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posted 12 October 2014

Hello to all my fellow alumni!

I moved last year into a community for older people and really like it. I think I am the youngest here, at 65.

I have been working on my photos and finally finished my book about my life overseas that took me four years of hard work and editing to get it done! Now, if I could just get it published. If anyone knows someone in publishing, I would like to get in touch with them.

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posted 26 September 2014

Andrew Clugston

I had the pleasure of meeting fellow classmate, Musarrat Shomee Qureshi, today after 26 years. One simply started where one left off…and now with a shared nostalgia of banyan trees, Delhi traffic, a river of great childhood stories, and a friendship forged in common global experiences.

This photo was taken at Stampede 66 by Stephan Pyles in Dallas, Texas.
(Email dated 26 September 2014)

by Jeff Myers, Class of 1962
posted 22 September 2014

Class of 1962 Alumni

As a member of the original graduating class of 1962, (and lucky enough to have weathered 52 more years of the storms of life since then), I feel compelled to pen a report on some of the continued escapades and activities of the infamous group of AIS Alums who have dubbed themselves the "Delhi Wallas".

This will be the fourth (4th) in a Series which we affectionately call the "DELHI WALLA CHRONICLES." Read more from Jeff.

posted Saturday, 20 September 2014

2014 AIS/AES Picnic
It was another awesome picnic hosted by Anne Beattie Kerr (Class of 1967) and her husband, Tim. There were new attendees, several Indian dishes (as well as hamburgers and sausages), lots of side dishes and desserts, plus perfect weather. We had the best time! Thank you, Anne and Tim, for always hosting the annual picnics.

2014 Picnic Announcements
Who Was There
Picnic Photos

posted 15 September 2014

Hyatt Regency
Crystal City, Virginia
(10-12 July 2015)



(19 June 2015): We have reached the maximum attendance capacity allowed in our reunion ballroom per the hotel, in accordance with the hotel safety regulations and Virginia State Laws. Unfortunately, we are forced to close registration at the maximum 450 attendees allowed.


Click here for more reunion information.

posted 3 September 2014


Just a short note to let you know that I am still alive and kicking in sunny SoCal. Can’t make the picnic, but might be able to get back for the next reunion. This has been the surgery year from hell with a hip and a total knee replacement, but the surgeon promises that I can be back on the softball field in the beginning of 2015. Good news!

I have attached a recent photo for anyone that might want to know what I am up to. Still drinking my fair share of wines!

posted 1 September 2014

Please click on certificate above to read article enlarged.

posted 27 August 2014


It's mela madness on campus at AES. The gym was packed with HS students signing up for clubs, sports, service programs, and other activities. An amazing array of choices and wonderful to see students participating in so many things! Parents filled the cafeteria for the PSA-sponsored Information Mela, always a popular event with new families. Dentist? check. Soccer? check. Delhi Network membership? check. The school year is off to a great start.

-Jenn Eliot (AES Communications Director)

posted 23 August 2014

Class of 1974 Dinner

Rain kept some signed-up classmates from coming to our first dinner,
but we still had a good turnout from the Class of 1974 who live in the
National Capital Region!! Thanks for a great time!! -Mary Williamson,
Class of 1974 Alumni Secretary

Photo above taken 23 August 2014 at Raaga Indian Restaurant in Falls
Church, Virginia. In photo, classmates from left to right...
Back row: Charlotte Gallagher, Eric Marquis, Tom Martindale
Front row: Mary Williamson, Meredith Reynolds, Valerie Hjort

by Tracy Havens Katoski (Class of 1976)
posted 15 August 2014

TracyHavensKatoski IndependenceDayTribute

Forty-five years ago today my family and I arrived in New Delhi, India. While I was only there for 10 months the experience left indelible memories that I still remember vividly to this day. The humidity that wrapped itself around me and never let go; the smell of sandalwood and other enticing, exotic scents; the noise and clamor of the street vendors and the store shop owners each selling there own special "slice" of India; the opulence of a Hindu wedding with thousands of marigolds and an elephant; the sweet, exquisite taste of a fresh, ripe mango; the bolts of colorful and vibrant materials used to make sari's - the silk so soft and slippery that it ran through my fingers like water and the Taj Mahal whose majestic beauty is seared into my memory - forever. Happy Independence Day India - in my forever.

by Sunaina Suneja (Class of 1975)
posted on 7 August 2014

Sunaina Suneja As Independence Day 2014 draws near, my thoughts once again go towards the momentous events which led up to August 15 1947, both the joy and the pain, the exuberance as well as the anguish. It’s a moment in our history which I am familiar with through the poignant narratives of my parents and the extended family, displaced from their homesteads in Lyallpur and Lahore, and through newspaper archives and short stories such as Manto’s. Over the years, I used to wonder what canvas I would one day use and how, to express my own feelings, my deep emotions of elation, gratitude and despair as well, that spring from these historic events. Read more on Sunaina's personal viewpoint.

posted 11 August 2014

2014-2015 Welcome Back to School Poster

Click here to view the poster enlarged. (PDF)

posted 19 July 2014

2014_BoDMtg19July2014 Members of the AIS/AES Alumni Association Board of Directors gathered July 19th at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City in Arlington, Virginia, to solidify plans for the 2015 Reunion, including taste testing at a nearby Indian restaurant to possibly cater the big Saturday night reunion dinner.

posted 3 July 2014
2014_GraceMcLaurinInGoa (2)
My daughter, Grace, is working as a volunteer/intern for the summer with a non-profit organization, whose mission is to give hope and opportunity to women and girls that are at risk or have been forced into the commercial sex trade of India. The organization provides basic education and vocational training for each girl and woman, allowing them to integrate into their communities in a positive and constructive manner.

Read more from Sara.

2014 YEARBOOK 2014 Yearbook Cover
posted 30 June 2014

The 2014 Yearbook is online now!!
Check it out!

And as a reminder, we have over five decades of AIS and AES Yearbooks online. Please enjoy our other YEARBOOKS, too!

posted 24 June 2014

Maura Moynihan's new CD and novel nods to 'Bollywood Superstar' Shah Rukh Khan.

The daughter of the late New York senator, United Nations ambassador and ambassador to India Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Maura Moynihan went to school in India (*AES Class of 1975), and speaks fluent Hindi and Urdu—as well as “respectable Tibetan.” Over the years she has manifested her talents as a singer-songwriter, novelist, poet, short story writer, actress, painter and fashion designer—virtually all of it reflecting her continuing interest and passion for all things South Asia.

And so it is with Bombay Superstar, her latest CD—also the title of her forthcoming novel. The album, she says, was inspired by her love for Bollywood song and dance, and “the creative genius that is India.”

Order Maura's new CD.

submitted by AES Director, Mr. Paul Chmelik
posted 6 June 2014

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