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Attendees List

Ron '65 and Judy Allen
Sanjiv '69 and Neeru Badhwar and their children, Sonya and Nikhil
Joe '66 and Fran Bettinger
Nancy Blake '66
Sarah Bohr '70
Glenda Brown '68
Charlie Bush '70
Delia Dempsey '67
Susan Donaho Williams '65 and Dave
Richard (faculty) and Masuma Downie (AES Staff)
Reed Finfrock '65 and his guest, Sam Flagler
Mary Flanagan Williamson '74 (AIS/AES Board Recording Secretary) and Dave
Karen Gordon '70
KC Gray Siebert '70 and Neal
Brian Grimm '69
Kerry Grimm '70
Cindy Jones Ondrak '69 and Greg
Peter Kaestner '71 (AES Board of Governors)
Maggie King Webb '70 and her guest, Lee Kaplan
Danny Kjer '68 and and his guest, Sarah Negan
Leslie Langbein Parsons '71
Craig McKenzie '73 and Tami
Linda McKenzie Georgeson '67
Lynn McKenzie '67 and Jean
Paige McKenzie Matz '69
Scott Morgan '69
Donna Newberry (school nurse 1968-1969)
Jim Newberry '70
Judy Newberry Ashley '69 and Bob
Kent Olson '69
Mark Poffenberger '68
Sanjay Ray '66 and Anu
John Shafer '81 and Patricia
Bill Stollberg '70
Barbara and Lawrence Strong (Teachers 1968-1970)
T. K. and Mrs. Savithri Subramanian (Dr. Newberry's assistant, 1960s)
Kitty Thuermer '72
Tina Thuermer '69
Ellen Turner '69
Stephanie Walsh Wagner '69
David Welch '66
Barbara Wilcox Bitetto '69 and Mark
Aletha Worrall '75 and guest, Sarah Saulsbury
Dave Worrall '69 and Jan; and son Luke
James W Worrall '80
Rob Worrall '67
David Wunsch '68


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