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posted 19 March 2018

Traveled to New York and had a great time meeting up with Joanne Jenkins
and her brother Nicholas Jenkins. It had been almost 43 years since we last
saw each other. - from Dave Garg (Class of 1976)

Seated from left to right: Andy McCord ('75); Sue Jackson ('83);
Dave Garg ('76); Malcolm Garg ('75); Joanne Jenkins ('75) and
Nicholas Jenkins ('77)

posted 10 March 2018

Dr. PK Mahanandia, the subject of The
Amazing Story of the Man Who Cycled
From India to Europe For Love
, and
his wife recently spoke to our AES fifth graders,
who are currently studying memoirs.

posted 8 March 2018

AIS alumni celebrated HOLI today, a week later due to Winter Storm Riley
(aka the "Bomb Cyclone") last Friday. It was worth the wait because the
Indian food at Pansaari was excellent. Great to be amongst alumni and note
the bindis on everyone's forehead - provided by Sue Lindahl (Class of 1966).
Thank you, Sue, for organizing this. Oh, and one more thing...this restaurant
offers cooking classes! Take a look to see what classes they offer next month.
Happy (belated) Holi !! Please click here to see more photos.

Seated at restaurant (l-r): Anne Weathersby ('65); Barbara
('66); Shelley Johnson ('72); Mary Williamson ('74);
and Sue Lindahl ('66)

posted 5 March 2018

I am visiting in Los Angeles, and I met up with
Chaiyot Kampanartsanyakorn (Class of 1978)
in West Hollywood yesterday. We became friends
at AES in 10th grade in 1975-1976. I had lunch
with his family and my daughter.
- from Daniela Avitabile (Class of 1977)

Please click on image for enlargement.

posted 2 March 2018

School is closed today for HOLI but yesterday, the school administration
recognized the team of “malis” who have made the campus such a riot of
colors. Thank you, Malis, for making AES look so beautiful all year long.

Please click on images for enlargement.

posted 2 March 2018

Holi is a time to reach out with the colors of joy!
Please click on image for enlargement.

posted 27 February 2018

Look what was unveiled last Saturday at the AES 65th Anniversary luncheon!
Congratulations, AES...and looking even more beautiful at 65.

posted 24 February 2018

WOW! Happy 65th Birthday, AES!

Last Saturday's party was a blockbuster, and more than 1,500 tickets were sold. Thank you to our hardworking PSA, Facilities
and Food Service teams, dancers and entertainers, HS service clubs, and so many others. The anniversary luncheon was a
total community event, and was proof positive that India (and AIS/AES) lives in all of us.
- from Jim Laney, Jr. (AES Director)

(India Lives in All of Us is the AIS/AES Alumni Association's motto.)

posted 20 February 2018

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary, AES!

Thank you to AES alumni who attended the celebration
week and shared their photos with us:

Sunaina Suneja // FB (Class of 1975)
Hirofumi Suda // FB (Class of 2002)

posted 16 February 2018

All students, faculty and staff
gathered on Tiger Turf to form
the number, "65," in honor of
AES' 65th Anniversary.

Watch a quick video how the
school gathered together to take
this amazing photo.

posted 12 February 2018

For India Week at the American Embassy School,
"Sukhbir-da-dhaba" opened a new stand this past
Friday morning! Da-dhabas are food stands and norm-
ally serve foods and teas, particularly teas in a glass
with lots of sugar. Come one, come all!

Photo courtesy of Kshitij Ahuja (AES Faculty)

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