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posted 22 November 2018

APRIL 1966
THIS issue is about women. With the press all over the
world eagerly writing about India's new Prime Minister,
we decided to reprint an interview with Indira Gandhi
which is perhaps more significant today than when it was published in News Circle in November, 1961. "History has seldom left her alone'' Barbara Lazarsky wrote five years
ago and goes on to give perceptive insight into the per-
sonality of the lonely, remarkable woman who so recently assumed one of the highest positions held by a woman in modern times.

Please click on this link to read more from Stevens Parr
(Class of 1967) and to read this magazine.

posted 19 November 2018

MARCH 1966
In this issue Mrs. Bowles describes with affectionate understanding her experiences as the only foreign guest
on Shastriji’s funeral train. It is a stirring story and News Circle is very proud to have been' given the honor of publishing this poignant account of a sadly memorable journey.

Please click on this link to read more from Stevens Parr
(Class of 1967) and to read this magazine.

posted 18 November 2018

Kabir Sethi (AES Class of 2020) has been attending AES since Elementary School and
is currently a junior in high school. He is a passionate musician and debater, serving as
the President of the AES Tri-M Music Honor Society and the Head Captain of the AES
MESAC Debate and Forensics Team. In addi-
tion, he is an avid writer and computer science geek who loves taking on challenges. Please
help us welcome Kabir, who volunteered in advance and is eager to serve as the Class Secretary for the AES Class of 2020.

"I have been attending AES since I was very young, so young that I remember
the original campus with just the three Stein buildings and the former Gymnasium. As I grew older however, I watched the campus continually change and expand, adapting and evolving to the needs of the modern world. Read more on Kabir's attempt to keep his AES memories alive.

posted 15 November 2018

Paul Dominguez and I met 40+ years ago at the
American Embassy School in New Delhi, India. We
became instant friends!

We saw each other at our mini reunion in Charleston, South Carolina, in 2012 (Thank you again, Vicki). We really didn’t have the opportunity to have a one-on-
one conversation. This past weekend he was here in
Las Vegas. He is still such a genuine and honest man, wonderful human being
and one of my besties! Yes...hours of meaningful and in-depth conversation.
Love you Paul!
-Debbie Flanagan (Class of 1977)

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posted 9 November 2018

We have another follow-up success story on Valedictorian Shreyas Rajesh,
AES Class of 2018. We reported the end of July about his work towards the
"Making a Difference" (MAD) program and being selected to co-present his vision
and focus amongst language specialists from around the world.
Read more from Dr. Mary Catherine Frazier (Head of H.S. EAL)

After six months of his graduation, our AES/MAD (Make A Difference) volunteer, Shreyas Rajesh, made our school
motto become a resonating reality for New York TESOL professionals. Our student was a shining star of inspiration.
The favorite quote, during our post-presentation reflection,
came from Shreyas, "Wow Dr Frazier, I have never had any-
one say I inspired them!" After the presentation, I had a
woman tell me she now has a plan for what to do in her own country of destitution and poverty, Eritrea, in the Horn of
Africa, bordered by Sudan. Read more

posted 8 November 2018

You may recall a few months ago – the end of June – AES Class of 2016
alumni, Arjun Pillai Hausner, entered this year's National Science Foundation
Art Competition.

CONGRATULATIONS, Arjun, for being selected as the "People’s Choice
Winner." He used marbles to illustrate a force we run across everyday – gravity.
Click on the link or image below to read his portrayal of "Gravity Visualized."

posted 7 November 2018

Sue Lindahl (AIS Class of 1966) said "We can't let Diwali go by
without notice!" So we didn't. Although not everyone could come,
we celebrated! And what fun we had. Happy Diwali to everyone!!

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posted 3 November 2018

I was very happy for the second meet-up this year
- after July in New York, today in London - with
classmate, Ramon Cabrera, again, naturally! Here
we were yesterday in Manon Café on Fleet Street.
- Daniela Avitabile (Class of 1977)

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posted 14 October 2018

The AIS/AES Alumni Association Board of Directors is excited to
announce openings for three Board Director positions.
We are looking for a few motivated alumni who would enjoy working
with old friends and make new friends. Travel for board meetings is
not required and geographic borders are not boundaries. Come join
the fun!

For more information and to see how you can join, please click HERE.

posted 11 October 2018

It's fun to look at this program book and flash back on all the swim meets we either participated in or attended as a spectator.
It is also fun to see the names again of some AIS swimmers who represented us so well!

Thanks to Anne Kerr (Class of 1967) who contributed this Pot
Bellies Invitational Swim Meet 1965 program book.

posted 25 September 2018
posted 22 September 2018

It was another wonderful picnic today! Thank you Anne and Tim Kerr for hosting
it at your beautiful countryside home. Although the weather cooled down quite a
bit, we couldn't have asked for a better afternoon.
In addition, Karen McPherson Keen (Class of 1974) surprised us each with a bag filled with Indian goodies; and Anne Weathersby (Class of 1965) demonstrated
how her drone works. As always, there were great conversations, laughing, and
tons of food and drinks.
Malcolm Garg (Class of 1975) was our only male alumni so we had fun with this photo! Thank you again, Anne and Tim. As always, we leave anxious for the next picnic.

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2018 Picnic Announcement (Log)
See Who Came

Anne Weathersby, Class of 1965
Barbara Huey Brennan, Class of 1966
Mary Flanagan Williamson, Class of 1974

posted 17 September 2018

From Sunaina Suneja (AES Class of 1975)

AZAADI KI KHADI: The Fabric of Freedom
at Art Gallery, India International Centre Annexe
Preview: September 18, 2018 at 6 pm
The exhibition continues from
September 19-25, 2018; 11 am to 7 pm

Please click on image to read details enlarged.

posted 16 September 2018

Huge thanks to Markus Walther (AES Class of 2002) for contributing quite a
few AES publications we didn't have before. More of The Talons' Post issues,
several of the Middle School Scribbler and Shabash issues, and the 1996
Elementary School Magazine, Masala, are now online for your reading pleasure. Please go to our STUDENT PUBLICATIONS page and enjoy reading these and
other issues you may have missed prior.
If anyone has AIS or AES publications to share with our community, please
contact us so we can make arrangements to have yours added. Thank you
again, Markus!

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