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in Washington, DC...15 October 2012

Washington, DC Get Together

l-r: Leslie Hiebert ('73), Kitty Thuermer ('72), David Weiss ('71), Tim Brown ('70), Shelley Johnson ('72), Andy Campbell ('71), Marsha Bushnell Campbell ('71), Rhonda Scott ('69), Robin Murphy ('70), Ellen Turner ('69)

"When our watering hole of many years, the White Tiger Restaurant, finally
dried up, our intrepid friends moved the party to another locale. Here we are
at the Capitol Hill Tandoor and Grill." -Tim Brown, Class of 1970

in Phoenix, Arizona...13 October 2012

Phoenix, AZ Get Together

l-r: Tui Nydell Connor ('68), Cindy Jones Ondrak ('69), Judy Newberry Ashley ('69) and Maggie King Webb ('70)

"We were joined by Bob Ashley and Tom Connor, who took pictures for us. The conversation, food and drink were all excellent. Never a dull moment when
AIS/AES alums get together!!" - Cindy Jones Ondrak, Class of 1969

in Washington, DC...12 October 2012

Washington, DC Get Together

l-r: Ellen Turner ('69), David Williamson, Mary Flanagan Williamson ('74), Leslie Hiebert ('73), Tim Brown ('70) and Shelley Johnson ('72)

"We made an attempt to eat dinner at the White Tiger Indian Restaurant, but it
has closed down permanently! We did not know that until we showed up there. Instead. we walked across the street and ate at La Loma Mexican Restaurant! It
was still a nice gathering with alumni!" - Mary Williamson, Class of 1974

May 2012

Deepak Sen, Meg Murphy, Raoul Tawill (left to right: Deepak Sen, Meg Murphy, Raoul Tawil)
"I've been meaning to send you the attached photo taken in my home in Santa Monica (in May) with fellow-classmates Deepak Sen and Raoul Tawil. Deepak was in Berkeley attending his daughter's graduation and then came south to stay with Raoul. We had a lovely brunch and it was wonderful to catch up!" -Meg Murphy, Class of 1974

April 2012

Sue Carew ('66), KC ('70), Anne Kerr ('67)
"Had dinner with KC ('70) and Anne Kerr ('67) on 29 April 2012 in Alexandria, Virginia. Went to an Indian Restaurant. I was in town for a college reunion....and slipped out meet them for dinner. Had a lovely time with the two of them and our spouses!!!!!" - Sue Ball Carew, Class of 1969


An alumni gathering in Arizona with Maggie King Webb ('70), John Donda Henson ('67), and Lee Shapiro, and Cindy Jones Ondrak ('69)

(l-r) Maggie King Webb ('70), John Donda Henson, ('67), Lee Shapiro and Cindy Jones Ondrak ('69) gathered in Arizona.

"It always surprises me how the conversation flows when two or more AIS alums
get together. I don't think there was ever pause through our three-hour dinner! It was a great evening, and I think Maggie and I recruited two more attendees for the next dinner.

John brought his yearbooks from his time in Delhi and we enjoyed reminiscing
about friends we knew from his time there. John and Lee are active in their
business, Alpine Ski Club & Adventure Tours." - Cindy Jones Ondrak, Class of 1969

Tandoori Tigers Get Together in Washington, DC

Tandoori Tigers Get Together in Washington DC

Dinner on 5 December 2012 was in honor of Tim Moore, who was visiting from Pakistan during the holidays. In attendance from left to right: Neal Siebert; Robin Murphy ('70); KC Gray Siebert ('70); Kitty Thuermer ("72); Juley Brown; Tim Moore ('69), Ellen Turner ('69), and Shelley Johnson ('72)

Mary Williamson
AIS/AES Alumni Association President


The Williamsons are moving on! It's already been two years in Germany, and our commander just transferred out. We were unsure where we would "lollygag" until 1 March 2013 when my husband reaches 30 years of service (the maximum time the Air Force will allow one to serve); however, he was given a special extension on his high-year tenure to take a one-year special-duty assignment as "Chief of Air Force Resiliency Operations." He will help head that program at the Pentagon, and his reporting date is 1 OCT 2012. His retirement date is now extended to 1 NOV 2013! All is good, and we are happy to continue serving one more year. We are also looking forward to moving to the National Capital Region! We will miss our United States Air Forces in Europe (USAFE) Family...thanks to our airmen for their hard work and dedication to make our Command the best.

