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The mission of the AIS/AES Alumni Association is to promote and facilitate
the lifelong communication and camaraderie of alumni, faculty and staff.

AIS/AES Alumni Network Introduction
AIS/AES Alumni Network Introduction in the AES 2014-15 Annual Report


President:  Mary Williamson
Vice President:  Jason L. Becker
Treasurer:  Anne Kerr
Corresponding Secretary:  Suzanne Fricke
Recording Secretary:  Katherine Arens
Director:  Barbara McCabe
Director:  Lisa Jordan

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Mary Williamson,2015Reunion

Mary Flanagan Williamson, Class of 1974

Mary officially joined the Board in 2005, having held the positions of Recording Secretary and Vice President before becoming President on 30 January 2011. She attended AIS from 1971-1973, along with her younger sister. Prior to that, Mary and her family lived in Calcutta, India, where she and her sister attended the American International School of Calcutta (AISC) for four years. Their mother worked for the US Department of State.
Although serving many years prior in an unofficial capacity, Mary became the association's first "official" alumni secretary in 2005 for her Class of 1974; and in 2007, she hosted her class' first-ever reunion weekend in Philadelphia. In 2009, she built (and still manages) the AIS/AES Alumni Class Secretaries Program. In 2013, she created the alumni association's Facebook page and continues to administrate/edit it, as well as editing the alumni association's website.
After serving 31 years in the military, living and traveling all over the world, Mary and her husband retired on 1 November 2013 from the Air Force and have semi-settled in the Arlington, Virginia, area where they will live until they permanently retire. They have four children.
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Jason Becker

Jason L. Becker, Class of 1989
Vice President

Jason attended AES for 11th & 12th grades and was in India off and on from 1987-1991. During his tenure at AES, he was most active in music (Thank you Dr. E.) and theater (Thank you Mr. P). Jason is currently residing in Pennsylvania with his wife of 20 years and his 19 year old daughter. He works for a major Telecommunications Company as a Metrics and Reporting Specialist. Jason is also an active member of the Quest Forum (Chair of Network Services Reliability & Benchmarking) and a contributing author to the TL9000 quality standard. He is the alumni secretary for the Class of 1989. Jason joined as a Director on our Board in March 2013 and became Vice President on 29 September 2018.

Suzanne Fricke

Suzanne Bakey Fricke, Class of 1972
Corresponding Secretary

Suzanne is now retired from Computer Sciences Corporation after a 33+ year career as Corporate Human Resources manager. She lives in Silver Spring, Maryland, with her husband Bob (Class of 1969). They have two daughters, Samantha and Rachel, and are the proud grandparents of five-year old Kara and 1-year old Mike. Their AIS family includes her sister Charlotte (Class of 1974), Bob's brother Dick (Class of 1972) and his sister Barbara (who passed away in April 2017 and was in the AIS Class of 1974). Suzanne's father worked with the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi, before the family moved to London, England. She lived in Delhi for five years, first in Greater Kailash, then Annand Niketan. As the alumni secretary for the Class of 1972, Suzanne was successful in tracking down most of her "lost" Class of 1972 members and many other AIS classmates. Feel free to contact Suzanne for tips on finding your lost classmates!

Katherine T. Arens

Katherine Thompson Arens, Class of 1979
Recording Secretary

Katherine attended AES for middle school from 1973-1975. She lived with her family in Greater Kailash. Her sisters, Mary Ann and Karen, also attended AES. She currently works as a consultant for an innovation strategy firm located in Washington, D.C. and in Alumni Relations at the University of Mary Washington. Katherine studied Visual Arts at VCU and later UMW focusing on oil painting and ceramics. A research grant took her to Venice and Florence to study Titian's Altarpieces in 2008. She served on the Board of Directors of two local arts organizations. When she is not working, she spends time with her brilliant and beautiful grandchildren who are growing up too fast. She currently lives in Fredericksburg, Virginia, near her two grown children and grandchildren. Her youngest child is a student at University of Washington in Seattle. Katherine joined our board on 26 April 2017 as a Director and became Recording Secretary on 29 October 2018.

Anne Beattie Kerr

Anne Beattie Kerr, Class of 1967

Anne attended AIS as a boarder during the years 1965 and 1966. She played many sports while in Delhi. Anne's family was stationed in Burma (now Mynmar). The other boarders were Anne's family in India. Anne had to leave Delhi before her class graduated. She and her husband Tim and their two grown sons live in Castleton, Virginia, about 65 miles southwest of Washington, DC.

Barbara McCabe

Barbara McCabe, Class of 1976

Barbara moved with her family to Calcutta (now Kolkata) in late 1967 where she attended the American International School of Calcutta (AISC). Two years later, the family moved to Bombay (now Mumbai) for six months before heading to New Delhi. During her stay in New Delhi, Barbara was very active in track and field and, under Mr. Pepperling's tutelage, in the school plays. Because of the length of her stay in India (her father worked for Union Carbide), Barbara had the privilege of meeting and making many lifelong friends. One of the more memorable moments was having an individual audience with Indira Gandhi for a class project and getting permission to take Social Studies teacher, Mr. Russell Peterson, along for the ride. Barbara graduated from AES in 1976, and moved back to the United States
to attend college.
After living in New York, California, New Jersey, Virginia and Maryland, Barbara moved to Pennsylvania in 1989, where she works for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. Barbara has three sons from a previous marriage and four beautiful granddaughters. She and her husband, Bill, live in Muncy, Pennsylvania. Barbara joined our board as a Director on 26 April 2017 and is the Class of 1976 alumni secretary.

Lisa Jordan

Lisa Jordan, Class of 1987

Lisa was born in New Delhi and lived there for the first three years of her life. Her family returned in 1983, and she attended AES from 1983-87. She was active in theater, and has fond memories of the hours spent practicing in the gym. She remembers well Mr. Pepperling's favorite sayings, Mrs. Raman's beautiful set design, and Dr. E's incomparable musical direction. She was a cheerleader (Go Falcons!) and every time she and her squad-mates get together, they attempt routines and formations with varying degrees of success. She still misses those red and white pom-poms.
Lisa is a freelance writer and editor. She has a BA from UNC Chapel Hill, and an MA from Georgetown. She lives in Washington, DC, with her husband Nick, her children, Jordan and India (yes, two countries; no, not on pur-
pose), and her mom Betty. Lisa joined our board as a Director on 3 December 2018.

**All Board Members may be contacted at:

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