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posted 1 January 2016

Dear Friends of AIS New Delhi,
We had a wonderful reunion in an Indian Restaurant in Roppongi Tokyo on Dec. 29th, 2015. Attached are the pictures of attendants. This time Ms. Yurie Ukawa (formerly Uyama) and Ms. Chieko Ueda (formerly Kajiyama) could also join us.
Best Regards and have a Happy New Year!

Read more from Seiichi (and see more photos)

From Seiichi Sugiyama (Class of 1975)
posted 27 April 2015

Dear Everybody!
We shall have our Mini AIS/AES Reunion as accordingly for the lunch time on May 10th Sunday in Tokyo, Japan. Jonathan Wilder (Class of 1974) shall book us a Chinese Restaurant and plan to have Peking Duck. If there is anybody who can join us including your partners or family, please let us know, so that we may book more space. Details will be informed to you later after everything is settled. You can contact me or send back your e-mail to me. Thanks & Best Regards. Seiichi Sugiyama

posted 4 April 2015

Seiichi Sugiyama.1

Dear Mary and Friends of AIS/AES,

This is Seiichi Sugiyama, from the Class of 75.

Today we had a Partial Reunion in Japan, on Hanami, organized by Jonathan Wilder (Class of 1974) in Aoyama Bochi.

Here are the pictures of Sakura (Cherry Blossom) in Tokyo this year, and the picture of this Partial Reunion (Jonathan and Sachiko Wilder, Taka Yamanouchi (Class of 1970) and Seiichi Sugiyama, myself) .

We plan to have another Partial Reunion in Japan in this coming May (for instance May 9th or 10th) at a Chinese restaurant and those who are interested please join us, and contact me.

I shall attend the 2015 Reunion in Washington held from July 10th-12 this year, and am looking forward to seeing those who may attend it.

Seiichi Sugiyama from Tokyo Japan
(Class of 1975)
Email dated 4 April 2015

Seiichi Sugiyama.1 Seiichi Sugiyama.1 Seiichi Sugiyama.1 Seiichi Sugiyama.1

posted 2 January 2015

Dear Friends of AIS/AES New Delhi - Especially Class of '75,

A Happy New Year!

I just came back from New Year Family Party at the home of my wife Kyoko's parents.

This year I plan to join our 2015 Reunion in Washington from July 10th to 12th and hope to see some of you people there. Especially I would like to see Magnus Kreuger and Larry Berney, whom I have not seen since I have left India in 1970. Also I wonder how Billy Lawrence and Mohan Singh are doing.

In the end of December 2014, I and my wife Kyoko went to see the Island of Yaku-Shima, one of the World's Heritage, as our memory of 30th anniversary of our marriage. Attachments below are the pictures from this trip.

Seiichi Sugiyama.2 Seiichi Sugiyama.3 Seiichi Sugiyama.4 Seiichi Sugiyama.5

It is a small island but has high mountains of near to 2000m that it keeps such a different climates, plants and animals in a small area. It is especially famous for
its old ceder trees of over 1000 yeas old, so called "Yaku-Sugi"(1st Picture).

Also, its forest with full of moss has given the image to the basic drawings of Hayao Miyazaki, in his Animation Movies such like Princess Mononoke (Picture No.4).

It was off season that not many people were there, and we had a wonderful tour with special trekking guide who taught us about the nature of the forest and plants.

Well, let's get together at the 2015 Reunion in Washington this year. Fortunately or un-fortunately, I shall join it just by myself this time, since my wife cannot take such a long holidays for her work.

However, we plan to visit India in November this year, maybe from October 30th to November 8th, with some of our tennis club members; and I shall be their conductor that I am now wondering where to visit in a limited time. I wish to see some of my friends in New Delhi at the same time.

I look forward to seeing you again this year.

Thanks and Best Regards,
Seiichi Sugiyama (email dated 2 January 2015)

Seiichi Sugiyama.5 Seiichi Sugiyama.6
PS - I am also attaching above two photos taken on my birthday back in September with my daughter, Yoko, and family.

posted 29 March 2013

Jonathan Wilder ('74) and Seiichi Sugiyama ('75)

I had a nice week end, last Saturday. "Sakura", the cherry blossom in Tokyo was very early in this season in Tokyo. Generally its top of the blossom is around the 1st week of April, but it was one to two weeks earlier this year.

For us Japanese, "Sakura" means many things: Since it gives blossom in the end
of school year in Japan, it is also a symbol of graduation and farewell.

Since it last just for a week only, it is read in many historical poems to show the mortality, or "Nothing may keep its peak for long".

The blossom will fall in short that it is also taken as a symbol for manliness, which
is sadly used as a image of warriors like Kamikaze in the World War II.

Any way it is beautiful, and you are very lucky to see it when you come from abroad, since the good days are limited, which changes every year.

I was invited by Jonathan Wilder (Class of 1974) to see Sakura on the evening (March 23rd, 2013), at Foreigner' Grave Yard of Aoyama Grave Yard, to have a glass of wine with Sakura (We call it "Hanami" or Flower Observation Party).
Here is a photo of us!