Although we do not have our official orders in hand yet, we are scheduled to leave Germany 30 September 2012. During this transition period, I can still be reached by email ( or if you need to contact me!

Tigers Roar Again! Tigers Roar!
Every once in a while, a group of AIS/AES alums get together at the venerable White Tiger restaurant on Capital Hill for dinner. They serve great Indian food, the ambiance is nice (white tigers everywhere!), and the company can’t be beat! Robin Murphy (Class of 1970) usually organizes the dinners – and this time, on December 21st, the excuse was “A Tale of Two Tims.” We welcomed Col. Tim Moore, fresh in from Africa, and also thanked Tim Brown for his past years of designing and editing the web site. There were about 20 or so in attendance, and a great time was had by all!
- from Anne Weathersby (Class of 1965)

Tigers Roar!
Happy Holidays! AIS Tigers circa 1970 roared again at one of their irregularly planned get-togethers at Washington DC's friendly White Tiger restaurant December 21. Back row, from left: Mamie, David Weiss, Sue Lind, Andy Campbell, Paul Reiger, David Ide, Ken Fry, Bronwyn Taylor Fry, Anne Felder, Allie Felder, Tim Moore, Barbara Huey Brennan, Juley Brown. Middle row standing, from left: Sue Lindahl, Paul Rieger, Robin Murphy, Kitty Thuermer, Anne Weathersby, Ellen Turner. Seated from left: Karen Saint-Rossy, Marsha Bushnell Campbell, Tim Brown.

Photos by Paul Rieger, Tim Brown, and Ellen Turner are at Enjoy!
-from Tim Brown (Class of 1970)

Actor Tom Cruise

Mary Williamson with Tom Cruise
AIS/AES Alumni Association President, Mary Williamson (Class of 1974), who is stationed at Ramstein Air Base, Germany, poses with actor Tom Cruise on 11 December 2011 when he stopped through to visit the wounded warriors at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center and to promote his new movie, Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol.

Bob and Claire Connor
From Bob & Claire Connor, AIS Faculty 1980-85

Colleen Townsley Brinkmann, AIS Class of 1971 and her family
Francis Joseph Kweku Essien, of Ghana West Africa, and Cristina Bishop (AES Faculty/Elementary Music Teacher, 1989-1991)

Colleen Townsley Brinkmann, AIS Class of 1971 and her family
Colleen Brinkmann (Class of 1971) in the red salwar kurtha, and her husband in front.

Katherine Thompson Arens, on Graduate School Graduation Day
The day Katherine Thompson Arens (Class of 1979) officially finished Graduate School

Dancing With the Stars

Mary Williamson with DWTS Pro Dancers at Ramstein AB, Germany - 17 June 2011 Pro Dancers Visit Ramstein Air Base, Germany - 17 June 2011
AIS/AES Alumni Association President, Mary Williamson (second from left), currently stationed at Ramstein Air Base, is a big fan of the television show Dancing with the Stars. Mary stands amongst Chelsie Hightower (left), a Latin ballroom dancer; Tristan McManus (second from right), an Irish ballroom dancer; and Peta Murgatroyd, a classical ballet dancer, 17 June 2011 at the Ramstein Fitness Center.

Leslie Hiebert ('73, left) and July Newberry Ashley ('69, right)
Leslie Hiebert (Class of 1973, left) and Judy Newberry Ashley (Class of 1969, right) met for dinner in Anchorage on 24 June 2011 while the Ashleys were vacationing in Alaska.

