 1973, and 1977
Young Brothers
The Young Brothers in Kentucky. From left are George, class of 1971, Ken, class of 1977, and Doug, class of 1973. George writes, "Many thanks for the alumni web site. Enclosed is a picture of three aging alumni taken this summer. Combined we spent 27 years (1962 - 1973) at AIS. Currently none of us have struck it rich, so we are all still working."

AES classes of 1975 and 1976
Malcolm and David Garg
Malcolm, left, and Dave Garg, September 2008. The brothers, who graduated from AIS in the 1970s, provided their invaluable yearbook collection for conversion to PDF files for the Alumni community. See the Yearbooks page on our alumni website.

AIS class of 1966 and 1969
Olson Beck families
Ted Beck sends this photo from a recent visit with Kent Olson in Moraga, California. Seated from left are Jeff Olson, AIS class of 66, Alice Olson, Jeff and Kent's mom, and Kent Olson, class of '69. Standing are Ted Beck and Anne Briggs Beck, both AIS class of 1969. Read more from Ted.
AES class of 1975
Jill Aikman Berney
Read more from Jill Aikman Berney.
AIS classes of 1965 and 1967
Cherie Studwell Lazaroff and Tom Studwell in Maine
Cherie Studwell Lazaroff and her brother Tom in Maine, August 2008. Read more from Cherie, AIS class of 1965.
AES class of 1983
Mia and family at AES
Mia (Lefkowitz) Inderbitzin with family at AES, August 2008. Read more from Mia.
AES class of 1983
Mia, Sue Jackson, Amy Shafer, Li Gwatkin
Front row, Amy Shafer and Li Gwatkin. Back, Mia (Lefkowitz) Inderbitzin, Sue Jackson-Knowles, in Maryland, July 2008. Read more from Mia.
AIS class of 1975
Sunaina with Jacquie Singh
Sunaina Suneja, AIS class of 1975, with retired AIS teacher Jacquie Singh in Chandigarh. Read more from Sunaina Suneja, AIS class of 1975.
AIS class of 1970
Paige and Tim
Pals since the 8th grade, Paige Grant and Tim Brown, both AIS class of 70, enjoyed a visit to the Smithson-
ian's National Portrait Gallery July 29. More photos.
AES 1990s
Bicksler family
From left, Devon, Betty, Roger, and Tracy, May 2008. Read more from Tracy Bicksler, AES class of 1995.
AES 1985
Richard Wilson
Richard Wilson, with wife Peggy and dog Emily, at home in Beaufort, SC. Read more from Richard.
AIS class 1962 and 1963
Bill Holcomb and Ken Torbett
Bill Holcombe, AIS class of 1963, writes, "I'm passing along a couple of pictures of Ken Torbett, AIS class of 1962, and his wife Debbie, [inset] plus Deb, Ken, Bill Holcombe (yours truly) and wife Jeanie. We're cele-
brating our little reunion down in South Beach in Miami where I have a condo. Ken & I are both retired and enjoying life."
AES class of 1981
Doug Taylor and Jacob Dillon
Jacob Dillon, left, and Doug Taylor (Hammond), both AES class of 1981, at the AES banyan tree, May 2008. Read more from Doug, and see a gallery of photos from his recent memorable trip to India.
AIS class of 1975 and 1976
Bruce Rogers and Andy McCord
"Thanks to the AIS/AES website, Bruce Rogers, class of 1975, left, and Andy McCord, class of '76 were able to connect in Kabul May 2008. We caught up over a few beers and discussed current affairs in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Andy was in town on behalf of Non-Governmental Organizations that are doing aid and development work in Afghanistan." Read earlier messages from Bruce.

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