July 11, 2008

Seiichi Sugiyama
Seiichi Sugiyama, Class of 1975

Hi Everybody!

I just received an e-mail from Magnus Kreuger after receiving your e-mail. It was almost like miracle!

You are right. The days of India, is something like the roots of what, and where I am. There are so many things I still remember, while easy to forget other daily things nowadays.

After coming back to Tokyo in 1970, I went to
a Boarding School, called Akikawa High School and was there three years. Then went to Sophia University (Japanese Name is Jochi University), where I majored in Chemistry (I think the reason I chose Chemistry owes much to Mrs. King, who taught us Chemistry and Periodical Table in AIS).

After graduation, I came into the company where I still work, called Morishita & Co., Ltd.

This company is a medium size trading company specialized in Chemicals and Dyestuffs, I thought I can use both my small knowledge in Chemistry and English.

After coming back to Japan, I had almost no chance in using English, the people in my company did not recognize until I started to make direct correspondent between our supplier, who were at that time an Israeli company.

In the beginning years I learned about our historical business of Pigments, then started to work for New Market Development.

Since then I had been always working for New Business Development.

I have done some works for Road Coloring of Asphalt Concrete, to make new demand for Iron Oxide Red Pigments.

I worked for Pectin, the natural food additive for Jam, Jelly, and Acidified Drink Field.

Then, with high appreciation of the Japanese Yen, my department has joined together with Export Department, to balance Export and Import.

This has changed my life, I got in charge of export, instead of domestic businesses.

1st business was with Korea. I have organized technical agreement with one Japanese Company and one Korean Company, which took me 2 yeas of preparation, but disappeared in 3 to 4 months.

It was the field of PVC Processing, to decorate PVC to make luxurious feeling. Our charge was to export the raw materials from above contract.

However, the key products were copied very quickly by others, and more over this business went to Indonesia, Vietnam and China so quickly, since it was taken as Environmentally No-good Product, owing to dioxin.

Since then, I learned a lesson, that we should not put too much weight on the field or product which maybe forecasted as decreasing or fading in future.

I then tried to find a new field in Korea (I wonder how our classmate, John Kim, is doing. I suppose his farther was working for an American Tire Manufacturer, Good Year?), something Japanese Industry is strong in growing field.

I started to handle chopped carbon fiber for plastics, which was mainly used for IC Tray. Then went into the field of Engineering Plastics, which I thought should be growing towards future.

They were successful to certain extent and we still have this business as major field in my Dept.

After Korea, I was also involved for the development of Taiwan Market, where I went into Electronics Area. Our Electronics Material Project Team has developed a product inevitable for making fine pitch circuit board, called TAB tape, and I got in charge of its development overseas. This also went good so far, but with new technology, it is now moving to some other material called COF, so now looking for next growing area, the area related with Flat Panel Displays. Currently working for developing new application for a product called Self Healing Clear, which is a very interesting coating, that a scratch will recovered after a short second, and get flat again.

As for my private life, I met my wife Kyoko, in my tennis club, married, and have one daughter called Yoko, who now 21 years old. She just finished her school called Japan Academy of Moving Images, starting to work in the field of producing movie, in a small company. I still play tennis with my wife in every week end ( !!! I started to play tennis, in India, just because I got Wilson Tennis Ball as my birthday present, from Paul ??? who were my class mate in 1968, when I was still in the 4th grade. Wow! I don' remember his family name but his name came out suddenly! ).

My father, Yoshio, was the Defense Attache in The Japanese Embassy of New Delhi when we were in India from 1967 to 1970, same as your friend Noboru. This was the reason, why I could go to India, and could meet you (I recollected another memory that there was a classmate called Glenn Walter, and I suppose his father also was a Military Attache. He shot air gun in those days, and there were some news.)

My father has passed away in March 17th 2004, by Interstitial Pneumonia, which still much of the mechanism is not yet clarified. As doctor said, it went very fast after reveal of this disease, it was 47th day after we got its explanation from our doctor. I was on business trip to Europe in the beginning of March and when I went to see him in his hospital, he said he cannot wait any more. He said he want to say goodbye to our relatives, and we got together the next day to have the ceremony. He gave a word to each person and said Goodbye! He has passed away early next morning, while listening my favorite relaxation MD collection.

I think his life was a good life. He had been enjoying playing Golf, the game of Igo, drawing Chinese paint, and reading books, until Oct. of 2003, when he had the brain infraction. So it was only after 6 months after he lost his freedom of his life, he left this world. By watching the way he passed away, I felt, to be dead, is something very natural, and nothing to be afraid of. It was one of the greatest lesson I ever learned.

Well! I might have written too much.

As Mary Williamson, the association board secretary, has proposed, I shall do all my best efforts to visit Washington for the 2010 Reunion to see you guys.

Thanks again to Mary and Kinny Chopra Kapur.

Thanks & Best Regards.

Your Old Friend in Japan.

Seiichi Sugiyama


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