Zoo Crew Classmates then, life-long friends now, AIS/AES Alums gathered for an afternoon at Washington's National Zoo May 1, 2011. Front row, from left: Susan Harvey, Leslie Hiebert, Bronwyn Fry, Shelley Johnson, Kitty Thuermer, Nick Turner, Ellen Turner. Back row, from left: Eric Hols, Eric's son, Andrea Mitchell, Eric's son, Ken Fry, Tim Brown. More photos.

Class of 1972

Chikako Tsuruta
Chikako Tsuruta, at a friend's wedding in April 2011. Chikako wore the same dress at another wedding 30 years ago. Read more from Chikako.

Ambassador Freden in Mongolia Sweden's Ambassador to China, Lars Fredén (Class of 1969,) reviews an honor guard during his accreditation ceremony in Ulan Baator, Mongolia, October 2010. See also Lar's distinguished CV, a Chinese television report of his recent stage appearance in Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker ballet, and a rare film of the 1966 AIS production of Around the World in 80 Days, starring Lars and a host of AIS All Stars.


Left Coast Tigers

AIS dinner
Judy Newberry Ashley (Class of 1969) hosted a gathering of AIS alumni at her home near Sacramento, CA, February 12, 2011. From left are Sue Hiebert Harvey ('70) and her husband Bill, Paul Reiger ('70), Judy, Neal & KC Siebert ('70) and Paul's wife Linda. Paul made the aloo ghobi, Judy made mattar panir, pilou, Indian-style Chilean sea bass, topped off with strawberry short cake. It was FAB! Photo by Bob Ashley.

New Board of Directors President

Mary Williamson, Class of 1974 New Board President Mary Williamson (Class of 1974) talks to a little girl at a military base child development center, during a recent tour of Combat Support Wing bases in the United Kingdom. Read more about Mary. (Official USAF Photo, taken 26 January 2011)

Bundle Up!

Robin, KC, Ellen
Robin Murphy chats with Ellen Turner at a recent alumni dinner in Washington, DC. KC Gray Siebert is at center. Many thanks to Leslie Hiebert for the photo. See more photos from this fun gathering. Why not have a party with alums now living in your area?

Class of 1969
Kent OlsonKent Olson (Class of 1969) at the Himachal Pradesh medical camp. Read more from Kent.

Class of 1974 Vicki Foster Chavis
Vicki Foster Chavis, November 2010

Aloha Tigers!

AIS Alumni
Alumni gathered with friends and spouses in Honolulu October 2010. From left are David Williamson, Neal Siebert, Jim Newberry (Class of 1970), Ann Newberry, KC Gray Siebert (Class of 1970), Mary Williamson (Class of 1974), Dave Starbuck and Debbie Pope Starbuck (both Class of 1969), Lovella and Jim Grubbs.

AIS Alumni
Tigers in the night Alumni gathered again at the White Tiger restaurant in Washington DC, October 3,2010. Gathered here are (Back) KC Gray Siebert, Shelley Johnson, Martha Malcolm Cooper, Marsha Bushnell Campbell, Ray Renfro. (Front) Denny Grossman, Ellen Turner, Christine..

Class of 1965
Members of the Class of 1965 the enjoy the all alumni reunion July 3rd. From left are David Lazaroff, Cherie Studwell Lazaroff, Anne Weathersby, Ron Allen, and Connie Russell Thomas.

Sisters Debbie Miller Prinz and Mitzi Miller Rothman
Sisters Debbie Miller Prinz (Class of 1977) and Mitzi Miller Rothman (Class of 1974) enjoy the all-classes AIS/AES 2010 Reunion, July 3rd.

Eric Hols
Eric Hols (Class of 1976) and with his son Garret at AES, March 2010. Inset - Eric shows his son some of the joys of Indian culture: Holi.


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